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Claire Saffitz: Beloved Chef, YouTube Star and Culinary Icon

Full Name Claire Saffitz
Age 36 years old
Birthday September 16, 1986
Born United States
Relationship status In a relationship
Height 5‘5"
Net Worth Estimated $2 million
Social Media Instagram

Claire Saffitz is a famous American food writer, chef and YouTube personality who was part of Bon Appétit magazine until mid-2020. With her infectious laughter, fierce intellect, and irresistible concoctions, Claire has captured the hearts and appetites of millions of fans. Let‘s take a closer look at this culinary superstar.

About Claire Saffitz

Born and raised in St Louis, Missouri, Claire developed a passion for baking and pastry as a child. She studied at Harvard University, graduating in 2008, before earning a masters degree in culinary arts from McGill University. After honing her skills in New York test kitchens, Claire landed at Bon Appétit magazine in 2012.

It was Bon Appétit‘s YouTube channel that catapulted Claire to fame. Her hosting duties on beloved shows like "Gourmet Makes" displayed her talent and charm to the world. In 2018, Claire left Bon Appétit to pursue freelance work and launch her own YouTube channel, which now boasts over 1 million subscribers.

Claire‘s Career Highlights and Achievements

Claire‘s career is studded with highlights that trace her meteoric rise to culinary stardom:

  • 2012 – Hired by Bon Appétit magazine to work in their test kitchen
  • 2015 – Began hosting the viral sensation "Gourmet Makes" on Bon Appétit‘s YouTube channel
  • 2016 – Named one of Forbes‘ 30 Under 30 in Food & Drink
  • 2018 – Left Bon Appétit to focus on freelance projects and build her personal brand
  • 2019 – Released her debut cookbook "Dessert Person", which won a coveted IACP award
  • 2020 – Launched her own YouTube channel, gaining over 1 million subscribers in 2 years
  • 2022 – Announced her second cookbook "What‘s For Dinner?" due for release in October
  • 2022 – Appeared as a guest judge on Netflix‘s baking competition "Is It Cake?"

Claire is continuously achieving new career milestones. She‘s become an internet force to be reckoned with!

Claire‘s Cooking Style and Specialties

Claire is especially admired for her baking, confections, and pastry skills. She has an encyclopedic knowledge of dessert techniques from around the globe. Claire is also known for her curiosity and fearlessness with ingredients. She finds ways to incorporate unexpected flavors like matcha, goat cheese, and aleppo pepper into sweet and savory recipes alike.

Claire‘s dishes are often inspired by beloved snack foods and candies. By recreating treats like Twinkies® and Cheetos® with gourmet ingredients, she offers a fresh, elevated take on nostalgic classics. Ultimately, Claire teaches people the joy of cooking with spirit and creativity.

What the Future Holds for Claire

At just 36, Claire Saffitz‘s career is clearly just heating up. With two hit cookbooks under her belt and a passion for recipe development, she‘s well on her way to becoming an authority in all aspects of food. I predict Claire will continue growing her business by:

  • Releasing more bestselling cookbooks
  • Expanding her YouTube channel and social media presence
  • Hosting her own cooking shows and web series
  • Opening a bakery or cafe to showcase her signature style
  • Partnering with brands on endorsements and collaborations
  • Mentoring aspiring chefs and food entrepreneurs

The possibilities are endless for this multi-talented chef! Whatever she does next, I know her fans will eagerly follow along on the journey. Claire Saffitz has already cemented her status as one of the most beloved and influential food personalities of her generation. The culinary world is lucky to have her.