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Brad Mondo – The Famous YouTuber Stylist Taking Social Media By Storm

As a long-time fan and avid viewer, I‘ve loved watching Brad Mondo‘s rise to stardom and impact on the digital space. Below I‘ve compiled some of my favorite facts and moments from Brad‘s career, along with why he remains an icon in my eyes. Get ready for lots of hair-larious content about this YouTube legend!

All About Brad at a Glance

Full Name Brad Gesimondo
Birthday October 28, 1994 (Age 28)
Birth Place United States
Height 5‘ 11”
Net Worth $3 million (estimated)
Relationship Status Single
Social Media

Humble Beginnings

Brad Mondo, born Brad Gesimondo, is an American hairstylist, entrepreneur and social media personality. He was born on October 28, 1994 in the United States.

From a young age, Brad was passionate about hair, beauty and fashion. He started practicing unique hair colors and cuts on himself during his teenage years.

After graduating high school, Brad attended cosmetology school to formally train in his dream career. He excelled in the program, mastering skills like cutting, coloring, and styling. Shortly after getting his license, Brad began working as a stylist at a local salon.

The Birth of BradMondoTV

Brad‘s YouTube journey started in 2012 when he created his channel BradMondoTV. At first, he posted hair tutorials and shared his edgy styles and colors.

His channel really blew up after his ombre hair tutorial went viral. Brad‘s charismatic on-camera presence and hilarious commentary quickly gained him a loyal following. His blunt, honest reactions to hair fails and trends totally resonated with audiences.

Skyrocketing Success on YouTube

Over the years, I‘ve loved watching Brad skyrocket to YouTube superstardom through his unique blend of hair skills and humor.

Some of his most viral hits that launched him into stratosphere include:

  • "I Did My Own Hair For A Week" (15M+ views)
  • "Hairdresser Reacts to People Coloring Their Own Hair" (12M+ views)
  • "Hairdresser Reacts to Celebrity Hair Transformations" (5M+ views)
  • "I Transform Myself Into James Charles" (12M+ views)

Currently, Brad posts weekly videos to over 8 million dedicated subscribers! His content ranges from DIY hair reaction videos to dramatic makeovers on fans.

Taking Over Social Media

A true pioneer, Brad has leveraged his YouTube fame to build an empire across all major social platforms. He now boasts millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TikTok.

Fans can enjoy Brad‘s hilarious sketches, behind-the-scenes looks, beauty tutorials, fashion photos, merch promos and fan interactions across his profiles. He really knows how to maximize his outreach!

Scene Stealer on Screen

With his magnetic personality, Brad started getting mainstream media gigs to match his digital success.

He‘s brought laughs as a guest on The Ellen Show, Good Morning America, and other talk shows. I especially loved when he gave makeovers to the Dolan twins and collabed with legends like James Charles.

It‘s amazing seeing digital stars like Brad paving the way on traditional media. He was born to entertain!

Business and Branding Ventures

Leveraging his fame and hair expertise, Brad has expanded into lucrative business endeavors beyond social media.

In 2018, he launched his own haircare line XMONDO featuring vegan, cruelty-free treatments and styling products. He also opened the Mondo Studio LA salon where he films and works with celeb clients.

Brad has dropped merch collections with his signature logo that fans just eat up. He even made the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, recognizing his massive influence. Talk about impressive!

Why We Adore Brad Mondo

After following Brad‘s career for years, here‘s why I think he‘s developed such a die-hard fanbase:

  • Hilarious – His commentary and reactions always deliver laughs and great entertainment.
  • Relatable – Brad keeps it real and doesn‘t put on an act for the camera.
  • Positive – He criticizes with compassion rather than tearing people down.
  • Talented – His hair skills and artistry are absolutely off the charts.
  • Creative – No one does bold, unique styles quite like Brad.
  • Engaging – He makes fans feel special through shoutouts and responding to comments.

Brad is one of the most genuine, fun internet stars out there. His perfect combo of hair talent and humor leaves us always wanting more!

Fun Facts About Brad

After years of viewership, here are some of my favorite personal tidbits about this YouTube icon:

  • His channel was originally called BradMondoTV before the rebrand.
  • Brad is openly gay and slays his female celeb transformations.
  • His motto is "If you can‘t tone it, chrome it!" for dyeing brassiness.
  • Tabatha Coffey, Kim Vo and Guy Tang are his hair idols.
  • He originally wanted to pursue acting and performing.

Getting these inside looks into Brad‘s world makes me love him even more!

The Legacy of Brad Mondo

It‘s amazing looking back at Brad‘s widespread impact on social media and culture over the years. He has:

  • Pioneered comedy beauty tutorials on YouTube
  • Helped normalize LGBTQ+ stories on digital platforms
  • Inspired aspiring stylists to follow their passion
  • Provided makeover reveals and transformations for fans
  • Created a multi-million dollar personal brand and business

Brad paved the way for so many other digital influencers. And at just 28, he‘s only getting started! I can‘t wait to see what he does next.

The Future of Brad Mondo

Knowing Brad‘s work ethic and creative mind, the future looks very bright! I think we can expect:

  • More viral YouTube content and expanded video formats
  • New business ventures like television shows and product lines
  • Continued collabs with top celebs, YouTubers and brands
  • Increased mainstream media exposure and opportunities
  • Mondo Salon franchise expansion into more locations

No matter what comes next, Brad Mondo has cemented his status as an iconic hair and pop culture legend. His charisma and originality will no doubt continue captivating audiences around the globe. We stan forever!