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Clare Crawley

Clare Crawley Profile Overview
Full Name Clare Crawley
Birthday March 20, 1981 (Age 42)
Born Sacramento, California, United States
Parents 2 sisters, 5 brothers
Relationship Status Single
Occupation Reality TV Star, Hairstylist
Known For The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise
Net Worth Est. $500,000
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Facebook

As a longtime member of Bachelor Nation and dedicated Clare Crawley fan, I‘m thrilled to share a deep dive into her incredible life and career. Born in Sacramento in 1981, Clare first captured America‘s heart on Juan Pablo‘s season of The Bachelor in 2014. Since then, she has appeared on multiple Bachelor franchise shows, culminating in her history-making time as the oldest Bachelorette lead ever at age 39.

Beyond the spotlight of reality TV fame, Clare is also a former hairstylist who has endured difficult losses in life, yet still radiates hope in her search for a loving partner. Get to know the real Clare as I explore her background, passions, triumphs, and much more.

Early Life & Career Beginnings

Clare grew up in Sacramento, California with her tight-knit Catholic family of six siblings. She has fond memories of lively family dinners growing up. After high school, Clare worked as a hairstylist for 10 years. She also encountered devastating grief during this time with the passing of her father.

Despite these challenges, Clare‘s caring spirit and resilience shone through. She even shaved her head in solidarity with a young cancer patient she befriended through her salon. This admirable compassion perfectly prepared Clare for future philanthropy endeavors.

Journey to Bachelor Nation Fame

Clare first appeared on Juan Pablo‘s season of The Bachelor in 2014. Though they did not end up together, Clare won over fans with her willingness to stand up for herself and open vulnerability.

She returned to Mexico for Bachelor in Paradise Seasons 1 and 2, forming connections that once again did not result in lasting love.

But Clare persevered and made franchise history in 2020 by becoming The Bachelorette lead at age 39. Her sincere desire to find a husband and start a family resonated with viewers.

Captivating Hearts as The Bachelorette

As The Bachelorette, Clare broke records as the oldest lead. Yet from night one, she radiated confidence, emotional maturity, and readiness for commitment.

Within two weeks, Clare announced she had already fallen in love with contestant Dale Moss. She left the show early to pursue that connection. While the relationship did not result in a wedding, Clare was praised for boldly following her heart.

Through it all, Clare has fearlessly led by example – never giving up on her quest for true love, even in her late 30s. She embodies perseverance and vulnerability that speaks to women everywhere.

Charity Work & Passions

Beyond reality television, Clare dedicates time to giving back. She supports organizations like Make-A-Wish and Project Karma and speaks out on issues like grief and loss.

Clare also adores her Yorkie dogs Honey and Elby who frequently appear on her social media. And she never misses a Green Bay Packers game, repping her favorite team‘s gear.

After leaving The Bachelorette, Clare continues to inspire with her optimism, advocacy, and determination to keep growing. Though still searching for her perfect match, she relies on her faith and strong sense of self.

Why Fans Adore Clare

What makes Clare such a beloved fan favorite? As someone who has followed her journey for years, here is why I admire her:

  • Tenacious pursuit of love – She bravely stays open to finding "The One", even in her 40s.
  • Confidence and maturity – Clare knows exactly what she wants in life and love.
  • Vulnerability about past heartbreaks – She gets real about difficulties like her father‘s death.
  • Passion for philanthropy – Giving back is clearly a priority for caring Clare.
  • Relatability – Her emotional responses remind us of our own ups and downs with relationships.
  • Authenticity – Clare is fully herself on camera, from tantrums to triumphs.

Clare Crawley has undeniably left her mark on Bachelor Nation. As the oldest Bachelorette lead ever, she redefined expectations and brought maturity, vulnerability, and wisdom. Off-screen, her resilience and commitment to service continue to uplift and inspire. To know Clare‘s story is to root for her – the quintessential underdog we cannot help but adore.

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