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the One and Only Camille Grammer

Name Camille Grammer
Birthday September 2, 1968 (Age 55)
Occupation Reality TV Star, Model
Net Worth $50 Million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

For over a decade, Camille Grammer has captivated audiences with her larger-than-life persona on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. As one of the very first Beverly Hills housewives, Camille established herself as the show‘s narrator and go-to pot-stirrer with her scathing remarks and masterful ability to create drama.

Though her extravagant lifestyle and penchant for stirring the pot have made Camille a notorious reality TV villain, her resilience during heartbreaking personal struggles have also won viewer empathy over the years. Read on for a deep dive into the life and career of this multi-faceted performer, mother, cancer survivor, and ultimate Beverly Hills diva.

From Club MTV Dancer to Beverly Hills Housewife

Born in Newport Beach, California in 1968, Camille Donatacci gravitated towards the spotlight at an early age. She left home at 17 to pursue her passion for dance, landing a job as a performer on MTV‘s Club MTV in the late ‘80s.

After relocating to LA, Camille‘s modeling career took off in the early ‘90s. She appeared in Playboy multiple times, including as Playmate of the Month in January 1996. "Being named Playmate was a dream come true," Camille has said.

Camille also booked numerous commercials and small acting roles in the ‘90s, including a memorable stint doing voiceover work for Howard Stern‘s biopic Private Parts.

She met actor Kelsey Grammer in 1996, marrying him in a lavish Malibu ceremony in 1997. In 2010, shortly after joining the cast of RHOBH, Camille made the shocking decision to divorce Kelsey after learning of his affair.

Life, Laughter, and Loss in Beverly Hills

In RHOBH‘s first season in 2010, viewers were enthralled by Camille‘s lavish lifestyle. "I was used to private jets and multiple nannies," Camille has said of her adjustment to life post-divorce. "I had to learn humility."

While known for her dramatic antics, Camille has also shown vulnerability through her struggles with divorce, cancer, and abusive relationships.

After ending her engagement to Dimitri Charalambopoulos following allegations of abuse, Camille found love again with attorney David C. Meyer, who she married in 2018.

Bouncing Back from Heartbreak

Despite painful chapters, Camille has proven her resilience. After battling endometrial cancer in 2013, she emerged cancer-free post-hysterectomy and dedicated herself to cancer awareness.

Though no longer a full-time cast member after season 2, Camille continues to be a fixture on RHOBH, delivering juicy gossip and witty commentary.

She maintains her luxe California lifestyle while getting back to nature on her Hawaiian ranch. From showstopping fashions to down-home horseback riding, Camille certainly lives life to the fullest!

Why We Adore Camille

With her signature outspokenness and penchant for pot-stirring, Camille Grammer is reality TV gold. She delivers hilarious one-liners and jaw-dropping drama season after season.

But beneath the gossip and glamour, Camille has proven herself a devoted mother, survivor, and philanthropist. After thirteen years, Camille remains an iconic Real Housewife beloved by viewers across America. We can‘t get enough of this vivacious, controversial, and always entertaining star!