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Haley Pham

Full Name Haley Goodman
Age 22
Birthday December 5, 2000
Relationship Single
Height 5‘ 4"
Net Worth $200K
YouTube haleypham
Instagram haleypham
TikTok haleypham

Haley Pham is a popular American YouTube star who is best known for her comedic and relatable lifestyle vlogs, racking up millions of dedicated subscribers. With her down-to-earth personality and constant stream of hilarious content, it‘s easy to see why Haley has cultivated such a loyal fanbase over the years.

Background and Early Life

Born on December 5, 2000, Haley Pham grew up in California in a Vietnamese household. From a young age, she was drawn to performing and making videos, creating a YouTube channel in middle school focused on singing and beauty. However, it wasn‘t until her teenage years that Haley started gaining more of a following on social media.

By posting candid vlogs and comedy sketches about her life in high school and college, fans were drawn to Haley‘s bubbly personality and honesty about personal struggles. Even as her popularity grew into the millions, Haley stayed true to who she was – an unfiltered, quirky, down-to-earth young woman.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

In 2017, Haley began focusing her content more on comedy videos and lifestyle vlogging. Fans loved seeing her hilarious reaction videos, morning routines, college dorm tours, and funny skits with friends.

Over the next few years, Haley‘s subscriber count skyrocketed to over 5 million subscribers on her main channel. She also has over 2 million subscribers on her second channel, Haley Pham Vlogs.

Some of her most popular videos that display her contagious laugh and sense of humor include:

  • TikTok Dance Challenges
  • Trying Viral Food Hacks
  • Reacting to Old Photos & Videos
  • College Day in My Life Vlogs

Haley‘s videos regularly get millions of views each, showing just how in demand her fun-loving content is.

Expanding Her Brand

Beyond YouTube, Haley has expanded her brand quite a bit, cementing her status as a social media influencer and entrepreneur:

  • Instagram – 800k+ followers
  • TikTok – 4 million+ followers
  • Merch Line – featuring her own designs
  • Thrifting Boutique – called Cloud 9
  • Music Career – released first single "Feel A Way" in 2020

It‘s clear Haley knows how to leverage her online popularity and turn it into a range of business ventures. Her drive to keep creating new projects is one of the reasons she stands out.

Why Fans Love Haley Pham

There are endless reasons why Haley has gained millions of dedicated fans:

  • Her relatable, girl-next-door personality – she feels like everyone‘s best friend
  • Comedic skills and contagious laugh – she always makes mundane activities hilarious
  • Authenticity about insecurities – Haley gets real about mental health, bullying, relationships
  • Constant stream of content – multiple vlogs every week means fresh entertainment
  • Inspiring story of success – overcoming struggles to achieve her dreams motivates fans

Haley‘s fans really feel like they know the real her. They‘ve bonded with her triumphs and struggles over the years, forming a meaningful connection.

Fun Facts About Haley Pham

  • Her real last name is Goodman but she uses Pham as a stage name
  • Obsessed with thrifting – most of her clothes are secondhand bargains
  • Has a pet lizard named Toast who stars in her videos
  • Ramen noodles are her go-to diet staple
  • Big Harry Styles fan – often covers his songs on YouTube


At just 22 years old, Haley Pham has made remarkable achievements as a social media personality. Her YouTube empire of over 7 million subscribers, hilarious comedic skills, and relatable authenticity have endeared her to millions of fans.

As Haley expands her brand into new projects, her future looks incredibly bright. There‘s no doubt she‘ll continue captivating audiences with her signature humor and openness for years to come. Haley truly embodies the Gen Z experience – and that‘s what makes her fans love her even more.