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TikTok Trailblazer Chase Hudson

Full Name Cole Chase Hudson
Age 21
Birthday May 15, 2002
Birth Sign Taurus
Born Stockton, California, United States
Relationship Single
Height 5‘10"
Net Worth $3 million

The Phenomenal Rise of Lil Huddy

Chase Hudson, better known as Lil Huddy online, has become one of TikTok‘s biggest stars and a leading Gen Z influencer. Known for his edgy e-boy style, hilarious videos, and collabs with Charli D‘Amelio, Hudson gained over 20 million followers in 2019 alone.

As a longtime fan, I‘ve loved watching Hudson‘s journey to stardom over the years. It‘s been amazing seeing him go viral with hits like his "Moral of the Story" Alice Merton lip-sync and iconic "Hit Yo Groove" dance video. He has a natural charisma and goofy sense of humor that shines through in all his content.

Leading the Sway House Era

One of Hudson‘s biggest moments was joining the Sway House in 2019 alongside other top creators. This legendary content house propelled him into mega fame. His collaborations and hijinks with housemates like Bryce Hall, Josh Richards, and more were comedy gold.

Looking back, those Sway House days were such an iconic time for Chase. He seemed to be having the time of his life making TikToks, bro-ing out, and cementing his status as a Gen Z star.

Venturing into Music, Fashion & Business

Beyond comedy videos, Hudson has branched out into music, modeling, and entrepreneurship. In 2020, he dropped his first single "All Falls Down" which showed off his versatility as an artist. Chase has walked runways for Versace and expressed his passion for fashion through jewelry lines like Forbidden Jewelry.

As a businessman, Hudson co-founded the talent management firm TalentX Entertainment to help guide the next generation of creators. He clearly has a vision beyond just social media fame.

Inside His Dating History & Relationships

On the relationship front, Hudson has been linked to several high-profile stars. His romance with Charli D‘Amelio ended amicably, and he also dated model Anna Shumate and musician Sabrina Quesada publicly.

As a fan, I‘m always rooting for Chase to find love. He seems like a passionate partner devoted to making his special someone feel appreciated. Here‘s hoping he finds "the one" soon!

Chase‘s Interests & Passions

Outside of work, Chase has a lot of cool hobbies and interests he‘s shared over the years. Skateboarding is a lifelong passion of his, and he‘s got some serious skills on a board. Chase also loves rock music and bands like My Chemical Romance and Blink-182.

Fashion is another obsession – he‘s always rocking the coolest designer clothes and his nails painted black. Chase is such an artsy, creative soul.

Giving Back & Causes

For all his fame, Hudson uses his platform to give back as well. He has advocated for mental health awareness and urged followers to vote. During the pandemic, Chase donated meals to healthcare workers. And he partnered with non-profit organisations like American Cancer Society.

His charitable efforts show Chase‘s maturity and good heart. He really does care about making the world a little better.

Controversies & Lessons Learned

Of course, Chase has dealt with controversies like many stars do. He apologized after allegations around messaging fans. And he‘s had feuds play out publicly with other creators at times.

But Chase has reflected and learned from any mistakes made along the way. He‘s determined to be a responsible role model fans can be proud of. That kind of personal growth at a young age is truly admirable.

What‘s Next for Chase Hudson?

At 21, Chase has achieved amazing things already as a TikTok pioneer. But I know as a loyal fan that this is only the beginning. With his relentless creativity, business acumen, and loyal following, the future is limitless for Chase Hudson. He has so much left to accomplish in music, fashion, acting, and beyond.

Chase‘s journey shows how a passion for creating and tenacious work ethic can transform someone into a star and cultural force. As he continues to mature and evolve as an artist and person, I can‘t wait to see Chase‘s next era. The best is yet to come!