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Davy Jones – The Artful Heartthrob of The Monkees

Full Name David Thomas Jones
Birthday December 30, 1945
Birthplace Manchester, England
Death Date February 29, 2012
Main Role Lead singer, percussionist of The Monkees
Spouse(s) Linda Haines (m. 1968–1975), Anita Pollinger (m. 1981–1996), Jessica Pacheco (m. 2009–2012)
Children 4 daughters
Height 5‘3"
Net Worth $5 million
Social Media Facebook, Twitter

As a lifelong Monkees superfan, I‘m thrilled to introduce the marvelous Davy Jones. This diminutive dynamo with the angelic voice was our favorite Monkee for good reason! Let‘s relive Davy‘s journey from child stage star to pop icon.

The Making of a Star

Davy Jones‘ performing arts abilities were evident from a young age while growing up in Manchester, England. He had his first professional role playing the Artful Dodger in Oliver! at only 13! This prodigy continued working in theater before joining the band The Coronados as their lead singer.

In 1964, the 18-year-old Jones moved to New York City to take Broadway by storm. He again portrayed the Artful Dodger in Oliver!, earning a Tony nomination and critical praise that affirmed his triple threat talents in singing, dancing, and acting. This impressive performance started him on the path to pop stardom.

Monkeemania Takes the World by Storm

Davy was cast as the lead vocalist and resident heartthrob of The Monkees TV show in 1965. I vividly recall 11-year-old me swooning weekly over Davy‘s dreamy eyes and British charm! Though a fictionalized version of a band, the chemistry between Davy, Micky, Mike, and Peter spawned real musical magic.

Once given more control over songwriting and instrumentation, The Monkees became a legitimate pop sensation. Propelled by Davy‘s smooth vocals, they logged several number one hits like "Daydream Believer". During their two-year chart domination, they remarkably outsold both The Beatles and The Rolling Stones combined in 1967!

Davy Dazzles On His Own

Though The Monkees officially disbanded in 1971, Davy continued playing Monkees concerts while also branching out. He acted in shows like Love, American Style and My Two Dads, showing off his comedic skills. One of my favorite moments was his guest appearance on The Brady Bunch, with Marcia fawning over her crush Davy. He just ate up the attention!

Davy also nurtured his love of horses, becoming an accomplished equestrian and racehorse owner. But this Renaissance man never lost his musical passion either, touring with his own band and reuniting with The Monkees for various comebacks.

Too Good Gone Too Soon

On that fateful Leap Day in 2012, the world lost a great talent. I, like countless other fans, was completely devastated by Davy‘s sudden passing from a heart attack at only 66. It‘s a tragedy knowing he had so much music and joy left to share.

But Davy‘s legacy persists, as seen by The Monkees‘ 2018 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. His vocals and larger-than-life persona were the essence of the band we fans idolized. The outpouring of grief over his death proves just how beloved this man was across generations.

Rest easy, our sweet Davy! You‘ll forever live in our hearts and headphones.

Why We Cherish Davy Jones

Heavenly Voice

Davy possessed a soaring tenor voice instantly recognizable among pop singers. He harnessed power and emotiveness to convey varied moods from whimsical to melancholic. His vocal control was simply divine.

Infectious Charm

Davy‘s cheeky personality and accent endeared him immediately to fans. He knew how to make an audience eat out of the palm of his hand with his natural showmanship. This guy just radiated charisma!

Triple Threat Talent

While his pipes were outstanding, let‘s not overlook Davy‘s dancing and acting abilities! He brought Broadway-caliber skills honed from childhood stage experience. As The Monkees‘ most well-rounded performer, Davy dazzled us in every facet.

Fun Davy Facts!

  • He received an Oscar nomination for his work with The Monkees
  • Davy ad-libbed the classic "Daydream Believer" outro: "Now how much would you pay?"
  • He appeared on 70 episodes of The Brady Bunch as himself
  • The first record Davy ever bought was "Blue Suede Shoes" by Elvis
  • His favorite Monkees song was "Nine Times Blue"

Frequently Asked Davy Questions

What was Davy Jones‘ vocal range?

Davy had an impressive four-octave vocal range, allowing him to sing everything from baritone to soaring tenor parts.

How tall was Davy Jones?

Standing at 5‘3", Davy was the shortest member of The Monkees. His small stature just added to his boyish charm!

What instruments did Davy Jones play?

In addition to percussion, Davy was proficient at guitar, keyboards, and banjo. He could even play trombone and trumpet!

Was Davy Jones married when he died?

Yes, Davy was married to his third wife Jessica Pacheco when he passed away in 2012. They wed in 2009 and had one daughter together.

What was Davy‘s net worth at his peak?

It‘s estimated Davy Jones‘ net worth hit $10 million during the 1960s Monkees craze. He maintained a respectable $5 million net worth later in life.