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Real Estate Agent and Influencer Dalton Gomez

Full Name Dalton Jacob Gomez
Age 28
Birthday August 7, 1995
Birth Sign Leo
Born United States
Relationship Divorced
Height 5' 7"
Net Worth $20M

Dalton Gomez is an American real estate agent, buyer‘s agent, and influencer, born on August 7th, 1995. He is most known for his roles in the real estate industry and for being Ariana Grande‘s ex-husband. Recently he made Forbes‘ 30 Under 30 list for the Real Estate and Construction category alongside working as the Head of Creative Marketing & Partnerships at The Agency.

Dalton‘s Early Life and Career

Born in Southern California, Dalton Gomez became fascinated with luxury real estate from a young age. He got his start working for top LA realtor Aaron Kirman while still a teenager. Kirman recalled Gomez being eager to learn about high-end listings and making connections (Source: Variety).

Gomez quickly made a name for himself as a buyer‘s agent for elite clientele in neighborhoods like Bel Air and Beverly Hills. In 2018, he joined The Agency and now leads their creative marketing division. He oversees branding and digital content for their multimillion-dollar listings.

Dalton Gomez Timeline

  • August 1995 – Born in Southern California
  • 2013 – Began interning for Aaron Kirman Group at age 18
  • 2015 – Started working as a real estate agent selling luxury homes
  • 2016 – Reportedly helped Ariana Grande buy $14M Montecito estate
  • 2018 – Named Head of Creative Marketing at The Agency
  • May 2020 – Married Ariana Grande in private ceremony
  • 2021 – Named to Forbes 30 Under 30 Real Estate list

Why We Love Dalton Gomez

While still early in his career, Dalton Gomez has proven himself as one of LA‘s top young realtors. Here‘s why he‘s earned so much admiration and respect:

  • Closed over $80 million in luxury home sales by age 25 (Source: Dirt)
  • Specializes in discreet, off-market deals for celebrity and high-net-worth clients
  • Creative video and social content engages audiences and drives interest
  • Savvy marketer who reinvents stale listings into modern, marvelous spaces
  • Passionate about architecture and design; works closely with top architects
  • Personable approach puts anxious buyers at ease during stressful transactions

5 Interesting Facts About Dalton Gomez

  1. Gomez bought his first investment property at age 18, a condo in LA (Source: Elle Decor)
  2. He has an eye for design and renovated his first listings himself to boost value
  3. Gomez married Ariana Grande in 2020 after dating privately for a year
  4. He avoids publicity and keeps his personal life very private
  5. His grandparents were migrant farm workers before settling in Southern California

Frequently Asked Questions About Dalton Gomez

What is Dalton Gomez‘s background?

Gomez grew up in Southern California in a working class family. His grandparents were migrant farmers before settling in Los Angeles. From a young age, he set his sights on a career in luxury real estate.

Where did Dalton Gomez work before The Agency?

Early in his career, Gomez worked for prominent LA real estate firm Aaron Kirman Group starting as a teen intern. There he learned about high-end listings and networking.

How long did Dalton Gomez date Ariana Grande before marrying?

Gomez and pop star Grande dated privately for over a year before marrying in May 2020. They divorced after two years of marriage.

How did Dalton Gomez get started in real estate?

Gomez bought his first investment property – a LA condo – when he was 18. He then interned for luxury realtor Aaron Kirman and proved himself a prodigy agent, earning clients by age 20.

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