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Brooke Hyland: Accomplished Dancer, Singer, Influencer

Profile Overview

Full Name Brooke Marie Hyland
Birthday January 30, 1998
Age 25
Born Pennsylvania, USA
Height 5‘ 3" (1.60m)
Social Media Instagram, YouTube

Brooke Hyland is an American dancer, singer, actress and social media star best known for her appearances on the hit reality show Dance Moms. As an original cast member of the show, Brooke dazzled viewers each week with her natural talent and skill across dance genres like lyrical, jazz, acro and contemporary.

Early Life and Dance Career

Brooke‘s passion for dance emerged at a very young age. She began training at her mother‘s studio, the Abby Lee Dance Company, when she was just 2 years old! It quickly became apparent that Brooke was gifted – she won her first regional competition title at age 7.

Some of Brooke‘s early accolades included:

  • Applitude National Title Solo Winner (2006)
  • Showstopper National Title Solo Winner (2007, 2008)
  • PrimeTime Dance Solo Winner (2008)
  • Imagine National Title Solo Winner (2009)

Brooke‘s national title at just 10 years old proved she was ahead of the curve as a dancer. Her early competition success laid the foundation for her future career.

Becoming a Dance Mom Superstar

In 2011 at age 13, Brooke was cast on Lifetime‘s new reality show Dance Moms. The show followed Brooke and her fellow "ALDC junior elite" teammates as they trained, competed, and dealt with the drama of the notoriously demanding dance teacher Abby Lee Miller.

Some of Brooke‘s standout Dance Moms moments included:

  • Placing 1st overall with acro solo "Circus" (2011)
  • Winning Junior Best Dancer at Starbound (2012)
  • Performing lyrical solo "Diamonds in the Sky" (2013)
  • Competing fan-favorite acro group dance "Amazing Grace" (2014)

Brooke‘s natural talent, striking flexibility, and acrobatic skills made her a fan favorite dancer on the show. However, conflicts with Abby led to her departure from Dance Moms in 2014.

Life after Reality TV

Brooke‘s first major gig after leaving Dance Moms was portraying the role of Young Lulu in the Broadway musical Finding Neverland in 2015.

"Performing on Broadway had always been a dream of mine," Brooke said. "Getting to do eight shows a week and work with incredible actors, dancers and singers was amazing."

After Broadway, Brooke moved to Las Vegas where she became a lead in musicals like Alice in Wonderland and Peepshow. She also performed choreography in MAGICMIC at the Stratosphere. Her new stage career demonstrated Brooke‘s versatility as a well-rounded performer.

Recent Projects

Though devoted to musical theatre, Brooke continues to showcase her dance training as well. In 2018, she competed on Dancing with the Stars Juniors paired with pro dancer Tristan MacManus. She‘s made guest appearances on talk shows like The Kelly Clarkson Show and Access Hollywood.

Brooke has also pursued a music career, releasing original songs like "Summer Love Song" (2015), "Bat Crazy" (2016) and "Would You Still Love Me" (2017).

With over 1 million Instagram followers, Brooke has established herself as an influencer. She partners with brands like Shein, Honeybum, and Fashion Nova to promote products as a model and ambassador.

Brooke‘s Lasting Legacy

It‘s clear this dance mom superstar has left her mark on the entertainment industry. Some of Brooke‘s most noteworthy achievements include:

  • 15+ regional and national dance competition titles
  • Lead role in Broadway musical Finding Neverland
  • Lead performer in Las Vegas stage shows
  • 1 million+ social media followers
  • Original music releases and modeling work

Brooke Hyland‘s passion, resilience, and sheer talent captured the hearts of fans worldwide. She has paved the way for young dancers who dream of pursuing careers on stage, screen and social media. Brooke continues to inspire the next generation – the sky is the limit for this multitalented star!