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Brandon Calvillo – Vine and Instagram Comedy Star

Full Name Brandon Calvillo
Age 29
Birthday July 28, 1994
Born United States
Relationship Single
Height 5 ft 8 in
Net Worth $2 million

Brandon Calvillo (b.1994) and his brother Jesse are internet sensations due to their Vine videos, directing films, and Youtube content.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Brandon was born on July 28, 1994 in Los Angeles, California. From an early age, he was drawn to comedy and performance. As a teenager, Brandon started creating funny homemade videos with his brother Jesse.

In 2013, Brandon joined Vine and started posting 6-second comedy sketches. His vines featured hilarious takes on everyday awkward situations and relatable experiences. Some popular early vines included "When Netflix stops working" and "When your dog farts."

Vine Success

Brandon‘s creative vines quickly started gaining traction. Within his first year on Vine, he had over 1 million followers. His fanbase continued growing exponentially. Today, Brandon‘s Vine account has over 8.4 million followers and over 2.7 billion loops.

Transition to Instagram

When Vine shut down in 2017, Brandon seamlessly transitioned his comedic talents to Instagram. He brought his trademark self-deprecating observational comedy to longer form Instagram videos.

Brandon also expanded into lifestyle vlogging, collaborations with other creators, and sponsored content. His Instagram account grew steadily and today has 4.3 million followers.

Other Projects

Beyond social media, Brandon has embarked on various entertainment projects with his brother Jesse:

  • Short comedy films – The Calvillo brothers started creating funny short films in 2016, which they post on YouTube. Some popular titles include "Ditch Day" and "Fired from Applebees."
  • Music – Brandon has dabbled in music, lending his rapping skills to Jesse‘s songs like "Snapchat."
  • Podcast – Brandon co-hosts the podcast "Just Chatting" with internet personality Casey Frey. They have over 200k subscribers on YouTube.
  • Acting – Brandon has made cameos in movies like Amateur Night and shows like AwesomenessTV.

Why Brandon Calvillo is So Popular

What makes Brandon such a beloved comedy personality? Here are some of the keys to his popularity:

  • Relatability – Brandon‘s comedy comes from recognizable everyday experiences and awkward moments. His jokes highlight the ridiculousness of normal life.
  • Self-deprecation – Brandon frequently pokes fun at himself and his flaws. His willingness to embarrass himself makes his videos amusing and endearing.
  • Facial expressions – Brandon has an elastic face and animated style of physical comedy. His exaggerated facial expressions and reactions are always humorous.
  • Improvisation – Many of Brandon‘s videos feel unscripted and spontaneous. His improv comedy skills make his content feel fresh and authentic.
  • Chemistry – Brandon has great on-screen chemistry with his frequent collaborators like his brother Jesse. Their dynamic adds to the humor of their videos.

Fun Facts About Brandon Calvillo

  • Brandon‘s first Vine to go viral was "When you‘re riding with someone and their phone dies." It got over 300,000 likes within a few days of posting.
  • His favorite vines to create were ones filmed in public that captured people‘s real reactions.
  • Brandon‘s dream acting role is to star in a funny TV sitcom or a Judd Apatow comedy film.
  • He cites Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, and Adam Sandler as inspirations for his exaggerated physical comedy style.
  • Brandon is passionate about mental health advocacy and often speaks candidly about his personal struggles with anxiety.

Where to Find Brandon Calvillo

Even though Vine is gone, you can still get your fix of Brandon‘s comedy across social media:

  • Instagram – @bjcalvillo
  • YouTube – Brandon Calvillo
  • Facebook – @brandoncalvillo123
  • Podcast – Just Chatting

So if you‘re looking for hilarious videos that deal with everyday awkward moments and relatable experiences, make sure to follow Brandon Calvillo on social media for your daily dose of comedy. He continues to deliver funny and authentic content that brightens his millions of fans‘ days.