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Beyonce Facts

Before Taylor Swift, there was Beyonce. She was and is a musical force that the world has not seen especially in terms of female singers and vocalists.

Some fast facts about Beyonce First and foremost, her full name is Beyonce Knowles-Carter. She is a world wide success who has transformed the music industry.

Moreover, Beyonce has made history for the most Grammy wins ever, with 32 in total. She made this record in February 2023 with all her wins. Between being a celebrity who gives and breaks records, there is one thing that makes Beyonce unique and it is her staying power and success.

Her full name is Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. She was born on September 4, 1981, in Houston, Texas in the southern United States. She has roots that can go all the way back to from the deep south of Alabama to France.

Let’s learn more about Beyonce below!

1. When Beyonce was 7 years old, she won a talent show

Beyonce won a talent show

The talent show that Beyonce won was special because the contestants on the shoe were over twice her age. Her musical selection of songs to sing and her age made her stand out for sure among the contestants.

It makes sense since Beyonce grew up in a house with music. Moreover, Beyonce always seems like she has always been a natural and talented performer. But, at such a young age at this talent show Beyonce shined and won.

Beyonce in this talent show performed an interesting song. In this show, she made an impression by doing John Lennon's “Imagine.” She also got a standing ovation for singing and doing this classic rock cover by Beatles legend, John Lennon.

After being only 8 and winning, Beyonce would enter more competitions. Beyoncé's father, Mathew Knowles, entered Beyonce in more local talent shows, which were successful for her. Beyonce apparently won 35 competitions in a row.

2. Beyonce’s net worth is extremely high

Beyonce’s net worth

A lot of Beyonce’s net worth comes from her nearly three decades as a solo performer. And as well Beyonce being a member of the popular girl-group Destiny's Child. As of March 2024, Beyonce’s net worth has reached $600 million.

Beyonce has made her vast net worth from being a singer and songwriter, actor, film Producer, and even a businessperson, and lastly voice actor. Beyoncé is also an entrepreneur and philanthropist. When you combine Beyonce’s net worth of $600 million with her husband, it goes up to nearly $2 billion. Her domestic household combined net worth in 2024 as of now is $2.6 billion

Beyonce can not be passed in her success except perhaps Taylor Swift who has surpassed Beyonce in sales and net profit. However, still Beyonce is one of the highest paid and sought after celebrities on the planet currently. Only topped by Taylor Swift, however Beyonce when she tours earns $80 million from her various activities and music. Moreover, Beyonce is also the most successful Grammy artist ever.

3. Beyonce grew up in Texas in the USA and is part Irish and French

Beyonce grew up in Texas in the USA

Not many people would associate Beyonce with the south of the USA, but she is a southern American gal from texas. In fact, today in 2024, Beyonce is making music that is considered more country folk Americana. But, many may not know that  Beyonce’s mother has a creole heritage that includes African, Native American, Irish, and French ancestry.

Her family history is interesting because many do not realize how much influence she gets from her ancestral roots. Her special, unique and stand alone talent stems from her historical bloodline. Many are surprised to see how diverse and truly enchanting her background is since it deeply influenced her work, music and even business enterprises.

Beyonce is related to Joseph Broussard, a leader of the Acadian people. Broussard, with a strong French lineage, is respected as a hero of the British resistance and French and Indian War. Beyonce’s ancestors include French colonists who would eventually migrate to Louisiana and settle. When you investigate Beyonce's family tree, you see roots that lead back to Alabama, Texas, North Carolina and Georgia.

4. The number four is Beyonce’s lucky number of fortune

number four

The number four may be seen as lucky and to some even really bad for some. For example, 4, as a number pronounced as “sì” in Chinese, which sounds similar to the word for death. But, clearly for Beyonce it means something else much more positive. Even though the number 4 brings bad luck and is associated with death for some, it is fortune and happiness for Beyonce.

Beyonce has claimed the number 4 is special to her because it symbolizes many important dates in her life. Also, the number 4 is included in her own birthday, which is September 4.  Moreover, Beyonce’s husband's birthday is on the 4th and her mother's birthday is on the 4th. Lastly, even Beyonce’s wedding anniversary is April 4, which falls on the fourth month of the year as well incredibly!

The connection with the number 4 is even greater because also the name of her fourth studio album is featured. The number 4 is so prominent in her life that her husband, Jay-Z,  also has the Roman numeral of 4 along with Beyonce tattooed on their ring fingers.

5. Beyonce and her husband rapper Jay Z are a super couple and business success

Beyonce and her husband rapper Jay Z a

Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z, share some records professionally as artists. For example, they both share the record for the most nominations in history, with 88 each in total.

Beyonce and Jay-Z are a powerhouse couple for music and entertainment. Their relationship goes back many years. It has already been at least more than 15 anniversaries together for Beyonce and Jay-Z. Their long standing relationship has stood the test of time and been a successful partnership for business and profits. They are music’s most powerful duo.

