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iHasCupquake, the Popular Female Gaming YouTuber

As a long-time fan, I‘ve loved watching iHasCupquake grow into one of the biggest female gaming creators on YouTube over the past decade. Here‘s a closer look at this colorful entertainer‘s background and meteoric rise to fame.

Full Name Tiffany Michelle Garcia
Username iHasCupquake
Birthday March 19, 1988
Age 35 Years Old
Born California, United States
Relationship Married to Red
Net Worth $4 Million
YouTube iHasCupquake
Instagram tiffyquake
Twitter @iHasCupquake

Early Gaming Beginnings

Cupquake first started playing video games as a young child on her Nintendo 64. Super Mario Bros was one of the first games she became obsessed with. Her skills grew when she received a Playstation 2 in her teens.

During high school, Cupquake loved creating fanart of video game characters and anime. She taught herself digital art programs to make her own animations.

Discovering YouTube

While studying animation in college, Cupquake created a YouTube channel to showcase her artwork. She slowly transitioned into filming gaming videos for fun in her free time.

I still remember stumbling across her early Minecraft Let‘s Plays in 2010. Right away I was drawn in by her bubbly personality and expressive reactions.

Seeing a female gamer unapologetically being herself on camera felt so refreshing. I knew she was onto something special.

Rising YouTube Fame

Thanks to her daily uploads and collaborations with other creators, Cupquake‘s audience exponentially grew. She quit her office job in 2012 to pursue YouTube full-time.

It was amazing watching her subscriber count go from 100k to 1 million in just over a year. Her fans loved how she interacted with them in vlogs and did silly challenges.

Core Personality Traits

Cupquake‘s quirky, authentic personality is what sets her apart. She‘s equal parts funny, screamy, unfiltered, and unashamedly nerdy.

No topic is off limits – she‘ll enthusiastically chat about anime, food, bodily functions or her love of cosplay. Cupquake embraces her inner weirdness.

Seeing a female gamer who isn‘t afraid to act loud or ridiculous broke down barriers. Cupquake gave a voice to millions of quirky girls interested in gaming.

Charity Work

Cupquake has always been passionate about giving back to causes important to her.

She raised $200,000 for St. Jude‘s Children‘s Hospital through her Month of Charity livestreams in 2016. Cupquake also sells charity bracelets to support animal shelters.

When she reaches subscriber milestones, she celebrates by donating large sums to charity. Cupquake frequently uses her platform to promote positivity.

Lasting Legacy

Now with billions of views and multiple brands under her belt, Cupquake remains humble and true to her roots.

She still interacts daily with fans across her social media and faithfully uploads new content. Cupquake found a formula that works by sticking to her unique personality.

The landscape of female gamers and creators on YouTube today wouldn‘t be the same without Cupquake‘s influence. She pushed boundaries and inspired young girls to embrace gaming.

As a long-time fan, it‘s been magical watching Cupquake‘s journey unfold. I can‘t wait to see what she accomplishes in the next 10 years on YouTube and beyond!