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Get to Know the Comedic Genius of Def Noodles

Full Name: Dennis Feitosa
Age: 28
Birthday: March 10, 1995
Birth Sign: Pisces
Born: United States
Relationship Status: Single
Height: 5‘9
Net Worth: $1 million

Social Profiles:

Def Noodles is an American YouTuber known for his comedy skits, vlogs and gaming content. His YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers and his videos have been viewed over 500 million times.

The Origins of a Comedy Icon

As a long-time fan, I‘ve loved watching Def Noodles‘ journey from relative unknown to viral superstar. Dennis Feitosa first created his YouTube channel in 2016, after leaving a job at Buzzfeed producing social media content.

In those early days, he charmed audiences with funny skits parodying internet trends and pop culture. But his big break came in 2020 when he launched his satirical celebrity gossip show β€œThe Def Noodles Show.” Fans, including me, became obsessed with his hot takes on influencer controversies and shady celeb behavior.

Over the years, he‘s expanded his content to include hilarious reaction videos, vlogs, podcasts, and even gaming livestreams. Through it all, he‘s maintained his trademark wit and doesn‘t shy away from calling out poor online conduct. Def Noodles always keeps it real!

Def Noodles Timeline

  • 2016 – Starts YouTube channel after leaving Buzzfeed
  • 2017 – Launches comedy/parody series "DefG Show"
  • 2020 – Gains viral fame with new show "The Def Noodles Show"
  • 2021 – Amasses millions of followers across social media
  • 2022 – Continues growing with new shows like "Enemies" podcast
  • 2023 – Has over 3 million YouTube subscribers and 500 million views

Why Fans Love Def Noodles

There are so many reasons Def Noodles is adored by millions, including:

  • His skits and parodies are hilariously entertaining
  • He delivers piping hot takes on internet drama
  • Provides proud LGBTQ+ representation on YouTube
  • Comes across as humble and relatable in vlogs
  • Takes down online villains without mercy

As a superfan, I‘ll never get enough of his brilliant commentary videos. Def Noodles always makes me laugh until it hurts!

5 Fascinating Facts About Def Noodles

Over the years following Def Noodles‘ career, I‘ve learned some cool facts, like:

  1. His fanbase nickname is "The Offspring"
  2. Previously produced social media content at Buzzfeed LA
  3. Trained as a dancer since childhood
  4. Collaborated with celebs like Bella Poarch
  5. Has his own merchandise line for fans

Def Noodles is one of the most unique and talented personalities on YouTube. His meteoric rise to fame is inspiring, and he consistently delivers entertaining content spread across multiple platforms. I can‘t wait to see what Def Noodles does next! He has a lifelong fan in me.