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Spiritual Teacher Eckhart Tolle

Full Name Eckhart Tolle
Age 75
Birthday February 16, 1948
Birth Sign Aquarius
Born Lünen, Germany
Relationship Married to Kim Eng
Net Worth $100 million

As a long-time fan and avid reader of Eckhart Tolle‘s work, I‘m excited to provide this in-depth introduction to his life, teachings, and profound impact on the world.


Eckhart Tolle was born as Ulrich Leonard Tölle in Lünen, Germany on February 16, 1948. As a shy child, he often contemplated human existence and the meaning of life. Tolle studied at the University of London and Cambridge, graduating with a degree in philosophy, psychology and literature. He then changed his first name to Eckhart after the medieval German philosopher, Meister Eckhart.

In 1977, Tolle moved to Spain to teach English and other languages. He reports having experienced an intense spiritual awakening there at age 29 after suffering from anxiety and depression. This transformed his worldview and set him on the path of studying spiritual texts and spending time alone in nature.

In 1995, after spending years meditating and reading extensively on spirituality, the first manuscript of his first book emerged. This became the bestselling book The Power of Now. Although it was initially self-published, the book was soon picked up by an American publisher in 1999 and became an international phenomenon, translated into over 50 languages. It continues to inspire millions of readers worldwide.

Tolle went on to write other hugely popular books including Stillness Speaks (2003), A New Earth (2005), and Guardians of Being with Patrick McDonnell (2009). He also moved from England to Vancouver, Canada in 2010 where he currently resides.

As a devoted Tolle admirer who‘s read his books dozens of times, I never cease to be amazed by his profound journey of awakening. The wisdom he shares based on his own difficult life experience and intense search for truth has an authenticity that deeply resonates.


At the heart of Eckhart Tolle‘s teaching is the transformation of consciousness from an ego-based state consumed by thought to presence in the Now. Some core ideas include:

  • Living fully in the present rather than identifying with thoughts
  • Shifting from "doing" to "being" – from an ego-driven life to presence
  • Disidentifying from the incessant voice of our mind and mental noise
  • Awakening to who we are beyond form – a timeless, boundless presence
  • Surrendering resistance and accepting what is with compassion

As someone who tends to overthink and anxiously obsess about the future, applying Tolle‘s teachings has been life-changing. His words have taught me the power of simply anchoring myself in the stillness of the Now. The peace and joy this brings is immense.

Key Books

The Power of Now – This phenomenal book teaches readers how to access the enlightened state of consciousness that exists in the Now. It was my introduction to Tolle‘s work and transformed my relationship with the present moment.

A New Earth – Here Tolle expands on being conscious in the present while examining the ego and how it obscures our true essence. Another profoundly insightful work.

Stillness Speaks – This inspiring book with short chapters contains impactful wisdom on living with stillness, awareness and equanimity amidst the chaos of life.

Impact and Legacy

Eckhart Tolle‘s influence as a contemporary spiritual teacher is immense. Some key aspects of his impact include:

  • Over 10 million books sold worldwide and translated into over 50 languages
  • In 2008, an online course with Oprah based on A New Earth attracted over 35 million viewers
  • His books have been enormously transformative for spiritual seekers, with many testimonials of awakening
  • He conveys timeless spiritual truths and wisdom in a uniquely clear, accessible way for modern readers
  • His teachings synthesize elements of Buddhism, meditation, mindfulness and Christ‘s wisdom in a practical approach
  • Provided a much-needed guide for living with presence and meaning in the contemporary world

Personally, Eckhart Tolle played an instrumental role in my spiritual search. His words unlocked something deep within me, and led to profound shifts in my own consciousness and relationship to life. I will forever be grateful for this wise teacher‘s work.

Eckhart Tolle is one of our living global spiritual treasures. Through his books, talks and teaching, he provides an essential gateway into awakening and living aligned with our highest purpose. His impact today continues to elevate humanity.