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Comedy Legend Bob Newhart

Brief Profile Overview

Full Name George Robert Newhart
Age 93 years old
Birthday September 5, 1929
Birth Place Oak Park, Illinois, United States
Relationship Married to Virginia Quinn since 1963
Children 4 children
Height 5‘ 8" (1.73 m)
Net Worth $65 million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Bob Newhart is an American comedy icon. As a longtime fan, I‘m excited to provide a comprehensive overview of his life, career, achievements, and unique comedic talents that have entertained audiences for over 60 years.

Early Life and Background

George Robert Newhart was born on September 5, 1929 in Oak Park, Illinois to parents George David Newhart, a part-owner of a plumbing business, and housewife Julia Pauline. He was the youngest of four children. Newhart has said his stammering as a child later influenced his trademark halting comedic speech style.

After graduating from St. Ignatius College Prep in 1947, Newhart attended Loyola University Chicago to study business management. However, he was drafted into the U.S. Army during the Korean War in 1950 before completing his degree. Newhart served stateside until being honorably discharged in 1952.

After the war, Newhart worked a series of unfulfilling jobs as an accountant and unemployment clerk. At night, he honed his unique brand of comedy at Chicago-area nightclubs, developing skits featuring imagined telephone conversations with quirky characters. His classic solo straight-man routine was born out of necessity to fill time during costume changes.

Rapid Rise to Fame

Newhart‘s big break came in 1958 when his agent arranged a recording session at Webster Hall in Chicago. Newhart paid $500 himself to record his telephone routines for a comedy album. The result was "The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart," released in 1960 on a small Warner Brothers subsidiary label. The album was an unprecedented success, selling over 1 million copies and topping the Billboard pop charts for 14 weeks. Newhart won three Grammy Awards for the album which remains one of the most influential comedy albums of all time.

Thanks to his album sales, Newhart was invited to guest host "The Tonight Show" in 1962. His deadpan delivery and knack for improvising witty responses won over audiences and made him Johnny Carson‘s favorite guest host. He made many more memorable appearances on "The Dean Martin Show," "The Ed Sullivan Show," and "The Carol Burnett Show" throughout the 1960s.

As a longtime Bob Newhart fan, I‘m struck by how quickly he rose to fame through his comedy albums. His unique brand of humor felt groundbreaking and appealed to a wide audience. Even today, Newhart‘s telephone routines hold up incredibly well and influence modern comedians.

Primetime Sitcom Star

The 1970s cemented Bob Newhart‘s place in television history. His first sitcom "The Bob Newhart Show" aired from 1972-1978 on CBS. As psychologist Dr. Bob Hartley, his deadpan interactions with quirky patients and friends were a hit. The show earned Newhart a Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy Award for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

In 1982, Newhart struck gold again with his second sitcom cleverly titled "Newhart." As Vermont innkeeper Dick Loudon surrounded by eccentric townspeople, Newhart honed his exasperated straight-man routine to hilarious effect. The finale featuring Newhart waking up next to his wife from his first sitcom is considered one of the most memorable in TV history.

As a lifelong fan, it‘s been amazing watching Bob Newhart excel in primetime sitcoms decade after decade. His comedy stays fresh even as cultural references change. Much credit is due to the strong cast of characters that play off Newhart‘s reactions so well in each show.

Later Career and Life

Newhart has continued working in television and film up to the present day. He‘s made guest appearances on hit shows like "ER," "NCIS," "The Librarians," and "Hot In Cleveland." A memorable recurring role on "The Big Bang Theory" as retired kids show host Professor Proton earned Newhart his first Emmy for Guest Actor in a Comedy Series in 2013.

Some of Newhart‘s many honors include a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1999, the Kennedy Center Honor in 2019, a lifetime achievement award from the Screen Actors Guild in 2013, and the prestigious Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2002. He also has 4 Grammy awards and 2 stars on Canada‘s Walk of Fame.

Newhart met his wife Ginnie in 1959 and they married in 1963. As a fan, I admire the loving partnership they‘ve maintained throughout Bob‘s long career. The Newharts have four children and continue to make public appearances together.

Now 93 years old, Bob Newhart is still sharp as ever with his classic deadpan timing intact. He continues to perform occasional live shows and make TV appearances, showing his enduring talent. As a lifelong fan, it‘s been a joy to watch Newhart‘s varied career over so many decades. His contributions to comedy remain unparalleled.

Why I Love Bob Newhart

As a fan for decades, here are just some of the reasons I love Bob Newhart‘s comedy:

  • His telephone routines are masterclasses in improvisational comedy
  • He has perfected the "straight man" routine but always with his own quirky twist
  • His reactions and deadpan expressions are priceless
  • He knows how to mine everyday frustrations and inconveniences for maximum comedy
  • His comebacks and one-liners are so quick and whip-smart

Bob Newhart has this unique ability to portray an average guy, stumbling through uncomfortable daily interactions, and make it absolutely hilarious. That relatable, amateurish quality is the heart of his charm and appeal after so many decades. To me, he is the quintessential comedy everyman.

5 Fascinating Facts

  • Newhart was drafted into the Army during the Korean War just one semester shy of graduating college.
  • His first appearance on "The Ed Sullivan Show" had to be reshot due to his controversial smoke-ring blowing routine.
  • He turned down an offer from President Richard Nixon to head the National Endowment for the Arts.
  • Newhart‘s best man at his wedding was comedian Dan Rowan of comedy duo Rowan & Martin.
  • He attributes overcoming his childhood stammer to practicing improv comedy routines in front of a mirror.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Bob Newhart‘s birthday?

Bob Newhart‘s birthday is September 5, 1929. He was born in Oak Park, Illinois and is currently 93 years old.

What is Bob Newhart‘s net worth?

Bob Newhart has an estimated net worth of $65 million largely accrued from his extensive comedy career in stand-up, sitcoms, movies, and other television appearances.

Is Bob Newhart still alive?

Yes, Bob Newhart is still alive and occasionally makes public appearances at age 93. He remains active and in good health.

How tall is Bob Newhart?

Bob Newhart is approximately 5 feet and 8 inches (1.73 meters) tall.

Who is Arthur Jeffries?

Arthur Jeffries is Bob Newhart‘s character name when he played Professor Proton on the sitcom The Big Bang Theory. The role earned him an Emmy Award.


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