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Drew Gooden: YouTube‘s Comedy King

Full Name Andrew Michael Gooden
Born October 26, 1993 (age 29), Overland Park, KS
Height 6‘5"
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth $8 million
YouTube DrewGooden (4.41M subscribers)
Twitter @drewisgooden (612K followers)
Instagram @drewisgooden (1.1M followers)

Drew Gooden is an American YouTuber, comedian and former Viner famous for his videos about internet celebs and culture. With his observational comedy style and deadpan delivery, Drew has accumulated millions of fans across his hugely popular YouTube channel and podcast.

From Midwest Upbringing to Comedy Stardom

Born in 1993 in Overland Park, Kansas, Drew Gooden was raised in the Midwest before attending Northwestern University. After graduating in 2015, he briefly worked for Buzzfeed but soon decided to pursue comedy full-time.

Gooden first built a following on Vine in 2013, where his creative 6-second sketches amassed over 780k followers. When the app ended, he pivoted to long-form YouTube videos. This gave Drew a place to develop his unique style of sarcastic, hyperbolic commentary on internet trends.

Early hits like “Making Bread from Scratch” and collabs with fellow comic Danny Gonzalez cemented Gooden‘s knack for exaggerating the mundane to humorous effect. His deadpan delivery makes even the most absurd bits somehow relatable.

By the Numbers: Drew Gooden‘s Viral Success

The math underscores Gooden‘s meteoric rise to YouTube elite:

  • 4.41 million YouTube subscribers and counting
  • 673+ million lifetime views
  • Dozens of videos with over 1 million views each
  • 1.13 million Twitter followers
  • 1.1 million Instagram followers
  • Over 1 million downloads per episode on his "Views" podcast

Drew‘s relatable personality shines through in random vlogs, childhood stories, music video critiques and more. But his bread-and-butter remains poking fun at outlandish DIY tutorials and cringey celebrity drama.

Comedy Style: Sardonic, Hyperbolic and Hilarious

Reviewers praise Drew Gooden‘s ability to mine comedy gold from otherwise mundane topics. He masterfully spotlights the absurdity in everyday life.

Gooden exaggerates minor issues to highlight deeper truths about society. As a New York Times profile described, "He makes the inane seem insane."

Underlying it all is a charming self-awareness. Gooden realizes the silliness of dissecting cooking tutorials but leans into that irony. His controlled frustration and perfectly timed rants have made him a favorite among fans like myself for years.

Seeing Drew skewer internet culture with intelligence and wit never gets old. He represents comedy for the digital age.

A Relatable Voice Online and Off

Part of Drew Gooden’s appeal lies in his accessibility as a performer. He comes across as a genuine, down-to-earth guy just making jabs at the world around him.

In between roasts, Drew shares personal stories and thoughts on life that make him that much more relatable. As a fellow Midwesterner like Drew, his grounded perspective really resonates with me.

Of course, the best way to experience Drew Gooden is still through his live standup shows. I’ll never forget laughing nonstop at his witty observations during a packed NYC performance last year.

Onstage and online, Drew‘s talent for laughter makes him a must-follow voice today. For comedy that‘s equal parts cerebral and downright silly, look no further than this Midwest kid turned YouTube sensation.

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