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Jackie Oshry – Instagram Star, Podcast Host, and Author

Jackie Oshry, born November 6, 1992 in New Jersey, is an influencer, author, and media entrepreneur who has made a major mark on pop culture. With over 650,000 Instagram followers and a chart-topping podcast under her belt, Jackie‘s quick wit and candid voice have earned her a passionate fanbase. Let‘s take a closer look at this multi-talented star on the rise!

Full Name Jackie Oshry
Age 31
Birthday November 6, 1992
Birthplace New Jersey, United States
Instagram @jackieoshry
TikTok @jackieo
YouTube JackieOProblems

Jackie Oshry, born November 6,1992 in New Jersey, is a popular Instagram star and podcast host. She is known for her comedic sketches, candid confessions, and witty pop culture commentary that resonate with young audiences.

Early Life and Career Beginnings

Jackie grew up in a Jewish family in New Jersey alongside three sisters – Claudia, Olivia, and Margo Oshry. She recalls having a fairly typical suburban upbringing. As a student, Jackie attended the Frisch School where she dabbled in student government and theater productions.

According to Jackie, her journey into digital stardom began unexpectedly at age 19 when she started a Twitter account just for fun. She quickly gained a following for her observational humor about college life. This motivated her to expand onto other platforms like Instagram and Vine, where she shared funny videos and sketches.

Looking back on her early social media presence, Jackie says:

“I was just making videos to make my friends laugh. I never expected any of this. The internet was still so new. I was just a college student being goofy on the internet for no reason besides my own enjoyment.”

But that goofy internet humor was about to turn into a full-blown career.

Gaining Instagram Fame

While at Hunter College, Jackie began posting daily on her Instagram account @jackieoshry. She charmed her growing following with short comedy bits about student life, dating mishaps, Jewish family antics, and pop culture observations.

According to Jackie, she was surprised and overwhelmed when her Instagram first hit 10,000 followers. She hadn’t realized she was building an audience. But the momentum kept growing.

Soon top brands like Seamless, FabFitFun, and more took notice and recruited Jackie for sponsored content partnerships. This allowed her to begin monetizing her passion.

Looking back on her viral Instagram rise, Jackie reflects:

“It’s crazy, I was just this anonymous college girl trying to de-stress by making funny videos. Then suddenly I had this huge online audience invested in my day-to-day life. It forced me out of my comfort zone.”

But the ambitious media maven rolled with the tidal wave of attention. Today, @jackieoshry has over 650,000 loyal followers.

Co-Hosting Viral Podcast The Morning Toast

In 2016, Jackie joined forces with her sister Claudia Oshry to launch a pop culture podcast called The Morning Toast. She recalls coming up with the idea during a family dinner:

“We were just chatting about the latest celebrity gossip and I was joking around, doing impromptu commentary. Suddenly my sister Claudia was like ‘We should podcast this!’ And just like that, The Morning Toast was born.”

The sisters converted Jackie‘s childhood bedroom into a recording studio and released their first episode in November 2016. It quickly climbed the iTunes charts. Today, The Morning Toast gets over 1 million listens per month!

Jackie credits the podcast‘s success to her and her sister‘s natural chemistry and comedic banter. Each episode, they recap the hottest news and pop culture moments with their signature wit and humor. They‘ve also welcomed huge celebrity guests like Miley Cyrus, Kris Jenner, and Hailee Steinfeld.

According to Jackie, the best part of podcasting is the community:

“Our listeners are everything. They’re like family. We call them Toasters because they’re always serving up the hot takes.”

Tips from Jackie‘s Playbook

When asked about the keys to her success, Jackie emphasizes persistence, risk-taking, and most importantly – authenticity. Here are some of her best tips for aspiring creators:

  • Post consistently and stay on your grind. Success doesn‘t happen overnight.
  • Take smart risks and say yes. Don‘t be afraid to put yourself out there.
  • Lead with your uniqueness. No one can be a better you.
  • Engage with your supporters. Fans are what make it worthwhile.
  • Do it because you love it. Passion breeds creativity.

According to Jackie, her #1 rule is just being yourself unapologetically. It‘s about emotional honesty and self-acceptance:

“The realest content always resonates the most. At the end of the day, people just want to connect.”

Why Fans Adore Jackie

Jackie has amassed an army of loyal supporters who just can‘t get enough of her humor and honesty. Here are some of the key reasons she‘s struck a chord with her audience:

  • Comedic Brilliance – Jackie has undeniable wit. Her funny videos and quips are laugh-out-loud hilarious.
  • Relatability – Fans feel like Jackie is the most real and "would be friends" with her.
  • Inspiration – Jackie empowers women and radiates self-love.
  • Jewish Pride – She embraces her faith and culture.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Access – Jackie gives fans an intimate look into her world.
  • Zero Filter – Her candid confessions and unfiltered thoughts make her magnetic.

The bottom line? Jackie keeps it real and makes it fun. That winning combo has cemented her status as a digital icon.

Fun Facts About the Instagram Star

After following Jackie for years, her fans have uncovered plenty of fun facts and trivia about the effervescent star:

  • Her favorite foods are sushi, pasta, and chocolate.
  • She‘s a major reality TV junkie, especially for The Bachelor and Real Housewives.
  • Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga are among her top musical artists.
  • She stays fit by practicing pilates, spinning, and running.
  • She loves relaxing at home with wine, face masks, and her dog Toast.
  • Her hidden talent is making the perfect chocolate chip banana bread.
  • Her celebrity crushes are Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan.
  • Her dream travel destinations include Greece, Africa, Thailand, and French Polynesia.

Jackie always keeps it real and gives fans a glimpse behind the curtain. They feel like they know the real her – and that raw vulnerability is why devotees stick around.

The Future Looks Bright for Jackie

At just 30 years old, Jackie Oshry has already made huge waves as an influencer, author, and media mogul. She‘s dominated Instagram, launched a chart-topping podcast, and built an empire basically from her childhood bedroom.

But if her meteoric rise so far is any indication, Jackie is only getting started. This talented and driven creative will continue trailblazing new frontiers in the digital space for years to come. She has the rare ability to blend comedy, vulnerability, and business savvy in a way fans can‘t resist.

For those just discovering the captivating content creator, buckle up and get ready to fall in love with the one and only Jackie O. From her witty musings to candid confessions, she‘s sure to make you laugh, inspire you to live boldly, and bring a little more joy and authenticity into your day. Jackie Oshry is a star on the rise and her future is blazing bright!