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Bunny Barbie: TikTok‘s Multi-Talented Dance and Comedy Star

Full Name: Heidi Jones
Born: November 15, 1990 (Age 32)
Born In: Los Angeles, CA
Platforms: TikTok,
TikTok Followers: 4.6 million
Instagram Followers: 823k

As a longtime fan who‘s been following Bunny Barbie since her early days on TikTok, I‘m excited to provide a deeper look into this talented star‘s background and meteoric rise to fame on the platform.

The LA Kid With Big Dreams

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Heidi Jones grew up with dreams of being a professional dancer and entertainer. She started taking dance classes as a young child and was a competitive dancer throughout her youth. According to an interview, she looked up to entertainers like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez who could both sing, dance, and act.

In high school and college, Heidi began choreographing dances and teaching classes herself. She gradually built up a following on Instagram and YouTube for her choreography tutorials. But it wasn‘t until the launch of TikTok in 2018 when things really took off for Heidi‘s entertainment career ambitions.

Becoming Bunny Barbie

Heidi joined TikTok in early 2019 and initially started posting under her real name. But she soon came up with the catchy handle @bunny.barbie. As Bunny Barbie, she showcased her stellar dance skills while also revealing her bubbly, humorous personality through lip-syncing and sketch videos.

By mid-2019, Bunny Barbie had over 500k TikTok followers. By the end of 2020, she hit an amazing 4 million followers! Her growth has been truly exponential.

Some of Bunny Barbie‘s most viral TikTok hits include:

  • Princess Jasmine dance with 10M views
  • "M to the B" lip-sync with 12M views
  • Savage dance challenge with Charli D‘Amelio (25M views)
  • "WAP" dance skit (32M views)

Bunny Barbie‘s success stems from her ability to flawlessly execute the latest dance trends while also showcasing her silly, loveable personality. She radiates so much joy in her videos that it‘s impossible not to smile watching them.

Expanding Her Brand

In addition to dominating TikTok, Bunny Barbie has started to expand her personal brand and business ventures. She joined Instagram in 2020 and now has over 800k followers there. On Instagram, she gives fans a peek into her day-to-day life and personal style.

Bunny Barbie has partnered with a number of brands for sponsored content campaigns. Some of her brand deals include:

  • elf Cosmetics
  • FashionNova
  • Bang Energy drinks
  • Lyft
  • Casetify phone cases

In interviews, she has expressed aspirations to get into music and acting outside of social media. With her dedication and charisma, I have no doubt she can achieve anything she sets her mind to!

Why We Adore Bunny Barbie

What makes Bunny Barbie so beloved by fans like myself? Here are a few of the key reasons:

  • Infectious joy – She radiates so much fun and positive energy in all her videos
  • Multitalented – She can dance, act, do comedy, and create dynamic video content
  • Relatable charm – Her cute and quirky personality makes her seem like a real friend
  • Killer work ethic – She clearly works extremely hard perfecting every video

Bunny Barbie represents the best of TikTok – creative, fun, and inspiring. I can‘t wait to follow along on the next phase of her star-studded journey!