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Jacob Batalon, Ned Leeds from Spider-Man

Full Name Jacob Batalon
Birthday October 9, 1996
Hometown Honolulu, Hawaii
Breakout Role Ned Leeds in Spider-Man: Homecoming
Social Media @lifeisaloha (Instagram)

As a longtime fan of Jacob Batalon, I‘m excited to share more about this talented Hawaiian actor known for playing Ned Leeds in the Spider-Man films. Read on to learn all about Jacob‘s background, his rise to fame, and his many admirable qualities.

Background: From Hawaii to Hollywood

Jacob Batalon was born on October 9, 1996 in Honolulu, Hawaii to a Filipino father and Hawaiian mother. As a child, Jacob‘s outgoing personality shone as he created homemade movies with neighborhood friends.

After graduating from Kaimuki High School in 2014, Jacob moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting dreams. He took classes at the New York Film Academy while working retail jobs.

In 2016, Jacob got his start in the biz with minor TV roles on shows like 100 Things to Do Before High School. The following year, he landed his breakout role in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Rise to Fame as Ned Leeds

Jacob Batalon‘s charismatic audition won him the part of Ned Leeds, Peter Parker‘s best friend, in 2017‘s Spider-Man: Homecoming. As the hilarious "guy in the chair," Jacob stole every scene he was in.

Fans loved Ned‘s endearing chemistry with Peter Parker. Jacob‘s comedic timing made Ned the perfect confidant and comic relief.

The film was a massive hit, grossing over $880 million worldwide. Jacob reprised his role as the lovable Ned in the 2019 sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home, which earned over $1.1 billion globally.

Memorable Ned Leeds Moments

Some of Jacob Batalon‘s best scenes as Ned include:

  • Discovering Peter is Spider-Man
  • Providing "tech support" to aid Spider-Man on missions
  • Accidentally distracting Peter during battles with funny comments
  • Fanboying over getting to be "the guy in the chair"
  • Sweetly supporting his friend Peter through teenage struggles

Jacob is set to return as Ned in 2021‘s Spider-Man: No Way Home. Fans can‘t wait to see him back in action!

Beyond Spider-Man: Other Projects

When he‘s not playing everyone‘s favorite sidekick Ned, Jacob takes on other fun acting roles:

  • Let It Snow (2019) – Played a teen romantic lead
  • Never Have I Ever (2020) – Starred in Netflix dramedy series
  • The True Don Quixote (2021) – Modern take on the Spanish classic

Jacob has also done voiceover work in the animated film Spies in Disguise. Even in voice acting, his unique charm shines through.

Other Talents: Music, Comedy, and More

Beyond on-screen talents, Jacob Batalon has many other creative skills:

  • Musician – Jacob taught himself ukulele, guitar, piano, and bass. He recorded an album called The Big Jump in 2018.
  • Social media star – On Instagram, Jacob entertains over 1 million followers with funny sketches and songs.
  • Hawaiian ambassador – Jacob proudly reps his Hawaiian culture. He started a reggae band called Kapena that performs traditional music.
  • Comedian – With brilliant comedic timing, Jacob could easily do stand-up or join SNL.
  • Star Wars fanatic – Jacob loves Star Wars, owning collectibles like a replica Luke Skywalker lightsaber.

Clearly, Jacob Batalon is a multi-talented performer!

Batalon‘s Humble Nature

Despite his massive success, Jacob remains incredibly down-to-earth and humble. He is always gracious to fans and appreciative of his opportunities.

In interviews, Jacob emphasizes the support he received from family and friends in pursuing acting. He seems truly grateful for his meteoric rise to fame.

This humility and gratitude for his blessings makes Jacob even more lovable.

Why Jacob Batalon is So Adored

There are endless reasons to adore rising star Jacob Batalon:

  • His contagious enthusiasm and spirit
  • The way he embraces his quirks and Hawaiian heritage
  • His visible gratitude for every new opportunity
  • His close friendship with co-stars like Tom Holland
  • His ability to bring laughter and joy to audiences

Jacob Batalon is one of the most adorable, feel-good actors in Hollywood. He deserves all the success coming his way and more!

The Future Is Bright for Batalon

At just 25 years old, Jacob Batalon‘s career is off to an incredible start. While firmly established in the Marvel universe as Ned Leeds, he also shows range in other film genres.

Given Jacob‘s many talents, his future in entertainment is unlimited. Fans like me will continue rooting for this charming Hawaiian actor to ascend to even greater heights!

No matter how famous Jacob becomes, I know he‘ll stay grounded and keep making audiences smile. I can‘t wait to follow along on his next exciting adventures!