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Bia – The Fiery Female Rapper Taking Over The Game

Full Name Bianca Landrau
Age 32
Birthday August 16, 1991
Birthplace Medford, Massachusetts, United States
Net Worth $3 million (Estimated)
Social Profiles Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Bia, born Bianca Landrau, is a rising star in the world of hip-hop. Over the past few years, this female rapper has been making major waves with her fiery lyrics, catchy flows, and bold attitude. Though still relatively new to the scene, Bia has proven she has the talent and drive to become one of the greats.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

Bia spent most of her childhood moving from place to place as part of a military family. As early as age 7, she found solace in writing her own raps and performing them at her local church in Medford, Massachusetts. Drawing inspiration from 90s rap icons like Nas, Notorious B.I.G, and Tupac Shakur, Bia honed her skills over the years. By age 14, she recorded her first mixtape ‘B4 the Heartbreak’ and started doing shows around the Boston area.

In 2013, everything changed for Bia when she auditioned for the Oxygen reality show ‘Sisterhood of Hip Hop’ at just 21 years old. Although she didn‘t win, her bold attitude and bars impressed viewers and kickstarted her professional music career. This big break led to early collabs with rappers like Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill, and T.I.

Record Deal and Breakout Success

Bia‘s big break came in 2016 when she got signed by legendary artist Pharrell Williams to his label ‘I Am Other’. She made history as the first female rapper on the label alongside powerhouses like Pusha T and Kaytranada. Under Pharrell‘s guidance, she released several popular singles over the next few years like "Gucci Comin Home" and "Whip It" in 2016-2017.

Some career highlights during her time with I Am Other include:

  • Performing at Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2017, bringing out Pharrell as a surprise guest
  • Feature on Billboard Dance Club Songs chart with "Outstandin” in 2017
  • Debut EP ‘Nice Girls Finish Last: Cuidado’ released in 2018, included viral hit "Hi Bich" (22M+ YouTube views)

Evolving Artistry on Debut Album

After years of dropping hot singles and features, Bia finally unveiled her first full-length studio album ‘For Certain’ in late 2019. High profile collabs on the album included YG, Lil Durk, and Russ. For Certain marked an evolution in Bia‘s sound, revealing a deeper, more introspective side on tracks like "Same Hands" where she opened up about personal struggles with anxiety.

While her confident aura still shone through in bangers like "Cover Girl" and "Free Bia (1st Day Out)", the album displayed her versatility. For Certain debuted at #122 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, proving Bia was carving out her own unique lane in the rap game.

Contagious Confidence and Standout Lyrics

One of Bia‘s trademarks that sets her apart is her sharp lyricism. She has a way with words that makes her bars instantly quotable. Some examples that capture her sense of confidence and flow:

  • "They be tryna clone me, Ctrl+V copypaste me / Mediocre‘s so threatened, they just wanna be Bia"
  • "I could run the game if I ever wanted to / I got next, I‘m just patient, waitin‘ for my turn"
  • "I‘m a queen, and I make rules / You just follow them, I don‘t bend"

The self-assuredness in lines like these is truly contagious for fans. Even when Bia discusses relationships, she maintains her autonomy with clever one-liners.

Collaborations With The Greats

A clear sign of Bia‘s meteoric rise was getting to collaborate with some of the hottest stars in rap. In 2019, she was featured on Lil Wayne‘s single “Stuntin‘ Like My Daddy” going bar for bar with one of the all-time rap greats.

She also teamed up with Camila Cabello in 2020 on her track “My Oh My”, blending her smooth rap verse with Cabello‘s pop vocals. That same year, Bia dropped "Cover Girl" featuring Lil Durk and showcased her technical rapping abilities.

These big name collabs expanded Bia‘s fanbase exponentially and earned respect from rap veterans. Her work ethic and skills secured her co-signs from the best in the business.

Accomplishments and Accolades

Thanks to her growing success, Bia started racking up awards and milestones demonstrating her rise to stardom:

  • BET Award for Best New Artist in 2019, beating out Juice WRLD and Lil Baby
  • "Best on Earth" with Russ marked her first Billboard Hot 100 entry in 2019
  • Over 1 billion global streams by 2021
  • ‘For Certain’ named a Top 10 Hip Hop Album of 2019 by Vibe
  • Listed among Complex‘s 15 Rappers to Watch in 2020

In just a few short years, Bia has achieved what takes most artists decades to accomplish. Her rapid wins speak to her rare blend of talent and determination.

What Sets Bia Apart

Bia has all the ingredients to become a mainstream crossover success:

  • Representing for women in the male-dominated hip hop landscape
  • Sonically versatile, blending R&B melodies and pop hooks with fierce raps
  • Bold fashion icon and trendsetter with her colorful wigs and designer streetwear
  • Confidence that empowers fans to feel like bosses themselves
  • Giving back to causes she’s passionate about like racial justice and mental health

Everything Bia does feels raw and authentic. Fans connect with her come-up story, underdog mentalities, and determination. She represents the total package as both a critical and commercial artist to watch.

The Future Looks Bright

After leaving I Am Other, Bia signed with Epic Records under Sony Music Entertainment in 2021. Joining Epic‘s roster with acts like Future, 21 Savage, and Travis Scott was the next power move. She released the single “London” featuring J. Cole in 2022 flaunting a new dancehall-inspired sound.

Given her relentless drive, creativity, and star power, Bia is only getting started. She has all the tools necessary for crafting hit after hit and a successful long-term career. Judging by her progress, it‘s clear Bia won‘t stop until she is regarded as one of the greatest female rappers of all time. Her future shines bright as she continues making her mark on hip-hop.