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Brooklyn Beckham: The Multifaceted Son of David and Victoria Beckham

As Brooklyn Beckham‘s biggest fan, I‘m thrilled to provide this extensive introduction to the emerging superstar and eldest son of David and Victoria Beckham. Though still young, Brooklyn has already made his mark in diverse creative pursuits thanks to his good looks, artistic talents, and famous parents. Let‘s dive into everything that makes Brooklyn such a fascinating, multi-hyphenate celebrity!

Full Name Brooklyn Joseph Beckham
Age 24 years old
Birthday March 4, 1999
Born London, England
Parents David and Victoria Beckham
Siblings Brothers Romeo and Cruz, sister Harper
Relationships Engaged to Nicola Peltz
Career Model, Photographer, Social Media Influencer
Net Worth $10 million
Social Profiles Instagram


Born in London to one of the world‘s biggest power couples, Brooklyn Beckham grew up with the privileges and pressures that come from having ultra-famous parents. He moved around a lot during childhood as soccer star dad David played for European teams.

Despite the jet-setting lifestyle, Brooklyn‘s parents worked hard to keep their kids grounded. He did normal kid activities like attending Arsenal soccer academy, while also benefiting from world-class tutors and attending high-profile events.

Modeling Career

With his athletic 6‘1" frame, piercing eyes, and access to the fashion elite, Brooklyn was destined to model. He became the face of Burberry at age 16 and soon racked up campaigns for H&M, Adidas Originals, and Pepe Jeans.

His parents‘ styling contacts propelled Brooklyn‘s career, but his popularity is self-made. Unlike nepotism models, Brooklyn has true talent for captivating the camera. His Instagram following exploded as he gave fans a peek into photoshoots and fashion shows.

Beyond editorials, Brooklyn‘s standout modeling work includes:

  • British GQ cover in January 2017
  • Vogue China cover in March 2017
  • Dazed Korea cover in April 2017
  • NYTimes Style Magazine supplement cover in April 2017

He continues to thrive as a sought-after fashion model, and I can‘t wait to see what major campaigns he books next!

Photography Career

Most people don‘t know Brooklyn has an artistic side, but he‘s a budding photographer under the radar. Inspired by his surroundings, Brooklyn taught himself photography early on. He published his first book of photos called "What I See" in 2017.

Brooklyn photographs beautifully intimate portraits and interesting candid moments. His subjects range from sophisticated like actress Sophie Turner to quirky like rapper Lil Yachty.

In 2020, Brooklyn launched an Instagram photo series called "A Portrait Of" sponsored by Canon. His raw talent and celebrity access granted photos of Tan France, Marc Jacobs, and more high-profile friends. It was amazing to watch Brooklyn merge his passions for photography, fashion, and fame.

Cooking Endeavors

Beyond modeling and photography, Brooklyn showed off his cooking chops in 2021 web series Cookin‘ with Brooklyn. He whipped up tasty treats alongside influencer friends. The episodes revealed Brooklyn‘s natural talent in the kitchen, even when recipes went awry!

Yes, Brooklyn enjoys certain privileges with private chefs thanks to his family‘s wealth. But his genuine interest in food is clear. Given his upbringing with chef-dad Gordon Ramsay, I‘m not surprised Brooklyn caught the cooking bug too. I‘d love to see him continue nurturing this hobby.

Engagement to Nicola Peltz

Brooklyn‘s most public relationship has been with actress Nicola Peltz, who he began dating in 2019. After just 9 months, Brooklyn proposed in July 2020 with a stunning $250k ring. The adoring couple shares sweet photos and tributes on social media that are so fun to follow along with as a fan!

The engagement signifies an exciting new chapter for Brooklyn. Nicola seems to ground him and provide a loving partnership outside of the Beckham spotlight. Of course, their rumored 2023 Palm Beach wedding will be the celebrity event of the year!

Net Worth

For someone so young, Brooklyn already has an impressive estimated net worth between $8-10 million. His lucrative modeling and sponsorship deals account for the bulk of his income. Generational wealth from his uber-rich parents doesn‘t hurt either!

As Brooklyn explores new ventures like photography and cooking, I have no doubt his financial portfolio will continue growing. He certainly has both the means and work ethic to be very successful.

Fun Facts as a Fan

After following Brooklyn for years, here are some fun facts I‘ve learned about his life and personality:

  • Middle name Joseph is after Victoria‘s father Anthony Adams.
  • Massive tattoo collection with over 30 inkings already.
  • Attended Parsons but dropped out to focus fully on modeling.
  • Participates in charity work like campaigns for Trekstock and Red Cross.
  • Launched his own Instagram photo filter called “Brooklyn’s Lens.”
  • Godson to actress Elizabeth Hurley and singer Elton John.
  • Taught himself to cook via YouTube during pandemic quarantine.
  • Publicly feuded with actor Chase Crawford over girlfriend drama.
  • Ex-girlfriend Chloë Grace Moretz wrote breakup song “Susie” about him.
  • First Instagram post from 2014 simply says “Hey!” SO cute and innocent.

What‘s Next for Brooklyn?

It will be incredible watching what Brooklyn does next as he comes into his own. Will he keep building his modeling and photography portfolios? Take his cooking skills to the next level? Succeed David as a celebrity footballer? The possibilities are endless for the talented Mr. Beckham!

For now, catch Brooklyn‘s latest projects and ultra-glam life on his Instagram with 13 million followers and counting. One thing is for sure – at just 23 years old, Brooklyn Beckham has earned his star status and only continues to shine brighter. I can‘t wait to follow along on his journey!