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Heath Hussar – Comedy YouTuber and Member of The Vlog Squad

Full Name Heath Hussar
Born April 5, 1993 (age 30) in Illinois
Height 6‘4"
YouTube Stats 800,000+ subscribers, 156+ million views
Instagram Followers 2.8 million
Notable Collaborations The Vlog Squad (David Dobrik, Scotty Sire, Jason Nash, etc.)
Relationship Status Single
Net Worth Estimated $2 million
Catchphrases "Let‘s go baby!"

Early Life and Background

Heath Hussar was born on April 5, 1993 in Illinois. From a young age, Heath was the class clown and loved making people laugh. He started creating comedic videos in high school and continued pursuing comedy when he attended the University of Missouri.

In 2013, when Vine was at its peak popularity, Heath began posting short funny videos that quickly went viral. His goofy persona, oddball sense of humor, and hilarious observations on everyday life resonated with millions of Vine users.

I first discovered Heath in 2015 when his "weird workouts" compilation appeared on the front page of Vine. I instantly became a fan of his wacky physical comedy and high energy persona. Over the next two years, I eagerly awaited his latest 6-second masterpieces, which never failed to bring a smile to my face.

Soon he had amassed over 3 million followers, gaining him celebrity status on the platform. But Heath never let the fame get to his head – he remained the same genuinely funny, down-to-earth guy his fans fell in love with.

Rise to Fame on Vine

Heath‘s brand of physical comedy and amusing commentary made him one of the most recognizable Viners. Some of his most popular vines included:

  • Short skits poking fun at common annoying situations, like overly aggressive cashiers or awkward interactions with strangers. My personal favorite in this genre was his now-classic "gambling addict at convenience store" vine that showcased Heath‘s incredible range.
  • Absurdist shorts featuring Heath dancing wildly or acting eccentrically in public places. The vine where he rides a tiny scooter around Target never fails to crack me up, even after watching it 100+ times.
  • Sarcastic riffs on everyday activities like bowling or going to the dentist‘s office. Heath had a knack for finding humor in the most mundane activities with his deadpan delivery and exaggerated reactions.
  • Mock instructional videos where Heath parodied exercise routines or gave ridiculous life advice. Serious Heath was almost funnier than goofy Heath. His accidental butterfingers vine taught me you can make comedy gold out of anything.

Heath collaborated with other top Viners like Logan Paul, Amanda Cerny, and King Bach. His infectious energy and commitment to every comedic bit helped his popularity soar. At his peak, Heath was gaining over 200,000 new followers every month on the platform.

Transition to YouTube

When Vine shut down in 2017, Heath and his fellow Viners had to find new platforms to showcase their comedy chops. I was disappointed because Heath had basically perfected the art of 6-second comedy. But I was excited to see him expand his content on YouTube.

He began collaborating with the loose collective of YouTubers known as The Vlog Squad, which included David Dobrik, Jason Nash, Scotty Sire, and other influencers. Heath‘s outlandish persona was a perfect fit for the Vlog Squad‘s chaotic improv comedy.

Some of Heath‘s most viewed YouTube videos include:

  • "Eating Dog Food For Breakfast" – a gross-out challenge video that accumulated over 5 million views. Vintage Heath commitment to comedy with a memorable puking payoff.
  • "I Tried Olympic Luge" – Heath tries to conquer the dangerous winter sport, with hilarious (and painful) results. This video showcased his willingness to put his body on the line for laughs.
  • "Hiding UNDERWATER In Public Pool" – Heath attempts to stay hidden underwater in a pool for a full day. An absurd concept only Heath could sell, executed with his signature goofy charm.

Heath‘s YouTube channel experienced rapid growth thanks to his collaborations with The Vlog Squad. In under 4 years he has gained over 800,000 subscribers and 156 million total video views. But the loyal fanbase he built on Vine certainly helped boost his visibility as he transitioned platforms.

Rising Instagram Fame

Heath has also made a name for himself on Instagram, where he currently has 2.8 million dedicated followers. His profile (@heathhussar) is a highlight reel of his funniest moments and collaborations captured on camera. Fans especially love Heath‘s travel content, where he documents his adventures across the country and world while linking up with fellow influencers.

