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Bradley Martyn: Age, Bio, Fitness Journey and Success

Full Name Bradley Martyn
Age 34 years old
Birthday May 22, 1989
Birth Place San Francisco, California
Height 6‘3"
Net Worth $2.5 million
Relationship Heidi Somers (partner)
Social Profiles YouTube,

Bradley Martyn is an inspiration in the world of fitness, known for his intense workout programs, motivational speaking and successful fitness business ventures. With over 3 million YouTube subscribers and millions more social media followers, he has built an impressive online presence where he shares his fitness philosophy and lifestyle.

Early Life and Passion for Fitness

Born in San Francisco, Bradley was overweight as a child but found a passion for fitness early on. He began weight lifting at just 15 years old, aiming to get bigger and stronger. This marked the start of his amazing body transformation journey.

After moving to LA, Martyn dedicated himself 100% to fitness, gaining certification as a personal trainer by 19. He soon earned his pro card in bodybuilding, proving his dedication to the sport.

Explosive Popularity on YouTube

Bradley launched his YouTube channel in 2013, quickly gaining popularity with his intense workout videos and fitness tips. His charismatic personality also drew in fans, who loved his sense of humor and honesty.

Now, his channel sits at over 3.2 million subscribers, with popular videos gaining over 5 million views each. He provides valuable fitness education but also gives fans a glimpse into his life.

Unparalleled Success in Business

Leveraging his passion for health and fitness, Martyn has created several thriving business ventures:

  • Founded Zoo Supplements in 2016 – Now a leading fitness nutrition brand
  • Opened Zoo Culture Gym in LA with girlfriend Heidi Somers – Complete with gym, supplement shop and restaurant
  • Investments in real estate, fitness apparel, and more

With a current estimated net worth of $2.5 million, Martyn is a model for turning fitness into serious profit.

Bradley‘s Relatable Philosophy

Despite his success, Bradley remains down-to-earth and relatable to fans. His fitness philosophy involves finding programs you can stick to, being consistent, and making incremental progress.

He emphasizes that success takes years of hard work and dedication. Martyn inspires people to better themselves daily through fitness, learning, and achievement.

With his authenticity, business acumen and fitness expertise, Bradley Martyn has solidified himself as a true icon. He lives by example, showing what can be achieved with focus and determination.