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Dante D‘Angelo: YouTube Star, Actor and Inspiring Creator

Full Name Dante D‘Angelo
Age 30 years old
Birthday September 23, 1993
Birthplace United States
Height 6‘0"
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $8 million
YouTube Subscribers 5.3 million
Instagram Followers 856k
Twitter Followers 481k

Dante D‘Angelo is an American YouTuber, author, and entrepreneur who rose to fame for his self-titled YouTube channel, amassing over 5.3 million subscribers. He creates comedy sketches, vlogs, challenges and other content focusing on positive messages and practical advice for young adults.

Early Life and Start on YouTube

Dante D‘Angelo was born on September 23, 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio, where he was raised with his twin brother Damian. He grew up in a religious Catholic household. As a teen, Dante began making funny homemade videos with his brother and friends.

After high school, Dante attended Kent State University majoring in film and media production. During college in 2013, he decided to create a YouTube channel to showcase his comedic sketches and vlogs. The earliest videos featured Dante doing parody music videos and comedy sketches about university life.

While building his YouTube channel as a student, Dante also worked part-time jobs at a local movie theater and phone retail store. After graduating college in 2015, Dante pursued YouTube full-time and started uploading more frequently.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

Dante‘s channel really took off in 2016, when his comedy videos about relationships, high school struggles and millennial life went viral. His video "When Your Crush Rejects You" earned over 1.5 million views. Another popular video "Types of Kids at School" surpassed 3 million views that year.

Fans loved Dante‘s charismatic on-screen presence and witty observations about growing up. His subscriber count skyrocketed, earning his first million subscribers in 2017. Some of Dante‘s most viewed videos today like "When You Have No Game" and "I Asked 100 Girls on a Date" have over 15 million views each.

Dante‘s YouTube success continued growing over the years. By 2021, his channel hit 5 million subscribers and over 700 million total video views. Some of his recent popular videos include comedy sketches about jobs, gaming fails, and ridiculous DIY hacks.

Outside of YouTube, Dante also built large followings on Instagram (856k followers) and Twitter (481k followers). He was even awarded a Shorty Award in 2017 for Best YouTube Comedian, recognizing his incredible comedic talents online.

Acting Pursuits

In addition to his booming YouTube career, Dante has pursued acting in Hollywood movies and shows. His breakout role came in 2020 when he was cast in the Netflix sci-fi thriller Project Power starring Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Dante played the supporting role of a young dealer involved in the film‘s dangerous plot.

Dante again showcased his acting chops later in 2020 with a cameo in the Adam Sandler comedy Hubie Halloween. He portrayed an intimidating bully who torments Sandler‘s character.

Most recently, Dante is set to appear in the 2023 comedy Bros featuring an all-LGBTQ main cast. Dante has expressed great interest in further acting roles, as he hopes to eventually star in more mature, complex films. Given his early successes, bigger parts seem very likely in Dante‘s future.

Why Fans Love Dante D‘Angelo

There are a few key reasons why Dante has resonated with so many viewers and subscribers over the years:

  • Hilarious comedy – Dante has an obvious knack for humor through his expressive delivery, witty writing and dynamic energy on camera. Fans find his style of observational comedy highly entertaining.
  • Relatability – Dante‘s content centers around universal experiences like dating, school, work and awkward moments. His candid approach makes him very relatable, especially to young people.
  • Uplifting messages – While making people laugh, Dante also strives to inspire with his humorous takes on confidence, ambition and self-improvement.
  • Authenticity – Fans appreciate Dante‘s openness about his own life. He comes across as very genuine, making the audience feel like they know the real him.

Overall, Dante‘s unique blend of humor and positivity has allowed him to gain millions of loyal subscribers. Fans admire both his comedic talents and his efforts to inspire others.

5 Fascinating Facts About Dante

  • Dante has a fraternal twin brother named Damian who has appeared in several of his comedy videos. The two have great on-screen chemistry.
  • He played basketball throughout high school and continues to be an avid player in recreational leagues.
  • Dante‘s dog Reggie frequently makes cameos in his YouTube videos and Instagram photos. Fans adore the adorable bulldog.
  • In 2021, Dante published a self-help book called Leveling Up: A Young Man‘s Guide to Life, Love, and Success packed with his advice.
  • His dream acting role is to star in a comedy movie or show with Will Ferrell, one of his biggest inspirations.

What‘s Next for This Rising Star?

As Dante D‘Angelo continues gaining subscribers, acting roles, and new opportunities, his future in entertainment looks very bright. Fans can expect even more hilarious and heartfelt content from him on YouTube for years to come.

The young star also seems destined for bigger Hollywood success with many major acting projects on the horizon. No matter what‘s next, Dante has proven he can make audiences laugh while also imparting his positive wisdom – a rare combination that will surely lead to even greater fame and influence.