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Get to Know Harry Raftus, Comedy‘s Rising Star

Harry Raftus is a multi-talented comedian, influencer and content creator taking the internet by storm. With his hilarious videos and sketches, Harry has amassed millions of loyal fans worldwide. Let‘s take a comprehensive look at who Harry Raftus is and his path to fame.

Harry Raftus Quick Facts

Full Name Harry Raftus
Birthday December 13, 2000
Age 22 years old
Hometown Toronto, Canada
Occupation Social Media Influencer, Comedian
Years Active 2017-present
Social Media Instagram (500k followers), TikTok (1M followers), YouTube (150k subscribers)

Early Life and Background

Harry Raftus was born on December 13, 2000 in Toronto, Canada. From a young age, he was always the class clown entertaining his friends. Harry started creating funny homemade videos in high school, developing his comedic skills.

In 2017, Harry created his Instagram account and began posting casual comedy sketches and impersonations. He quickly gained a following once people recognized his undeniable talent for humor.

Now 22 years old, Harry Raftus has turned his passion for comedy into a full-time career as a social media influencer and content creator. He lives in Toronto where he films all his videos himself.

Path to Fame on Instagram and TikTok

Harry first grabbed attention for his hilarious sketches poking fun at fashion trends. He draws stick figure caricatures of runway models in absurd outfits and poses. These simple yet brilliant illustrations perfectly satirize the fashion world.

But Harry‘s claim to fame is his lip sync dances and impersonations. He has mastered the art of choosing the most funny sound clips and acting them out flawlessly. Harry‘s spot-on comedic timing and expressions leave his followers cracking up.

For example, check out this TikTok video with over 2 million likes:


Harry‘s content resonates because it‘s so relatable and genuine. He isn‘t afraid to make silly jokes at his own expense. This self-deprecating humor combined with his creativity make Harry endlessly entertaining to watch.

Notable Achievements and Collaborations

  • Has earned over 1 million followers on TikTok in under 2 years
  • Featured in GQ Magazine as one of the "Most Hilarious Fashion Influencers"
  • Partnered with brands like Calvin Klein and Pacsun to promote products
  • Raised $5,000 for Covid relief through TikTok live streams
  • Invited to Instagram headquarters to beta test new video features

Harry has certainly come a long way from making funny homemade videos! His brilliant comedic instincts have captivated millions and enabled partnerships with major brands.

Why Harry Raftus is So Appealing

What makes Harry stand out in the crowded social media space? For starters, his videos feel like you‘re just hanging out with a funny friend. Harry comes across as extremely down-to-earth and likable on camera.

He also has a unique way of finding humor in everyday situations that anyone can relate to. His jokes poke fun at common experiences we all have.

While Harry entertains people, he also uses his platform to spread positivity. He promotes creativity, individuality, and self-confidence through his feel-good content.

Harry Raftus represents comedy done right in the digital age. He masters viral trends while staying true to his own brand. Harry proves you can achieve internet fame simply by sharing your gifts with the world.

I can‘t wait to see what hilarious content Harry Raftus creates next! He is sure to keep bringing laughter into all our lives.