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YouTube Star Jc Caylen

Full Name Justin Caylan Castillo
Birthday September 11, 1992
Age 30 years old
Hometown Houston, Texas
Relationship Single
Height 5‘8"

Jc Caylen is an incredibly popular YouTube personality and social media influencer from Houston, Texas. Since launching his channel in 2010, Jc has amassed over 5 million subscribers and 1 billion video views. He is best known for his hilarious vlogs, entertaining challenge videos, and collaborations with other top YouTubers.

Key Collaborations on YouTube

One of the things that makes Jc Caylen‘s videos so enjoyable to watch is his collaborations with fellow internet stars. Jc has great comedic chemistry with other creators which always makes for entertaining content.

Some of Jc‘s most frequent and popular collaborators include:

  • Kian Lawley – Jc and Kian Lawley are best friends in real life and often collab on challenge videos and comedy sketches. Their videos together like the emoji challenge and Disney song challenges showcase their humorous dynamic.
  • Trevor Moran – Jc and Trevor have collaborated on many parody music videos and vlogs over the years. They have an infectious energy together and seem to always be making each other laugh.
  • Rickey Thompson – Rickey is another one of Jc‘s collaborators who has guested on his channel many times. Their challenge videos and tags highlight their effortless rapport.

Jc has managed to form real friendships and creative partnerships with these other YouTubers which translates into great content for fans.

Acting Endeavors & Business Ventures

In addition to his YouTube fame, Jc has dabbled in the occasional acting role and launched his own clothing line:

  • Acting – Jc played himself on the YouTube Red series Expelled. He also appeared in the AwesomenessTV web series Vogue‘s Runway along with other internet celebs.
  • Clothing Line – Jc launched his own streetwear clothing line called Outspoken by Jc in 2016. The line features hoodies, shirts, and accessories.

By expanding into acting and fashion, Jc has been able to turn his internet popularity into a diversified personal brand.

Personal Life & Relationships

When he‘s not creating content, Jc enjoys playing soccer, photography, and traveling. He has two sisters and comes from a Filipino and Spanish ethnic background.

In terms of dating, Jc has been linked to several Instagram models over the years including Alli Martinez and Meredith Mickelson. He seems to keep his relationships private for the most part. Jc has mentioned wanting to eventually settle down but is currently single and focused on his career.


As a popular internet personality, Jc has faced some controversies over inappropriate remarks made on social media and allegations of relationship drama with a fellow YouTuber. However, Jc seems to have matured since his earlier days on YouTube and learned from past mistakes.

Why Fans Love Jc

As someone who has followed Jc‘s journey for many years, I‘m consistently impressed by his work ethic and creativity. His videos are always upbeat and entertaining – Jc has mastered the art of not taking himself too seriously. He has a way of connecting with fans that feels authentic, down-to-earth, and genuine. Ultimately, Jc Caylen represents the best parts of YouTube culture – humor, positivity, and fun.


Jc Caylen has managed to transform himself from a goofy Texas teenager making videos in his bedroom to a verified social media star and influencer. His charismatic personality, sharp comedic timing, and evolving maturity has allowed him to thrive in the digital space for over a decade. While the future is uncertain, Jc has clearly established himself as a staple presence fans love tuning in to.