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Daniel Sharman

Full Name: Daniel Andrew Sharman

Birthday: April 25, 1986

Birth Place: Hackney, London, England

Age: 37

Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Height: 6‘2"

Relationship Status: Single

Net Worth: $3 million

Social Media:

Early Life and Background

Daniel Sharman was born in Hackney, North London to an Italian mother and English father. He grew up with his identical twin brother Oliver, who is also an actor. As kids, Daniel and Oliver loved watching old horror and sci-fi films, sparking their interest in acting.

Daniel attended the prestigious Mill Hill School and later the Arts Educational School, where he studied drama and theater. He graduated in 2009 from the renowned Central School of Speech and Drama. Even as a young drama student, his teachers remember Daniel having a natural charisma and commitment to every role.

Breakout Roles on the Small Screen

Daniel Sharman first broke out in 2010 with a recurring role on the British teen drama Skins. But it was his performance as Isaac Lahey on the hit series Teen Wolf from 2011-2014 that really launched him into stardom. As the tortured werewolf struggling with an abusive past, Daniel brought depth and complexity to the fan favorite character.

"Daniel‘s portrayal of Isaac was a revelation – he took a supporting character and made him shine," raved one critic about his acting on Teen Wolf.

Daniel continued to impress TV audiences with stellar performances in shows like Fear the Walking Dead, The Originals, When Calls The Heart and more. He disappears completely into every role, showing off his emotional range and ability to convey volumes with just a look.

Big Screen Appearances

While Daniel is best known for his TV work, he has also appeared in some notable films. His first major movie role was playing the Greek legend Ares in the 2011 fantasy action flick Immortals. He later starred in the horror sequel The Collection and the military drama Megan Leavey.

Regardless of medium, Daniel pours 100% into each acting job. As one director said, "His commitment is unwavering. He wants to truly understand the character and bring honesty to every scene."

The Person Behind the Actor

Unlike many actors, Daniel Sharman has managed to stay grounded and down-to-earth even with his fame and success. He is known for being friendly and gracious towards fans. Daniel also enjoys creative hobbies like photography, poetry and painting during his time off from acting.

Some lesser known facts about Daniel – he has a black belt in martial arts, speaks Italian fluently, and is an avid reader and yoga enthusiast. He supports various charities focused on animal welfare and children‘s literacy programs.

Why We Love Daniel Sharman

There are so many reasons for fans like me to love Daniel Sharman!

  • His natural talent and commitment to the craft of acting is unparalleled. The depth and complexity he brings to every role is breathtaking.
  • He has a genuine warmth and compassion for others. Daniel truly appreciates his loyal fans.
  • His versatility allows him to transform seamlessly between totally different characters and genres.
  • He is a multifaceted person beyond just acting – the poetry, photography and other creative outlets.
  • Despite his leading man looks and abilities, Daniel remains humble and down-to-earth.

5 Fun Facts About Daniel

  1. Daniel is trained in ballet, hip hop, martial arts, and circus skills like the trapeze.
  2. He has been writing poetry and prose since the age of 13 and almost had a book of poems published in 2020.
  3. Daniel loves landscape and travel photography – he even had some of his pictures displayed in London galleries.
  4. He enjoys reading everything from Shakespeare to modern sci-fi novels in his free time.
  5. Daniel has a rescue dog named Max that frequently travels with him to sets and appearances.

Daniel Sharman‘s Continued Success

Though only 37, Daniel Sharman has proven himself a talented actor with a long, promising career ahead. He has already received critical praise for his television work and has the acting chops to take on more mature, complex movie roles going forward. His fans are excited to see what he does next!

With his natural charisma on and off-screen, Daniel Sharman will continue to earn new fans for many years to come. He has certainly left his mark on the entertainment industry thanks to his versatility, commitment to the craft, and ability to lose himself completely in any character.

FAQs About the Talented Actor

When is Daniel Sharman‘s birthday?

Daniel was born on April 25, 1986. He is currently 37 years old.

Where is Daniel Sharman from originally?

He was born in Hackney, North London, England. His mother is Italian and father is English.

What was Daniel Sharman‘s first acting role?

In 2009, Daniel made his professional debut in an episode of the UK crime drama The Bill.

What is Daniel Sharman best known for?

He is best known for playing Isaac Lahey on Teen Wolf and for his roles on The Originals, Fear the Walking Dead, When Calls The Heart and other shows.

Is Daniel Sharman related to any other famous actors?

Yes, his identical twin brother Oliver Sharman is also an actor who has been in shows like Doctor Who and The Hollow Crown.