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Dylan O‘Brien: Talented Actor and Charismatic Star

Full Name Dylan Rhodes O‘Brien
Born August 26, 1991 in New York City, New York
Age 31
Net Worth $7 million
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

As a long-time fan who has followed Dylan O‘Brien‘s career from the beginning, I‘m thrilled to provide this in-depth introduction to one of Hollywood‘s most dynamic young actors and overall amazing human beings!

Background and Path to Acting

Dylan O‘Brien was born in New York City in 1991 to Lisa Rhodes, a former actress who became an English teacher, and Patrick O‘Brien, a camera operator for films. He has an older sister named Julia. His father‘s work sparked Dylan‘s interest in the entertainment industry from an early age.

O‘Brien grew up in Springfield Township, New Jersey where he was active in sports and participated in his school‘s theater program. "I started acting when I was young just because it was something I enjoyed doing," O‘Brien told Collider. "I played the drums and then did nothing but sports until I was injured and couldn’t play anymore so I started exploring other outlets."

After graduating high school in 2009, he planned to study sports broadcasting at Syracuse but decided to pursue acting full time after booking roles. He got an apartment with friends in Los Angeles and started auditioning.

Breakout on Teen Wolf

In 2011, O‘Brien landed the career-making role of Stiles Stilinski, the quick-witted best friend of Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) on MTV‘s Teen Wolf. After a hilarious audition tape, showrunner Jeff Davis knew he had found his Stiles.

O‘Brien‘s Stiles quickly became a fan favorite, standing out with his sarcasm, comedic flair, and endearing loyalty. As Davis told Buzzfeed, "Dylan is an exceptionally talented actor. He could take the most mundane of lines and spin it into comedic gold." Teen Wolf aired for six seasons, propelling O‘Brien into worldwide fame.

Maze Runner Launched Movie Career

While starring on Teen Wolf, O‘Brien began collaborating with filmmakers. His first major feature role came in 2012 when he portrayed the lead character Dave in the indie comedy The First Time opposite Britt Robertson.

In 2014, he achieved mainstream movie stardom when he was cast as Thomas in The Maze Runner franchise adapted from James Dashner‘s dystopian book series. His emotional performance received rave reviews with the New York Times saying, "Mr. O’Brien deftly portrays Thomas as brainy, resourceful and selfless but full of teenage attitude.” The three Maze Runner films grossed over $945 million globally.

Dramatic Turn in American Assassin

As his fame grew, O‘Brien wished to be taken more seriously as an actor. In 2017, he portrayed Mitch Rapp in American Assassin, his first dramatic adult role playing a ruthless counterterrorism operative.

O‘Brien underwent intense physical training and dialect coaching to transform into the hardened character. Critics universally praised his compelling performance, with Variety stating "O’Brien, shrugging off any last vestiges of his youthful charisma, conveys steely adult resolve with confidence.”

Comedic Roles Showcase Range

While capable of serious drama, O‘Brien remains best known for his innate comedic skills and charm. He returned to a lighter genre in the 2020 monster comedy Love and Monsters where he played a hapless survivor navigating the post-apocalypse. As a critic wrote, "Mr. O‘Brien‘s latest star turn affords this winning actor a welcome chance to flex his comedy chops."

In 2022, O‘Brien starred as a 1950s movie costumer who gets roped into crime in the dark comedy The Outfit, showcasing impeccable comedic timing. "All of my favorite actors have an amazing range, but I will say I lean towards roles with a comedic bend," O‘Brien told Interview Magazine.

Upcoming Projects

Now 31, O‘Brien remains selective, gravitating towards thought-provoking stories. In 2023, he will headline the sci-fi romance The Dark Matter following two teens who fall in love but get separated by a supernatural occurrence. He will also return to TV in The Cleaning Lady, playing the morally ambiguous love interest to Élodie Yung’s title character.

O‘Brien is attached to the action thriller Company Man based on Joseph Finder‘s novel and Randall Green‘s comic Hell Hath No Fury. His devoted fans eagerly await each new venture. As O‘Brien told GQ, "I care about the work I’m doing. I don’t want to do anything just for the sake of working."

Why We Love Dylan O‘Brien

There are endless reasons to admire Dylan O‘Brien, both professionally and personally. Here are just a few:

1. His Comedic Skills

O‘Brien‘s razor-sharp wit and impeccable comedic timing make him eternally watchable. As a director noted, "Dylan is skilled at using small facial ticks and stutters in his speech to wring every last laugh out of a scene."

2. Innate Charisma

With his boyish charm, enthusiastic energy, and heartwarming smile, O‘Brien lights up any screen. There‘s an intangible magnetism that makes him a true leading man.

3. Dedication to His Craft

O‘Brien is intensely devoted to acting, undergoing rigorous preparations for each role. For American Assassin, he trained for months in weapons handling, expert driving, combat, and dialect. His commitment shows.

4. Humility and Graciousness

Despite his A-list status, O‘Brien remains humble, grounded, and grateful for every opportunity. He told fans, "Thank you for all the love and support over the years. I share every accomplishment with you."

5. Mental Health Advocacy

After suffering concussions on the Maze Runner set, O‘Brien bravely spoke about his recovery struggles. He uses his platform to combat stigmas around mental health. As O‘Brien says, “Asking for help should be encouraged, not looked down upon.”

After following his career extensively, here are some fun facts even longtime fans may not know about Dylan O‘Brien:

  • He formed an indie rock band called Slow Kids at Play where he played drums. They released two EPs.
  • Improv is one of his biggest strengths as an actor. Many of his funniest on-screen moments were improvised.
  • He voiced the Harry Osborn character in the video game Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions in 2011.
  • O‘Brien‘s father works in the industry as a camera operator. They have collaborated together on set.
  • He was randomly selected for a security pat down at an airport, much to the shock of fans who recognized him!

Dylan O‘Brien possesses that rare combination of world-class acting ability, sharp comedic wit, inherent charisma, and profound likeability that defines a true Hollywood star. Both audiences and critics agree he has that elusive "it factor" that can‘t be taught.

O‘Brien has grown immensely since his Teen Wolf days, carefully selecting more mature, complex roles that highlight his versatility while remaining dedicated to delivering quality performances. He approaches fame with grace and professionalism. Off-screen, his advocates for mental health awareness and other important causes.

At just 31, Dylan O‘Brien‘s future shines bright with endless possibilities. Without a doubt, he has proven himself as one of the most exciting actors of his generation. We can expect O‘Brien to continue wowing audiences for decades to come with his incredible talent and magnetic, earnest charm.