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Cole LaBrant: The Story Behind the Famous YouTube Star

Full Name Cole LaBrant
Age 27
Birthday August 21, 1996
Born Troy, Alabama, United States
Spouse Savannah LaBrant (m. 2017)
Children 3 (Posie, Zealand, Sunday)
Occupation YouTuber, Social Media Influencer
Years active 2010–present
Net worth $5 million
Subscribers 13 million (LaBrant Family channel)
Notable role Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
Social media Facebook

As a longtime fan who‘s been following Cole LaBrant since his early days, I‘m thrilled to provide this in-depth introduction to the talented YouTube superstar. Cole is an actor from Troy, Alabama who initially gained fame for his role in the blockbuster film Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Today, he is one of the most popular social media influencers with over 13 million subscribers across YouTube.

Cole is married to the lovely Savannah LaBrant, a YouTube star in her own right. Together they have three adorable kids – Posie, Zealand, and Sunday. Their sweet family provides endless entertainment and joy for their millions of fans.

Early Life and Background

Born on August 21, 1996 in Troy, Alabama, Cole had an athletic upbringing playing football, baseball, and track. He started his first YouTube channel in 2010 at just 14 years old focusing on trick shots and sports videos. Even then, it was clear Cole had that special charisma and ability to draw in audiences.

A few years later, the course of Cole‘s life changed forever when he met fellow YouTuber Savannah Soutas in 2013. Their instant connection was obvious and fans were immediately invested in their relationship. Cole began making appearances on Savannah‘s popular YouTube channel, which mainly featured lifestyle and beauty content.

Launching The LaBrant Family

In 2017, Cole and Savannah started their shared channel – The LaBrant Family. Their daily vlogs provided an intimate look at their life together as a couple. Fans felt like part of the family!

That same monumental year, Cole and Savannah got married in a ceremony captured on video for viewers. Soon after, they announced Savannah‘s pregnancy and welcomed baby Posie in 2018.

The births of sons Zealand and Sunday further expanded the LaBrant family and cemented their place as one of YouTube‘s most popular family channels. Through all of life‘s ups and downs, Cole and Savannah have allowed fans to follow along on their journey.

Fun Facts About Cole

Beyond the basic facts, there are some fun tidbits that give insight into Cole‘s personality:

  • Huge football fan – Roll Tide! He even has a dog named Bama.
  • Talented golfer – it‘s his favorite way to relax
  • Loves hip hop music – especially rappers like Lil Wayne
  • Passionate about fitness – created his own workout app
  • Would love to get into acting and directing
  • Known for being outgoing, athletic, and lighthearted

Cole is a fun-loving family man who enjoys making others laugh. His positivity and charm are part of what makes him so likeable.

Why Fans Love Cole LaBrant

It‘s easy to see why Cole has become a YouTube sensation. Here are just a few of the reasons his fans adore him:

  • Relatable personality – feels like your fun friend
  • Loves bringing joy to others
  • Dedicated family man
  • Engaging on-camera presence
  • Entertaining pranks and challenges
  • Vulnerably shares his faith
  • Motivates others to stay active
  • Supports good causes like breast cancer awareness
  • Serves as a role model for kids and teens

Cole‘s videos are filled with contagious laughter, family bonding, and unfiltered fun. He has found the perfect formula for creating bingeable content that spreads positivity.

The Future Looks Bright

Cole LaBrant has already accomplished so much at just 27 years old. He has a beautiful family, an online empire, and millions of adoring fans. While controversies have come up over the years, there is no denying his meteoric rise to social media fame.

Given Cole‘s talent and drive, his future looks very bright. I can‘t wait to see what projects he takes on next! Whether it‘s acting, writing books, podcasting, or dreaming up new YouTube video ideas, I know Cole will continue entertaining audiences for years to come.

He is one of the most inspirational YouTuber success stories out there. Cole found his passion early in life and worked hard to transform it into a career he loves. His perseverance, creativity, and dedication to fans are so motivating. That‘s why Cole LaBrant will always be a favorite YouTube star of mine!