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Meet Irene – Talented K-Pop Star and Leader of Red Velvet

Full Name Bae Joo-hyun
Stage Name Irene
Birthday March 29, 1991
Birth Place Daegu, South Korea
Age 32
Height 5‘ 2" (157 cm)
Net Worth $1.3 million
Instagram irenebaebae
TikTok @irenebaechubae

As a longtime fan, I‘ve been captivated by Irene‘s journey from a trainee to K-pop superstardom. Here‘s a closer look at the woman behind the icon status.

Her Humble Beginnings

Irene was born Bae Joo-hyun on March 29, 1991 in Daegu, South Korea. Drawn to performing from childhood, Irene studied dance and singing before auditioning for SM Entertainment in 2009 at age 18.

She trained for 5 years under SM, honing her skills in vocals, rapping, and dance. Irene put in tireless effort perfecting her craft during her trainee years, and it paid off when she made her official debut.

Reaching New Heights with Red Velvet

In August 2014, Irene made her idol debut as the leader and main rapper of Red Velvet. The group‘s first single "Happiness" was an instant hit, demonstrating Irene‘s talent and charismatic stage presence.

Under Irene‘s strong but caring leadership, Red Velvet has risen to become one of K-pop‘s top girl groups with #1 hits like:

  • "Bad Boy"
  • "Peek-A-Boo"
  • "Power Up"
  • "Psycho"

As the pillar of Red Velvet, Irene keeps the group united and leads them to new heights. Her maturity and humility as a leader are admired by members and fans alike.

Flourishing Solo Endeavors

Alongside her Red Velvet activities, Irene has taken on a thriving solo career:

  • In 2015, she released her first solo single "Must Have Love" which peaked at #2 on Korean charts
  • She held her first solo concert tour across South Korea and Japan in 2019
  • Irene starred in her first acting role in the 2021 historical K-drama The Red Sleeve
  • She earned praise for her performance and visuals as lead actress

The Woman Behind the Fame

Despite her immense fame, Irene remains down-to-earth and kindhearted. She actively engages in charity work supporting multicultural families and at-risk youth. After Typhoon Haiyan in 2013, Irene donated all profits from her single to relief efforts.

To her fans, Irene is a relatable role model – she juggles her many pursuits with grace, takes care of her members, and stays true to her values. With so much already accomplished, fans eagerly anticipate what‘s next for this K-pop icon.