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Jax Taylor: Reality TV‘s Most Captivating Antihero

As a Vanderpump Rules superfan who has followed Jax Taylor‘s rollercoaster career since the beginning, I‘m thrilled to provide this deep dive exploring all things Jax! Get ready for plenty of juicy details.

Jax Taylor Fast Facts

Full Name Jason Michael Cauchi
Birthday July 11, 1979 (Age 44)
Born Shelby Township, Michigan
Height 6‘ 0"
Relationship Married to Brittany Cartwright
Children 1 son, Cruz
Social Instagram Twitter Facebook

From Small Town Kid to Reality TV Lightning Rod

Long before he was a controversial reality star, Jax Taylor was just a hockey-loving kid growing up in Michigan. After some youthful run-ins with the law, Jax relocated to Florida pursuing work as a model. He ultimately landed in LA in 2010 working at Lisa Vanderpump‘s restaurant SUR.

Little did he know this job would lead to his big break just years later! Jax was an original cast member when Vanderpump Rules premiered in 2013.

Right away, Jax established himself as the show‘s unreliable narrator and chaos agent. His basboy antics, including cheating, lying, and starting fights, have made him the series most divisive figure. Jax is reality TV‘s version of an antihero – you can‘t stand him, yet can‘t look away!

The Anatomy of Jax Taylor‘s Epic Relationship Fails

No recap of Jax‘s career is complete without revisiting his legendary relationship drama. From the highs and horrific lows, I was glued to the screen through it all!

The Toxic pairing – Jax and Stassi

Jax‘s tumultuous romance with Stassi Schroeder made them thefocal couple of Vanderpump Rules‘ early seasons. Their screaming matches and betrayals set the tone for the chaos to come. Stassi‘s discovery that Jax cheated on her with a Vegas girl in Season 1 remains an unforgettable bombshell moment.

The Turbulent Triangle – Jax, Brittany, and Faith

After splitting from Stassi, Jax seemed to have turned over a new leaf while dating Kentucky native Brittany Cartwright. But their relationship imploded when it was revealed Jax cheated on Brittany with fellow SURver Faith Stowers. This devastating betrayal called into question if Jax would ever change his ways.

The Happy Ending? Jax and Brittany‘s Road to Marriage

In the ultimate plot twist, Jax and Brittany reconciled after the Faith scandal. During Season 7, fans watched them repair their relationship and grow up. But were we really convinced Jax was ready for marriage? Their June 2019 Kentucky wedding special had us all on the edges of our seats – but so far, they seem to be proving the skeptics wrong.

Jax‘s Other Wild Escapades and Adventures

While his love life tends to dominate headlines, Jax has also made his mark with other over-the-top misadventures through the years. Who could forget…

  • The Hawaii Hike Meltdown – Jax‘s epic tantrum over hiking to waterfalls in Season 3 quickly became legendary.
  • Nose Job Drama – Jax faced backlash after complaints about his Season 6 nose job recovery led to temporary firing from SUR.
  • The Pastor Scandal – In 2019, Jax admitted to hooking up with former SUR coworker Faith and her pastor!
  • The Homophobic Tweet Controversy – Offensive tweets from Jax‘s past resurfaced in 2021, leading to public apologies.

Somehow Jax has survived it all with his reality career intact! He always manages to bounce back.

Life Off Camera – Brands, Baby, and Brittany!

Jax has worked hard to cultivate a personal brand beyond Vanderpump Rules fame. He markets fitness programs, apparel, and more to his 1.7 million Instagram followers.

Other ventures include:

  • Podcast The Good, The Bad, The Baby with wife Brittany
  • Drinking card game Dirty 30
  • Promoting brands like DIFF Eyewear and C4 Energy

In 2021, Jax and Brittany welcomed their first child, a son named Cruz. They seem to be settling into home life as a family of three after purchasing a $1.9 million LA home in 2019. I must admit, seeing Jax as a dad warms even this jaded fan‘s heart!

The Next Chapter – What‘s Next for Jax Taylor?

After 8 drama-filled seasons, Jax bid farewell to Vanderpump Rules in December 2020. But just one year later, he made his triumphant return for Season 10. It seems retirement didn‘t suit him!

I suspect a stint on marriage boot camp could be in Jax‘s future as he and Brittany navigate parenthood and married life. Beyond that, the possibilities are endless for this dynamic reality personality.

Maybe he‘ll follow in Lisa Vanderpump‘s footsteps with a restaurant or cocktail garden of his own. He‘s also expressed interest in pursuing acting. And you just know Andy Cohen would cast Jax on an instant Bravo spinoff!

No matter what‘s next, I know as the #1 Jax Taylor superfan I‘ll be tuning in. There‘s simply never a dull moment with Jax!

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