From epic hikes in Hawaii to club hopping in Ibiza, Heath takes his audience along for the ride – and keeps them laughing with his witty photo captions. The wild antics continue in Heath‘s Instagram stories, which often feature him dancing, pulling pranks on friends, or showcasing new comedy sketches.

Heath‘s Instagram fame has led to lucrative brand sponsorships and partnerships. He‘s worked with brands like SeatGeek, Bang Energy Drinks, Burger King, and lots more. His devoted following and reputation for wacky, lighthearted humor make him a coveted influencer for youth-focused companies.

Seeing Heath‘s success on Instagram as an early Vine fan has been so gratifying. He embodies positivity and seizes every opportunity with an infectious enthusiasm.

Collaborations with The Vlog Squad

While Heath has built his own successful solo career, his collaborations with The Vlog Squad have been crucial for raising his profile and expanding his audience. Heath‘s participation in videos like "Last to Leave Pool Wins $10,000" and "Dodgeball Battle Royale" introduced him to millions of new viewers.

As an ensemble member of The Vlog Squad, Heath partakes in their outrageous 24 hour challenges, over-the-top stunts, and competitive battles. He‘ll often play the hapless guinea pig who ends up on the receiving end of pranks from squad leader David Dobrik. But Heath always bounces back with a smile and keeps the joke running.

Beyond YouTube, Heath attends Vlog Squad member events like weddings, parties, Coachella, and fitness competitions. Fans live vicariously through Heath and the squad‘s wild adventures together. Being part of the group has cemented Heath‘s place in the upper echelon of internet comedy.

And while the collabs are great exposure for Heath, he also brings out the best in his collaborators and adds to the chemistry that makes Vlog Squad videos magical. Heath‘s presence turns an average bit into essential viewing.

Fun Facts About Heath Hussar

  • Heath originally studied business marketing in college and didn‘t plan to become a professional comedian. His videos were just for fun at first.
  • He‘s a major sneakerhead and owns over 200 pairs of rare shoes. Heath sometimes flaunts his shoe collection in YouTube videos.
  • Heath is obsessed with IItalian food, especially pizza and pasta. He even launched his own pizza-themed merchandise line called Hussar‘s House of Zah.
  • Before becoming internet famous, Heath worked a 9 to 5 office job that he absolutely hated. He says comedy is infinitely more fun.
  • He has several bizarre phobias including pickles, costumed characters, foam pits, and bald people. Heath has confronted some of these fears in videos.

Why Heath Hussar Stands Out

There are several key reasons why Heath has emerged as a top social media comedian and must-follow influencer:

  • Magnetic Personality – Heath‘s natural charisma, goofiness, and high energy leap off the screen. He‘s endlessly watchable.
  • Commitment to Comedy – Heath is willing to make a complete fool of himself in the name of humor. He‘ll dive into any situation for the bit.
  • Relatability – Fans feel like they know the real Heath, not just a persona. He opens up about vulnerabilities and past struggles.
  • Team Player – Heath collaborates often and thrives playing off others. He‘s a great complementary cog in The Vlog Squad machine.
  • Originality – Heath doesn‘t do straight pranks or scripted skits. He improvises authentic, absurd comedy in the moment.

Thanks to this winning formula, Heath‘s star continues to rise. It will be exciting to see what new heights he reaches in the coming years. As a longtime fan, I can‘t wait to follow along on the rest of his comedic journey!

What‘s Next for Heath Hussar?

As long as Heath keeps churning out his unique brand of comedy content, his future looks bright. He continues to travel all over the country creating IRL videos with The Vlog Squad and other collaborators. Fans can expect more chaotic challenges, public stunts, and maybe even some scripted sketches down the line.

On YouTube, Heath is aiming to reach 1 million subscribers in the near future. More long-form original comedic videos will help him meet this milestone. Additional brand sponsorships and merchandise launches could also be on the horizon to further expand Heath‘s business.

There‘s potential for Heath to branch out into traditional media like TV and film as well. His comedy chops and improv skills could make him an appealing prospect for casting directors. Don‘t be surprised if you eventually see Heath Hussar hitting the big screen.

But no matter what new projects he takes on, Heath will likely remain loyal to the social media platforms and fanbase that made him a star. The future is wide open for one of comedy‘s brightest new talents.