In terms of political power, Jay-Z and Beyonce attended President Barack Obama’s first inauguration. The very important event on January 20, 2009, is especially epic since Beyonce performed “America the Beautiful.” Beyonce performed in his second inauguration as well.

The couple even ventured into  operating a subscription-based music streaming service, called Tidal. This company would serve as an exclusive platform for many of the couple's forthcoming musical releases and future successes.

6. Beyonce has snakes and loves and even owned snakes

Beyonce has snakes

Beyonce is well known for her pop star appeal, but Beyonce has some sides that can be seen as dangerous. And yes, Beyonce has and likes snakes. Perhaps this gives the allure for Beyonce that many may not realize makes her so enigmatic and mysterious.

It was revealed about Beyonce during an early interview. In this interview, Beyonce shared and revealed that her family as well even had gone as far to even get snakes. The snake was dangerous even being a pet because it was a python. Interestingly enough, Beyonce named the pet snake after the Italian brand, Fendi.

Beyonce’s love of snakes extended to her own family, especially her cousin. There were rumors that Beyonce’s family, especially her father, was concerned about the snakes. It was a problem because Beyonce would sleep with a snake. In the end, it was her father that was fearful of Beyonce’s snakes and thus forced her to not have the snake.

7. Beyonce along with her husband have their own islands

Beyonce along with her husband have their own islands

It is true indeed that Beyonce is rich enough to own an island. The island is so nice that it is landscaped for perfect relaxation. The island size is 12.5 hectares and is carpeted with rich greenery. Even more, the island has a natural harbor for snorkeling and scuba diving.

Beyonce and Jay-Z have billions and billions of dollars so an island is something they can afford. The island is located in the Florida Keys and was a gift for Beyonce for her 29th birthday. However, they have more than one island. Beyonce also has an island called Strangers Cay, which cost her about $3 million. This island is around the size of 360 acres.

Basically, Beyonce has invested in an island property in the Bahamas, which has been a relaxing refuge for her and a getaway near Florida in the USA.

Beyonce’s island she owns along with Jay-Z is quite a natural and wild island in the Caribbean. However, Beyonce made the point to construct a luxury mansion on their island getaway. The islands are located in an area of the Bahamas and are also popular with other celebrities from the USA like Johnny Depp.

Even Beyonce’s California home, her Tadao Ando home is basically her own private island because it is estimated to be 40,000 square feet.

8. Beyonce gives to a lot of charities and is a philanthropist

Beyonce gives to a lot of charities

In general, Beyonce is a giver and a philanthropist. She is involved with multiple projects that help people in need around the world. Her interest in giving back to the community and the world involves fighting for gender equality worldwide and helping people in need around the world.

For example, Beyonce along with her former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland  established Survivor Foundation. This foundation gives relief to victims of natural disasters. However, since then Beyonce has established her own foundation called Beygood.

Beyonce’s foundation has raised money for the survivors of earthquakes around the world especially in Nepal. Beyonce is even helping the plight of disadvantaged women by giving a sizable amount of donations to fight for gender equality worldwide.

Lastly, in her hometown of Houston, Beyonce has been known to help the homeless and hosted food drives. Lastly, Beyonce also has also partnered with Goodwill and Phoenix House for charitable causes.

9. Beyonce has massive hit songs in various decades like no other artist or singer

Beyonce has massive hit songs in various decades

There are successful bands like the Beatles and then there are big artists like Madonna and then there are career spanning artists like Beyonce.

Just this year, in 2024 Beyonce and her latest single, “Texas Hold ‘Em,” the superstar is still breaking records. Beyonce made her record of number one songs spanning into more than two decades. According to music data from Billboard, Beyonce’s successful topping singles have stretched 20 years, seven months, and three weeks.

It was only in 2020, when Beyonce became the only solo artist to make such a record. Before this record of having career spanning number one singles was held by Mariah Carey with her previous number 1 hits in four different decades.

After an early start more than 30 years ago now, Beyonce has risen through the ranks of the Billboard Hot 100 throughout the 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s.

10. Beyonce made history on Spotify, Amazon and Twitter

Beyonce made history on Spotify

Beyonce really wanted to be a singer and in particular a celebrity and sensation. Social media sites like Twitter in her career have helped make Beyonce the pop sensation that she is now.  The amount of dedication and family support, from her father, and musical family really helped elevate Beyonce personally and to social media in her career.

For example, Beyonce when she got pregnant made it an event not to forget. So, during her first pregnancy, Beyonce made an announcement at the end of her performance of one of songs “Love on Top.” She made the pregnancy announcement during the 2011 VMAs on MTV. It was massive because Beyonce earned the Guinness World Book of Records title for most tweets (8,868) per second.

Today, the record breaking does not stop as both Spotify and Amazon Music have

marked Beyoncé’s biggest album debut” on the platform. Beyonce is breaking records

Spotify and Amazon Music. In terms of record breaking, Beyonce has the most first day global streams of all of her albums, which is amazing in itself. Moreover, Beyonce has the most first day streams for a country album by a female artist with her new album “Cowboy Carter.”