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Deontay Wilder – The Bronze Bomber

As a long-time fan and aficionado of boxing, I‘m excited to provide a comprehensive introduction to one of the most explosive and captivating heavyweight champions of all time – the one and only Deontay "The Bronze Bomber" Wilder!

Full Name: Deontay Leshun Wilder

Age: 37

Birthday: October 22, 1985

Hometown: Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Height: 6 ft 7 in

Reach: 83 in

Pro Record: 42-2-1 (41 KOs)

Titles: Former WBC Heavyweight Champion


At 6‘7" with dynamite in both fists, Wilder is an intimidating physical specimen and one of the biggest punchers the heavyweight division has ever seen. When that lanky frame uncorks his cannonball right hand, you can almost feel the devastation through the screen. Let‘s dig deeper into Wilder‘s background and career.

Early Life and Amateur Boxing Career

Born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1985, Wilder had a difficult upbringing, dropping out of high school and becoming a father at 19. With a young daughter to support, he took up boxing and found he had a talent for it.

After brief amateur career of just 21 bouts, Wilder won the 2007 National Golden Gloves and US championships. This earned him a spot at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, where Wilder won a bronze medal – the first US heavyweight medal since 1996. Already blessed with freakish power, Wilder stopped five of his six opponents in Beijing.

Rising Through the Pro Ranks

Turning pro in 2008, Wilder tore through his early opposition, displaying frightening KO power that only seemed to grow as he matured. By November 2012, he earned his first title shot against WBC champ Vitali Klitschko. But Vitali retired, leaving the title vacant. Wilder kept winning, knocking out Malik Scott in March 2014 to earn another shot at the WBC belt.

In January 2015, Wilder finally achieved his dream by battering Bermane Stiverne over 12 rounds to capture the heavyweight crown. Wilder proved he could win with skills and not just power. His championship reign had begun.

WBC Heavyweight Champion

As champion, Wilder became a feared force in the division. Blessed with a freakish 83-inch reach on his 6‘7" frame, Wilder unleashes punches from unorthodox angles that are near impossible to anticipate. He stalks opponents relentlessly before detonating killshots out of nowhere.

Wilder‘s technique is flawed, but when you hit as hard as he does, it hardly matters. His devastating right hand has been compared to dynamite, cement, and anvils crashing down on opponents‘ chins. Wilder doesn‘t just beat people – he destroys them in highlight-reel fashion.

During his title reign from 2015-2020, Wilder made 10 successful defenses, giving him the 3rd most in WBC heavyweight history behind Larry Holmes and Vitali Klitschko. Some of his most spectacular KOs came against challengers like:

  • Dominic Breazeale (KO 1)
  • Luis Ortiz (KO 10 and KO 7)
  • Gerald Washington (KO 5)

With every knockout, Wilder‘s legend grew. The Bronze Bomber had captured the imagination of the boxing world.

Epic Battles With Tyson Fury

In 2018, Wilder was matched with undefeated lineal champ Tyson Fury in perhaps the biggest heavyweight clash in years. The first fight was an instant classic. Fury used his slick skills to outbox Wilder for long stretches, but Wilder broke Fury‘s nose and scored two knockdowns, leading to a controversial split draw.

Their 2020 rematch was just as dramatic. A more aggressive Fury battered Wilder before scoring two knockdowns in the 5th and another in the 7th, finally breaking Wilder‘s fighting spirit and earning a TKO victory. The back-to-back losses dented Wilder‘s invincible aura, but proved his world-class status. He remains the only man aside from Fury to take Wilder to the limit over 12 grueling rounds.

What Makes Wilder Special

Standing at 6-foot-7, Deontay Wilder is a physical anomaly – a towering heavyweight who moves and punches like a smaller man. His spindly legs give no indication of the power they generate. Wilder sets an almost unprecedented pace for a big man, unleashing over 65 punches per round while relentlessly stalking his prey.

Technique and footwork have never been Wilder‘s strong suit. He often squanders his physical gifts by waiting on the periphery instead of fully using his 85+ inch reach. But boxing skill only goes so far when you have nuclear bombs attached to your wrists. Wilder only needs the smallest openings to unleash holy hell on his opponents. Just a few clean connects of that thudding right hand usually spell lights out.

While his resume lacks depth, you can‘t deny Wilder has fought with passion and determination worthy of his title. When hurt or challenged, he bites down on his gumshield and keeps swinging with bad intentions. Love or loathe his flaws, one thing is undeniable – heavyweight boxing is a more electrifying place with Deontay Wilder around.

Life Outside the Ring

Away from boxing, Wilder enjoys a quiet family life as a devoted husband and father. He has seven children with his fiancee Telli Swift. He‘s known for his generosity in giving back to charities for underprivileged kids in his native Alabama.

Wilder loves being the center of attention and is never afraid to speak his mind, no matter how controversial. He talks of wanting to "body" opponents and has made outrageous claims of wanting a "body" on his record. Wilder has leveraged his unhinged public persona into mainstream notoriety. Combined with his highlight-reel KOs, "The Bronze Bomber" has become one of the most recognizable figures in sports.

What‘s Next for Wilder?

At age 37, Wilder‘s days as an elite fighter are likely numbered. But his whisker-thin losses to Fury prove his puncher‘s chance is still very real against any foe. Wilder remains determined to win back the heavyweight crown and cement his legacy.

With his fierce warrior spirit and ability to change a fight‘s trajectory in the blink of an eye, no one will ever write Deontay Wilder off. Win or lose, one thing is guaranteed – the Bronze Bomber is going out on his shield and will leave us with plenty more unforgettable moments before he‘s done.