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Getting to Know Calum Hood of 5 Seconds of Summer

Full Name Calum Thomas Hood
Age 27
Birthday January 25, 1996
Birth Sign Aquarius
Born Sydney, Australia
Height 6′ 1′′
Net Worth Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / TikTok / YouTube

Calum Hood is best known as the talented bassist and backing vocalist of the massively popular pop rock band 5 Seconds of Summer. With his musical talent, laidback personality, and dedication to causes he cares about, Calum has earned the admiration of fans across the world.

Early Life and Career Beginnings in Sydney

Calum Thomas Hood was born on January 25, 1996 in Sydney, Australia. As a teenager, he learned to play bass guitar and joined a few small local bands. In 2011, at the age of 15, he met 18-year-old Luke Hemmings at Norwest Christian College. Luke introduced Calum to his friends Michael Clifford and Ashton Irwin, and the four bonded over their love of pop punk music. They decided to start a band, originally called Out Of My Limit, but later changed the name to the much catchier 5 Seconds of Summer.

Even in the band‘s early days, Calum showed a natural musical instinct and ability to craft catchy bass lines that perfectly complemented their songs. His talented bass playing would soon propel 5SOS to worldwide fame.

Meteoric Rise to Fame with 5 Seconds of Summer

5SOS began posting covers on YouTube and soon caught the attention of Sony ATV and Capitol Records. In 2012, they opened for One Direction on tour, rapidly growing an international fanbase of mostly teenage girls attracted to their pop punk sound and cute looks. Their self-titled debut EP 5 Seconds of Summer reached #1 on the Australian iTunes chart and #3 on the ARIA Singles Chart. Their popularity continued to explode from there.

The band‘s first full album 5 Seconds of Summer was released in 2014, debuting at #1 in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the UK. In the US it reached #2 on the Billboard 200. 5SOS‘s 2015 follow-up Sounds Good Feels Good charted in the top 5 in countries around the globe.

Other album highlights include:

  • Youngblood (2018) – reached #1 in Australia, UK, Ireland
  • CALM (2020) – reached #1 in Australia, top 10 in US and UK

The band has won numerous awards including 5 ARIA Music Awards, 4 MTV Europe Music Awards, and an American Music Award. They‘ve completed multiple massive world tours performing for millions of passionate fans. It‘s been an incredible rise to fame that all started with four talented teenagers jamming in a Sydney garage back in 2011.

Calum‘s Key Role in the Band

As the bassist, Calum provides the essential rhythmic foundation in 5SOS‘s music. He has crafted many iconic bass lines for songs like "She Looks So Perfect" and "Youngblood" that drive the energy in their live shows. Fans love picking out his catchy bass parts when listening to 5SOS.

Calum also contributes stellar backing vocals, blending perfect harmonies with Luke‘s lead vocals. His voice shines through in songs like "Ghost of You" and "Lie to Me" where he handles the chorus and other key parts.

In addition to performing, Calum participates in 5SOS‘s songwriting process. He is credited as a writer on tracks like "Jet Black Heart", "Outer Space/Carry On", and "No Shame". For devoted fans, it‘s exciting to hear the songs that come directly from Calum‘s creativity and musical intuition.

Notable Side Projects and Collaborations

When not touring with 5SOS, Calum has collaborated with artists in the pop, electronic, and hip hop genres. He co-wrote the song "Waste the Night" on DJ Snake‘s album Carte Blanche. Calum also was featured on the track "Easier" by Daniel Seavey in 2019.

Most recently in 2021, he teamed up with rapper 24kGoldn to perform an updated version of "Jet Black Heart" on Triple J radio. Their reimagined cover gave fans a fresh take on a 5SOS classic. It‘s always interesting to hear Calum‘s talents showcased in diverse musical settings outside his main band.

Passions Outside Music: Surfing, Sports, and Fashion

A lifelong surfer, Calum loves riding the waves when he returns home to Australia. You can feel his relaxed, beachy vibe come through in his musical performances and personal style. He is also a major sports fan who ardently follows football clubs Arsenal FC and the Sydney Swans AFL team.

Calum has combined his interest in sports with his innate fashion sense to create his own stylish clothing line, Calm, in 2019. I love the laidback, comfy streetwear look of his designs!

Charity and Causes

Calum uses his platform to support causes close to his heart. He has been an ambassador for the Black Dog Institute, which is dedicated to improving the lives of people affected by mental illness. As someone who has been open about his own mental health struggles, this is an issue Calum speaks on with empathy and compassion.

Calum also supports environmental organizations like Clean Vibes, which promotes sustainability at concerts and festivals. It‘s inspiring to see him using his voice for good.

Fun Facts About Calum

  • His first concert was Green Day in 5th grade
  • He has said his style icons are Kurt Cobain and Johnny Depp
  • Calum loves scary movies and getting spooked at haunted houses
  • He has several tattoos, including a skull on his arm
  • Calum‘s ideal vacation destination is Bali

What‘s Next for Calum?

While 5SOS is in a bit of a hiatus period, Calum has hinted that he is working on solo music. As a devoted fan, I‘m super excited to hear what he comes up with next! Whether it‘s with 5SOS, solo work, or collaborations, I appreciate his musical skill, friendly personality, and commitment to making the world a better place. Calum Hood is an artist with genuine talent and a big heart.