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Chris Soules – The Down-to-Earth Reality Star

Chris Soules Profile

Full Name: Christopher Douglas Soules
Age: 41 years old
Birthday: November 6, 1981

Birthplace: Lamont, Iowa, United States
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 6′ 1′′
Net Worth: $1.5 million

Social Media:


Christopher Douglas Soules is an American reality TV star and farmer, famously known for being the 19th season Bachelor on The Bachelor. With his boyish good looks, down-to-earth charm, and roots as a Iowa farmer, Chris quickly became a fan favorite on reality TV.

Early Life and Background

Born on November 6, 1981 in Lamont, Iowa, Chris was raised on his family‘s farm along with his sister Shanae. From a young age, he was involved with planting, harvesting, and raising livestock on the farm. Chris went to public school and was on the football team in high school. After graduating, he attended Iowa State University where he studied economics and agricultural studies. However, farming was always his true passion.

Rise to Fame on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor

Chris was launched into the spotlight when he appeared as a contestant on Season 10 of The Bachelorette starring Andi Dorfman in 2014. Viewers were drawn to his good-natured personality and rural charm. He ultimately finished third, but left a big impression on fans.

The following year, ABC took notice of Chris‘ popularity and named him the star of Season 19 of The Bachelor. His journey to find love captivated over 7 million viewers weekly. Chris got engaged to contestant Whitney Bischoff on the season finale, though the relationship didn‘t last. Still, Chris remains one of the most beloved and memorable Bachelor stars for his sincerity and relatability.

Life After The Bachelor

After his reality TV fame, Chris briefly returned to life as a farmer in his hometown of Arlington, Iowa. But he stayed connected to Bachelor Nation by making appearances at events and reunions.

In 2017, Chris appeared as a celebrity contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Though not a natural dancer, he gave it his all and placed 5th overall with partner Witney Carson. This showed fans a fun, lighthearted side of Chris beyond his Bachelor image.

There were some legal issues in Chris‘ past, including a 2017 car accident that resulted in a fatality. However, he has focused on moving forward while honoring the victim‘s memory.

Chris Soules Timeline

1981 – Born in Lamont, Iowa
2014 – Appears on The Bachelorette Season 10

2015 – Stars as The Bachelor on Season 19
2015 – Gets engaged to Whitney Bischoff

2016 – Breaks up with Whitney Bischoff
2017 – Competes on Dancing with the Stars
2017 – Involved in fatal car accident
2019-Present – Works in agricultural business and promotions

Why We Love Chris Soules

Fans are drawn to Chris Soules for his:

  • Small-town charm and humble personality
  • Passion for farming and agriculture
  • Sincerity in looking for love on television
  • Relatability as an everyday guy
  • Good-natured sense of humor
  • Handsome looks and dazzling smile

5 Interesting Facts about Chris Soules

  1. He was a two-time state champion wrestler in high school.
  2. Chris tried out for The Bachelor twice before being selected.
  3. He has the most Instagram followers of any Bachelor star.
  4. Chris loves country music and has attended numerous concerts.
  5. He auctioned off a date with himself for $23,000 to help the American Cancer Society.

Chris Soules Today

These days, Chris splits his time between Iowa and California. He continues to work in agricultural business investments and serves as a spokesperson for various brands. Chris uses his platform to promote causes like renewable fuels and organ donation.

In terms of relationships, Chris keeps that private after his public breakups. But he remains active on social media, often posting nostalgic throwback pics and keeping up with fellow Bachelor alums.

With his signature salt-of-the-earth charm and determination, Chris Soules will undoubtedly continue captivating fans in whatever he does next. For a reality star, he‘s managed to stay remarkably grounded.