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Christina Perri: The Soulful Songstress Behind "Jar of Hearts"

Full Name: Christina Judith Perri
Age: 37
Born: August 19, 1986 in Bensalem, Pennsylvania
Spouse: Paul Costabile (m. 2017-present)
Children: Carmella (b. 2019)
Genres: Pop, indie pop, piano rock
Social: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

With her piercing vocals and stirring piano melodies, Christina Perri has established herself as one of today‘s most compelling pop singer-songwriters. She‘s beloved for emotive hits like "Jar of Hearts," "A Thousand Years," and "Human," where her lyrics capture universal feelings of love, heartbreak, and inner turmoil. While Christina rocketed to fame with career-making singles, she remains a down-to-earth artist who cherishes her family. Let‘s take a closer look at the woman behind the music.

Small Town Beginnings

Christina Judith Perri was born on August 19, 1986 in the Philadelphia suburb of Bensalem, Pennsylvania. She was exposed to music early on, with a father who played guitar and a mother who adored 60s folk rock icons. Christina taught herself piano as a child and started writing her own angsty breakup songs as a troubled teenager. At 18, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue her musical dreams.

To stay afloat, Perri worked grueling hours as a Hollywood waitress while playing acoustic gigs at night. "I was naïve…coming to LA with stars in my eyes," she later reflected. Perri self-released her first album The Ocean Way Sessions in 2006, but it failed to make an impact. Still, she persevered for years in cramped apartments, never abandoning her songwriting.

The Breakout Success of "Jar of Hearts"

Perri‘s life changed forever in 2010 when the soaring piano ballad "Jar of Hearts" was featured on So You Think You Can Dance. She‘d written it during a painful split from an on-again-off-again boyfriend. Lyrics like "No I can‘t take one more step towards you / ‘Cause all that‘s waiting is regret" struck an emotional chord with listeners. The cathartic song shot to #1 on iTunes in just 12 hours and dominated pop charts for weeks.

"Jar of Hearts" catapulted the unsigned Perri into stardom. She signed with Atlantic Records and re-released her debut album Lovestrong, featuring the smash hit. More successes followed like "Arms" and "A Thousand Years," which appeared on the Twilight soundtrack. But "Jar of Hearts" remains Christina‘s career-defining song, earning 4x platinum status and multiple awards.

Finding Love and Motherhood

Amidst her rising fame, Perri met TV host Paul Costabile in 2013. Their connection was instant – Paul even got Christina‘s lyrics tattooed early on! After four years together, he proposed during a romantic trip to Italy in 2017. The two wed later that year before close friends and family. “You are my favorite part of life,” Christina posted about her new husband.

In January 2019, the couple welcomed their first child, Carmella Stanley Costabile. Becoming a mother profoundly impacted Christina‘s outlook and music, bringing a new joy and optimism. “My life is so enriched just by being her mom,” she gushed. After a 2020 miscarriage, their family bond grew even stronger. Christina often shares glimpses into their sweet, quirky home life on social media.

Evolving Her Musical Style

Over four studio albums, Christina‘s sound has progressed from melancholy piano ballads to more upbeat, danceable pop. However, emotive lyrics and soaring vocals remain her hallmarks. In 2021, she released Songs for Carmella, a love letter inspired by her daughter. Lead single "Rainbow" champions resilience with lines like "After the storm, I will search the sky…I‘ll follow the rainbow."

Beyond music, Perri branched out with her 2022 children‘s book Carmella and the Night Sky, Illustrated by Flow. She also hosts regular Q&As and listening sessions with fans online. This intimacy and openness has allowed her fanbase to mature with her. While Perri plans to keep evolving, she recognizes that raw, from-the-heart songs will always be her specialty.

Why We Adore Christina Perri

What makes Christina so special? For starters, you can‘t fake the amount of emotion she packs into lyrics and vocals. She has a rare gift for conveying universal feelings about relationships and inner turmoil. I‘m always amazed by how much she can move me to tears with a simple piano melody!

Perri also radiates an authenticity on stage and social media that draws you in. When she shares about personal struggles like her miscarriage, you feel like you‘re confiding in a friend. It‘s clear she cherishes her family, frequently gushing about her daughter‘s latest funny antics. And despite her meteoric success, Christina remains so humble and gracious to fans.

Maybe most of all, I love watching her grow. Her early songs contain so much raw anguish, while newer music celebrates life‘s brightness. She‘s proof that people can hold onto pain and joy simultaneously. We‘ve grown up with Christina over 12 years and 7 million albums sold. I can‘t wait to see what‘s next for this relatable star!

5 Endearing Perri Facts

  • She owns over 20 quirky tattoos, including song lyrics and her dog‘s paw print
  • Christina auditioned for American Idol during Season 9 but didn‘t make it past the second round
  • She performed at the Women‘s March on Washington in 2017
  • Baking is her creative outlet outside music – she loves sharing recipes online
  • If she wasn‘t a singer, Perri dreams she‘d be a therapist to "help people heal"

The Legacy of Her Musical Storytelling

Over a decade into Christina‘s career, her brutally honest lyrics and soaring vocals have left an indelible mark on pop music. Songs like "Jar of Hearts" and "A Thousand Years" have become genuine cultural touchstones. Her ability to craft simple piano melodies that overflow with emotion is unparalleled.

While Christina has evolved immensely as an artist and woman, her singular gift for storytelling persists. She articulates personal heartbreak and inner turmoil in a way that resonates universally. For me, the magic of Perri‘s music is how cathartic it feels to hear someone express my own feelings so poetically. Her confessional songs provide the soundtrack to fans‘ lives.

As she moves forward, I know Christina Perri will continue fearlessly writing music direct from her heart. She has such a rare knack for translating raw feeling into pop perfection. And for that gift, millions of listeners will forever be grateful.