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Hoda Katebi: Champion of Social Justice and Ethical Fashion

Full Name Hoda Katebi
Born January 27, 1995 (Age 28)
Birth Place Oklahoma, United States
Occupation Writer, Activist, Fashion Designer
Years Active 2012-present
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Social Media Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Hoda Katebi is an American writer, activist, and ethical fashion designer who is known for her work on human rights, Muslim identity, garment labor issues, and other progressive causes.

Early Life and Education

Born in Oklahoma to Iranian immigrant parents, Hoda took an interest in fashion, politics, and her Muslim faith from a young age. She started wearing hijab full-time at 13 and found it difficult to find fashionable, modest clothing she liked.

Hoda earned her bachelor‘s degree in Political Science from the University of Chicago. It was during her college years that she launched her modest fashion blog JooJoo Azad in 2012. The blog expanded beyond just style to issues of Islamophobia, racism, and unethical garment manufacturing.

Founding an Ethical Fashion Brand

After graduating, Hoda founded the ethical fashion brand Blue Tin Production in 2016. The company focuses on sustainable production methods, fair labor practices, and partnerships with artisans in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia.

Hoda uses the brand to provide education on the exploitation within the fashion industry while offering an ethical alternative. Her innovative business model has earned Blue Tin Production coverage in major fashion publications. It‘s amazing to see Hoda living out her values through sustainable entrepreneurship.

Prolific Writing and Activism

Beyond fashion design, Hoda writes extensively about social justice issues. She contributes to outlets like Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, Quartz, The Guardian and more. Her writings boldly tackle topics like Islamophobia, racism, immigrant rights, and garment worker exploitation.

Hoda‘s first book Tehran Streetstyle was published in 2015, providing an intimate look at street fashion and consumer culture in Iran‘s capital city. She humanizes a population that is often misunderstood in the West.

The talented activist has advocated for causes like Black Lives Matter, Palestinian liberation, abolishing ICE, and ethical manufacturing. She gives empowering talks around the world and her TEDx talk on modesty and feminism has over 1 million views.

Why We Love Hoda Katebi

As a long-time fan, here are just some of the many reasons I admire Hoda Katebi:

  • She unapologetically uplifts Muslim women and tackles stereotypes
  • Her activism and writing platforms marginalized voices
  • She leverages her fashion brand to raise awareness on ethical consumerism
  • She takes meaningful action to support garment workers‘ rights
  • She lives out her principles through her business and advocacy
  • She sets an empowering example for young Muslim women entrepreneurs

At just 28 years old, Hoda Katebi has already made a tremendous impact. She gives me hope for the future generation of ethical leaders. There is no doubt Hoda will continue inspiring social justice and change for years to come!