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Caroline Manzo, Reality TV Icon

Full Name Caroline Manzo
Age 62 Years Old
Birthday August 23, 1961
Born Brooklyn, New York
Social Media Facebook

As an avid fan from the start, I‘ve treasured watching Caroline Manzo‘s rise to become one of reality television‘s most iconic housewives. Though initially living outside the spotlight, everything changed when Caroline joined The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast in 2009…

Backstory: Life Before Bravo Came Calling

Long before her "Let me tell you something about…" quotes became legendary memes, Caroline Manzo (née Laurita) lived a low-profile life focused on family. Born in 1961 in Brooklyn, New York, Caroline married her husband Albert in 1984. The couple settled in Franklin Lakes, NJ to raise their three children – Albie, Christopher and Lauren.

For over 20 years, Caroline and Albert owned a successful event planning and catering business, The Brownstone. Caroline later said this experience informed her straight-shooting, tell-it-like-it-is communication style. Though content in her quiet life, everything changed when Caroline got an opportunity to shine on a brand new reality show…

Rise to Fame on The Real Housewives of New Jersey

When RHONJ first aired in 2009, Caroline immediately stood out as the non-nonsense, fiercely loyal family matriarch. Her loving yet brutally honest dynamic with sister Dina Manzo also became a central storyline.

Over 8 drama-filled seasons on RHONJ, Caroline cemented her status as a fan favorite. Her encouragement to strip away façades and "Let it go and be done with it” resonated with many viewers. Caroline’s razor-sharp commentary, especially during tense confrontations, provided some of RHONJ’s most iconic moments.

Most Unforgettable Caroline Manzo Moments

  • Throwing her mic and storming off after a heated argument with Teresa Giudice
  • Her indignant outrage after Danielle Staub brought up Dina’s ex-husband
  • Comically impersonating Jacqueline Laurita’s tearful breakdowns
  • Heartfelt scenes advising her children Albie and Lauren about relationships

With her matriarchal wisdom and wit, Caroline became a beloved fixture on RHONJ for 5 seasons. But in 2013, she decided it was time for a change…

Caroline Manzo After Housewives

In 2014, Bravo granted fan requests for more Caroline Manzo by launching her spinoff show Manzo‘d with Children. For 3 seasons, we saw Caroline‘s next chapter as she operated The Brownstone and became an "empty nester." Though still appearing at RHONJ events occasionally, Caroline stepped back to focus on new ventures like:

  • An advice book Let Me Tell You Something
  • Interview podcast Dear Albie with son Albie Manzo
  • Home collection Caroline Manzo‘s Spice & Sauce
  • Lifestyle blog

Caroline also cherished spending more time with her family, especially once grandchildren started arriving!

10 Fun Facts All Caroline Manzo Fans Should Know

Beyond RHONJ, Caroline‘s kindness, resilience and wit make her endlessly fascinating. Here are some "behind-the-scenes" facts that fans like myself appreciate learning over the years!

  1. Her childhood nickname was "Big Red" for her bright red hair
  2. She attended the School of Visual Arts and Interior Design Institute in the 1980s
  3. Caroline is an accomplished cook and released a cookbook Full of Love in 2011
  4. She was appointed honorary mayor of Franklin Lakes, NJ in 2014
  5. Caroline‘s father-in-law was former mayor of Paterson, NJ
  6. She credits opera music with helping her destress and relax
  7. Caroline got Lasik eye surgery in 2018 after years of wearing glasses
  8. Her favorite indulgence is desserts – especially cheesecake!
  9. She has a tattoo on her foot that says "TBL" for The Brownstone
  10. Caroline enjoys painting and sharing her artwork on social media

Why Caroline Manzo Earned a Special Place in Fans‘ Hearts

  1. Her constant emphasis on the importance of family – Caroline‘s love for her kids and grandkids is clear to all.
  2. Her authenticity – Caroline always speaks candidly and comes across as genuine.
  3. Her wisdom – Her advice on self-care, parenting, and more resonates deeply.
  4. Her humor – Caroline‘s witty zingers provide much-needed comic relief during tense times.
  5. Her resilience – She handles difficulties with grace while staying true to herself.

In Caroline‘s Own Words

Caroline Manzo‘s unique perspectives on life and wisdom learned over the years provide endless inspiration. Here are some of her most insightful quotes:

"I‘m proud of the strong, independent, successful woman I‘ve raised and Hudson will be raised the same way – to be a good man and to respect women."

“We’re not perfect. Perfect is boring. But we are family.”

"I entered this whole franchise thing as an adult. I know who I am. I‘m not trying to figure out who I am. So no matter what you say about me, it‘s not going to define me."

Frequently Asked Questions About the Reality TV Queen

How old is Caroline Manzo?

Caroline is 62 years old as of 2023. She was born on August 23, 1961.

Where is Caroline Manzo from originally?

She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York before moving to New Jersey after getting married.

What does Caroline Manzo do now?

Though no longer a full-time reality star, Caroline is focused on her family, podcast, and lifestyle brand. She still makes appearances related to RHONJ as well.

Is Caroline still married to Albert Manzo?

Yes! Caroline and Albert have been happily married since 1984.

What is Caroline Manzo‘s net worth?

Caroline‘s estimated net worth is $12 million, largely from her reality TV career and various business ventures.