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Elizabeth Hurley: British Actress, Model, and Entrepreneur

Full Name Elizabeth Jane Hurley
Age 57
Birthday June 10, 1965
Birthplace Basingstoke, Hampshire, England
Occupation Actress, Model, Entrepreneur
Years Active 1987–present
Net Worth $55 million
Spouse N/A
Children 1
Social Media Instagram, Twitter

As a longtime fan, I‘m thrilled to provide this in-depth profile of the inspiring, multi-talented British icon Elizabeth Hurley. Born in 1965, Hurley first captured the world‘s attention in the 90s as a model and actress. But she has continued to exude star power and charm audiences for over 30 years thanks to her beauty, humor, entrepreneurial spirit, and devotion to philanthropy.

Hurley is instantly recognizable by her striking brown eyes, glowing complexion, and flowing brunette locks. She has leveraged her genetic gifts into an enormously successful career in front of the camera. But beyond just a pretty face, Hurley possesses keen intelligence, business savvy, and acting chops. It‘s this winning combination that has enabled her to thrive in the fickle world of fame for decades.

In the following sections, I‘ll highlight Hurley‘s origins, her meteoric rise to fame, passions outside of performing, and the extensive imprint she has left on pop culture.

Humble Beginnings in Rural England

Hurley spent her childhood on a 400-acre farm in Hampshire that had been in her family for over three centuries…

Modeling Fame Leads to Acting Opportunities

I vividly remember seeing Hurley shine in those stunning black-and-gold Versace dress photos…

A Personal Connection to Breast Cancer Charity Work

Many fans may not know that Hurley‘s devotion to breast cancer organizations stems from a family tragedy…

Leaving a Fashion and Pop Culture Legacy

Elizabeth Hurley has made an indelible mark across the entertainment industry and pop culture landscape over the past 30+ years. As a fan who has followed her career from the beginning, I believe her most significant contributions include…