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Introducing Crystal Hayslett – Talented Actress, Comedian, and Entrepreneur

Full Name Crystal Renee Hayslett
Age 41
Birthday October 18, 1981
Born United States
Net Worth $2M
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Crystal Renee Hayslett is a talented stylist, actress and comedian, best known for her role as Fatima in Tyler Perry’s dramedy series ‘Sistas’. But there is so much more to this rising star. Let‘s take a closer look at Crystal‘s background, impressive career, hobbies, and what‘s next for this multi-faceted entertainer.

Early Life

Born in the United States on October 18, 1981, Crystal Hayslett was raised in a Christian household. Before pursuing acting, she briefly worked in politics at Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. Crystal later moved to Atlanta to focus on her creative passions.

Acting Career

Crystal spent years honing her craft through classes and auditions before catching her big break in 2020 as Fatima on Sistas. This fan-favorite role quickly boosted her fame.

Other major credits include:

  • Lead in the thriller The Unthinkable
  • Supporting role in Jupiter‘s Legacy
  • Guest spots on House of Payne and If Loving You Is Wrong
  • Digital comedy Skinny Dip

With her comedy chops and dramatic range, Crystal has proven she can take on any role.

Personal Life

Faith plays a huge part in Crystal‘s life as a devout Christian. She also enjoys staying active through weight lifting, hiking, and more. Fashion and style are another passion of Crystal‘s. She runs her own beard grooming line for men called Renée‘s Grooming.

Despite her rising fame, Crystal makes giving back a priority by supporting various charities and using her platform to advocate for racial justice.

Hobbies & Interests

When she isn‘t acting, Crystal makes time for some of her other favorite hobbies:

  • Cooking: She loves getting creative in the kitchen and has some culinary projects in the works.
  • Working out: Lifting weights, hiking, and staying active provide a healthy outlet for Crystal.
  • Fashion/style: Having her own grooming line shows Crystal‘s passion for fashion and beauty.

Crystal also enjoys manifestation exercises, like journaling and vision boards, to help her spiritually and creatively.

What‘s Next for Crystal Hayslett

With Sistas renewed through 2023, Crystal will continue shining as the hilarious Fatima. Fans love her comedic timing and can‘t wait to see more.

Beyond Sistas, the sky‘s the limit for Crystal‘s blossoming career. With her well-rounded skillset, dynamic roles likely await this multi-talented actress. Crystal also plans to grow her entrepreneurial pursuits and get behind the camera soon.

At 41, Crystal Hayslett is just hitting her stride. Her star will only continue rising as she brings her vivacious energy to Hollywood. Stay tuned for much more from this gifted entertainer!