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Jake Paul: The Controversial YouTube Star Turned Boxer

Full Name: Jake Joseph Paul
Born: January 17, 1997 (age 26), Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Occupation: YouTuber, Actor, Boxer
Years Active: 2013–present
Spouse: Tana Mongeau (m. 2019; annulled 2019)
Net Worth: $20 Million
Subscribers: 20.4 Million (YouTube)
Notable Roles: Dirk Mann on Bizaardvark

Social Profiles:


Jake Paul is an American media personality, actor, entrepreneur, and professional boxer. He first rose to fame on the video-sharing platform Vine, gaining over 5 million followers. When Vine shut down, Jake pivoted his viral success to YouTube, where he makes outrageous vlogs, pranks, and stunts for his 20+ million subscribers.

Off-screen, Paul is an ambitious businessman who scales and capitalizes on his social media fame better than almost anyone. He co-founded the influencer incubator Team 10 and continues hatching new ventures. However, controversy and chaos tend to follow the maverick internet star.

As a longtime fan, I‘ve admired Jake‘s fearless determination to disrupt the entertainment industry‘s status quo. But he often takes things too far. Still, you can‘t deny his uncanny marketing savvy and tireless hustle. At just 26, Paul has built an empire by the sheer force of his bombastic personality.

Early Life and Career

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Jake grew up participating in wrestling, football, and choir alongside his older brother Logan. As a kid, Jake was hyper-competitive and loved making viral videos.

He started posting on Vine in 2013 and soon became one of the platform‘s biggest stars. By the time Vine shut down, Jake had over 5 million followers and 2 billion video views. He then moved to Los Angeles in 2016 to pursue fame on YouTube and other platforms full-time.

Move to Team 10 Mansion

Jake joined his brother Logan in Los Angeles, where they started collabing on videos together. They co-founded TeamDom, a creative management label under which they launched merchandise and sponsored content deals.

In 2017, Jake rebranded TeamDom as Team 10 when he got a mansion in Beverly Grove. Team 10 recruited the hottest teen stars to live together, pulling viral pranks and stunts. At one point, over 70 influencers were part of Team 10, although the constant partying drove neighbors crazy.

While I always loved Team 10‘s wild vlogs and chemistry, the hype house became too chaotic. Jake has a habit of crossing lines for viral content without considering consequences. Still, there‘s no denying the success of Team 10 during its heyday.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

Jake Paul‘s YouTube channel exploded in popularity around 2017. He captivated millions of viewers, particularly kids and teens, with his outrageous stunts and brash personality.

However, controversy also followed. Disney cut ties after Jake made jokes about suicide and mental health in his songs. His neighbors accused him of turning their street into a “living hell.”

Things escalated when Jake filmed a dead body in Japan‘s ‘suicide forest‘ and laughed about it on YouTube. The backlash was swift and severe. While I couldn‘t defend his horrible decisions, I still hoped Jake would learn and grow from his mistakes.


As Jake Paul’s fame grew, his knack for courting controversy also increased. His outrageous pranks and viral stunts brought him millions of young fans, but also constant backlash.

In 2017, Paul received criticism for lyrics joking about suicide and mental health disorders. This ultimately led Disney to cut ties with the young star. Jake’s neighbors also despised living near the chaotic Team 10 mansion.

But the most severe backlash came in January 2018 when Paul uploaded a vlog showing a dead body in Japan’s ‘suicide forest.’ The disrespectful video sparked huge outrage online, leading YouTube to temporarily demonetize his channel.

While Jake’s fans have remained loyal, his repeated controversies and legal issues have distanced him from mainstream fame. However, he seems to relish his position as a renegade disrupter.

Boxing Career

In 2018, Jake Paul ventured into professional boxing and won his first white collar amateur fight against KSI‘s brother Deji Olatunji. This set up a hyped grudge match against KSI which ended in a draw.

But Jake continued training seriously as a boxer, winning bouts against AnEsonGib and former NBA player Nate Robinson. His skills improved markedly, proving he was no mere celebrity gimmick.

As a loyal fan, I’ve loved watching Jake succeed in boxing against the odds through sheer determination. He has backed up his provocative trash talk with legitimate ability. If he stays focused, I believe Jake has a bright future in the sport.

Current Endeavors

Aside from boxing, Jake Paul maintains his massively popular YouTube vlog channel which boasts over 20 million subscribers. He still knows how to drive views and clicks better than almost any major internet celeb.

Jake also founded The Financial Freedom Movement to teach his young audience money management skills. He continues hatching new ventures and hooking up lucrative sponsorship deals.

While some may only see his loud personality, I appreciate Jake‘s business savvy and tireless drive. He has laid the blueprint for converting social media clout into an empire. Jake Paul will undoubtedly remain a mover and shaker online for years to come.

Fun Facts About Jake Paul

  • Jake was a competitive high school wrestler with a 33-9 record.
  • The Team 10 diss track "It‘s Everyday Bro" hit #94 on the Billboard Hot 100.
  • Over 100,000 students have enrolled in his Edfluence entrepreneur program.
  • He starred in the 2018 Netflix movie Airplane Mode.
  • Jake has collabs with Marshmello, Migos, and other major artists.

The Maverick Internet Superstar

Love him or hate him, Jake Paul has proven himself a savvy businessman and marketing genius. He has leveraged social media fame into a multi-million dollar empire unlike any other internet celeb.

While still controversial, Jake‘s determination and work ethic are admirable. At just 26, he has shaken up multiple industries. With his boxing career on the rise, I‘m excited to see what Jake Paul accomplishes next.

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