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Jacob Bertrand: The Multitalented Young Star on the Rise

Jacob Bertrand photo
Jacob Bertrand

Full Name: Jacob Scott-Thomas Bertrand
Born: March 6, 2000 in Los Angeles, CA

Age: 23 years old
Known For: Kirby Buckets, The Lion Guard, 100 Things to Do Before High School, Coop & Cami Ask the World
Social: Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / YouTube

Jacob Bertrand is a rising Hollywood star who has been melting hearts with his contagious charisma and natural talent since childhood. As an actor, Jacob has showcased his versatility across television, film and voiceover work.

Though just 23 years old, Jacob‘s impressive resume demonstrates his knack for connecting with audiences through memorable performances. Let‘s take a closer look at this dynamic performer‘s background, key career highlights, unique talents and traits that make him so lovable to fans worldwide.

A Natural Perfomer From the Start

Jacob exhibited star quality and a photogenic charm from a very young age. Born in Los Angeles, California on March 6, 2000, he jumped into the entertainment industry as a child model and actor.

By age three, Jacob already had a Bissell vacuum cleaner ad under his belt. This marked the launch of a prolific career appearing in commercials, print ads and voice acting gigs for major brands like AMC Theatres, Sprint and Radio Disney.

Jacob‘s vibrant personality and lack of stage fright led to rapid success booking commercial and modeling work. But it was clear early on that this talented kid had an even bigger future ahead.

Breakout Television Roles

Jacob Bertrand‘s major television breaks came through lead roles on hit live-action shows for Nickelodeon and Disney. Some of his most memorable parts include:

  • Kirby Buckets (2014-2017) – Jacob starred as imaginative cartoonist Kirby Buckets in this zany Nickelodeon comedy. At just 10 years old, he made history as the network‘s youngest actor to headline his own series.
  • The Lion Guard (2015-2019) – Jacob voiced the adorable cub version of Kion, son of Lion King icon Simba, in this popular Disney Junior animated adventure series.
  • 100 Things to Do Before High School (2015-2016) – As thrill-seeking 7th grader CJ Martin, Jacob drew praise for his comedic timing and charismatic stage presence in this coming-of-age Nickelodeon sitcom.

Through these and other TV projects, Jacob demonstrated fantastic comedic abilities and the versatility to bring all kinds of characters to life. As he transitioned into his late teens, Jacob smoothly took on more mature dramatic roles as well.

Big Screen Scene-Stealer

In addition to his small screen dominance, Jacob shined in feature films that allowed him to showcase new depths of his acting talent. Some of his most memorable movies include:

  • Duress (2009) – At just age nine, Jacob landed the role of the kidnapped son of a wealthy businessman in this intense crime thriller. His emotional performance earned widespread critical praise.
  • Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn (2014) – Jacob lit up the screen as the mischievous Huck Finn in this adaptation of the Mark Twain literary classic. Audiences and critics adored his portrayal of the iconic character.
  • Mariah Carey‘s All I Want For Christmas Is You (2017) – Jacob lent his voice acting skills to play the animated pup Jack in this cheerful holiday film based on Carey‘s hit song.

No matter the medium, Jacob brought charisma and evocative emotion to each of his diverse roles.

Current Projects Spotlight Dramatic Range

Now in his early 20s, Jacob continues expanding his repertoire with more mature projects across genres:

  • Coop & Cami Ask the World (2018-2020) – Jacob stars as aspiring filmmaker Cooper Wrather in this popular Disney Channel live-action sitcom.
  • Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts (2020) – He voices the character Benson in this imaginative Netflix animated fantasy series.
  • Spinning Out (2020) – Jacob takes on a lead dramatic role in this intense Netflix series about an Olympic figure skating hopeful coping with family issues and mental health struggles.

Fun Facts About this Multitalented Star

Beyond his obvious acting chops, Jacob Bertrand possesses some unique talents and fascinating off-screen interests:

  • Jacob is bilingual and fluent in both English and Spanish.
  • He is an avid musician who taught himself to play guitar, ukulele, bass and drums. Jacob writes original music and releases songs on YouTube.
  • Jacob has a brown belt in karate and enjoys martial arts.
  • For his 18th birthday, he got his first tattoo – the Sagittarius symbol on his arm.
  • He made his professional theatre debut in 2018 starring as Jack Kelly in a production of Newsies.
  • Jacob has two beloved dogs named Chico and Lola.

The Qualities that Make Jacob So Loved

Jacob Bertrand‘s meteoric rise in Hollywood is no surprise given his one-of-a-kind blend of talents and charm. Here are some of the key qualities that make this young star so admired by legions of fans:

Charismatic Stage Presence – Jacob instantly grabs focus with an approachable yet magnetic charisma whenever he‘s on screen. His energetic performances pop with vibrance and personality.

Comedic Brilliance – Jacob‘s impeccable comedic timing and ability to deliver witty dialogue with perfect expression constantly delights audiences. He has a knack for portraying offbeat, lovable characters.

Dramatic Depth – While comedy is his forte, Jacob also conveys moving dramatic emotion with grace. As seen in Netflix‘s Spinning Out, his acting range is truly impressive.

Authenticity – Despite achieving fame at a young age, Jacob has stayed remarkably down-to-earth and approachable. His genuine personality makes him extremely likable.

Passion for Performing – Jacob clearly has an undeniable passion for acting and entertaining audiences. His enthusiasm is infectious both on and off-screen.

At only 23, Jacob Bertrand‘s future shines bright with possibility. With his natural talent and magnetic star appeal, fans eagerly await seeing him take on exciting new roles and continue to showcase his versatility.