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Jehiely Mora Vergara

Profile Overview

Full Name Jehiely Mora Vergara
Age 26
Birthday December 14, 1996
Relationship Married to Alex
Height 5‘ 6"
Net Worth $1.5 million
YouTube Jehiely N Alex, Hey Jehiely
Instagram jehiely.mora
TikTok jeymora
Twitter jehielymora

Jehiely Mora Vergara is a talented and influential Mexican YouTuber, best known for her vlogs featuring beauty tips, lifestyle content and her relationship. With over 800,000 subscribers across her two channels, she has built a strong connection with fans through her friendly personality.

Her Path to YouTube Stardom

Jehiely first began uploading to YouTube in 2016, with simple vlogs documenting her life. She saw rapid growth when she started collaborating with her then-boyfriend Alex on couples-focused videos.

They began the popular channel “Jehiely N Alex” in November 2016 which now has over 590,000 subscribers. Their vlogs offered fans a fun, humorous look into their relationship.

In 2020, Jehiely launched her own channel “Hey Jehiely” to share beauty, fashion and lifestyle videos. This allowed her to establish a personal brand and connect more deeply with fans.

Her commitment to consistent posting and attention-grabbing content helped Jehiely gain thousands of loyal subscribers over the years. She continues to enthusiastically share her life with fans today.

Engaging Video Content

Jehiely is known for her broad range of video ideas that keep fans entertained. Some popular uploads include:

  • Challenge videos like the Yoga Challenge with Alex or Mystery Drink Challenge with her sister
  • Beauty content like testing makeup hacks or reviewing hyped products
  • Fun videos like reacting to old photos or letting Alex do her makeup
  • Vlogs documenting travel adventures, days with family, parties and more
  • Storytime videos where she opens up about personal struggles or scary encounters

Jehiely‘s natural charisma engages viewers, while her video editing lends a polished feel. Her efforts clearly pay off based on the consistently high views.

Why Fans Adore Jehiely

As a longtime fan myself, I feel Jehiely‘s appeal stems from:

  • Her bubbly, friendly personality that feels like a best friend
  • Hilarious sense of humor that shines in laughs and jokes
  • Ability to stay positive despite hate comments or life challenges
  • Showcasing Mexican culture and speaking Spanish in some videos
  • Giving fans an inside look into her relationship with Alex
  • Responding to fans and incorporating their feedback in videos

Jehiely‘s relatability and charm have allowed her to form a special bond with her audience. She always brightens my day when a new video goes up!

Early Life and Career

Jehiely Mora Vergara was born on December 14, 1996 in the United States but relocated to Mexico. Not much is known about her early life, but she has one sister who she remains close to.

Prior to her social media fame, Jehiely was studying to become a nurse. She was still in college when she began YouTube as a creative side hobby.

Jehiely initially faced doubt from friends and family about pursuing YouTube full time. But the rapid growth of subscribers convinced her to take a chance. Her perseverance has clearly paid off with her immense success today.

Continued Growth Ahead

As one of Mexico‘s top lifestyle YouTubers, Jehiely has gained the attention of major brands. She has partnered with companies like Disney, Ulta and FashionNova for sponsorships.

I‘m excited to see Jehiely continue growing her audience and leverage her fame into new opportunities. No matter how big she becomes, I know she‘ll stay the down-to-earth, fun-loving person fans adore.

There‘s no doubt Jehiely Mora Vergara has a bright future as she continues to entertain and inspire fans worldwide. She demonstrates that hard work and persistence can truly lead to social media stardom.