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Cupcakke: Chicago‘s Raunchy Rap Queen

Full Name Elizabeth Eden Harris
Stage Name Cupcakke
Birthdate May 31, 1997
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Age 26
Genre Hip hop, Rap, R&B
Labels Self-released
Twitter @Cupcakke_rapper
Instagram @cupcakkeafreakk
YouTube Cupcakke

Elizabeth Eden Harris, better known by her stage name Cupcakke, is a 26-year-old rapper from Chicago who has taken the music world by storm. With her raunchy lyrics and sexually liberated anthems, Cupcakke represents a new era of audacious, sex-positive female empowerment in hip hop.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Born and raised in Chicago, Cupcakke developed an early interest in poetry and music. As a teenager, she began sharing her own bold, rap verses on YouTube and Soundcloud. In 2012, at just age 15, she released her first tracks as Cupcakke, garnering attention for her vulgar yet humorous style. She described her parents‘ reaction to her explicit music as initially "confused" but ultimately supportive of her self-expression.

In 2016, Cupcakke released her first mixtape, the aptly titled "Cum Cake." The mixtape included her breakthrough viral hit "Vagina" – a comical and unashamed celebration of the female anatomy. With its gritty production and clever bars like "Let me see that crack girl I love lint", "Vagina" encapsulated Cupcakke‘s musical ethos: sex-positive messaging blended with tongue-in-cheek humor.

Musical Style and Evolution

Across mixtapes like "S.T.D" and "Queen Elizabitch", Cupcakke continued honing her hypersexual, shocking punchlines and unique vocal delivery. But she also revealed her versatility as a lyricist, exploring deeper themes like relationships, mental health, and violence.

In 2018, Cupcakke‘s mixtape "Ephorize" was hailed as her strongest work yet, blending raw sexuality with introspective tracks on depression, addiction, and empowerment. The mixtape contained fan favorites like the LGBTQ anthem "Crayons", where she raps:

We‘ll break all gender norms and we‘ll burn all binary codes
Cause honey, we‘re the kids, and we ain‘t playin‘ by the rules

Known for her incredible live energy, Cupcakke has translated her hits into electric onstage performances. Clad in everything from neon wigs to sparkling leotards, she delivers nonstop choreography and impressive flows, often inserting customized local shoutouts. She‘s become a festival favorite, holding her own at Lollapalooza, Pitchfork, and Primavera Sound.

Controversies and Criticisms

With her unbridled sexuality and profanity, Cupcakke‘s music has inevitably stirred controversy. She‘s been accused of promoting female stereotypes and delegitimizing women‘s empowerment. Radio stations and online platforms have censored or banned her music, and some schools cancelled planned concerts after deeming her act inappropriate.

Cupcakke has insisted her early explicit persona was calculated shock value that served its purpose of building her profile. In 2019, she announced plans to retire her older sexually graphic tracks from live shows, explaining she wanted to prove herself as a serious artist. But she remains committed to dismantling taboos around female sexuality and continues infusing bold themes into her newer music.

Cultural Impact and Legacy

Love her or hate her, there‘s no denying Cupcakke has made a cultural impact. She‘s been hailed as a trailblazing sexual revolutionary, providing a judgement-free musical space for women and LGBTQ folks to feel liberated in their bodies and desires. To fans, songs like "Deepthroat" and "Duck Duck Goose" represent an exuberant, sex-positive feminism – minus any male gaze.

As a Black female rapper, Cupcakke also represents an exciting new voice and perspective in the male-dominated hip hop landscape. She‘s inspired a generation of fans to embrace their quirks and personalities without fear of societal judgement or marginalization.

Still just 26, Cupcakke‘s future glows bright with possibility. While she‘s faced her share of critics, her confidence and willingness to evolve signal an artist who is here to stay on her own uncompromising terms. Cupcakke possesses that rare combination of talent, humor, and nonconformity that has shaped her into a necessary disruptor in hip hop today.