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Jesse Rutherford – Talented Frontman of The Neighbourhood

Full Name Jesse James Rutherford
Birthday August 21, 1991
Birth Place Newbury Park, California, United States
Age 32
Height 5‘ 9"
Relationship Status Single

With his smooth vocals, charismatic stage presence, and edgy style, Jesse Rutherford has made a name for himself as the talented frontman of alternative rock band The Neighbourhood.

The Neighbourhood‘s Origins and Musical Evolution

Rutherford formed The Neighbourhood in 2011 alongside his longtime friends Zach Abels and Jeremy Freedman. The band started playing locally in their hometown of Newbury Park, California, inspired by Rutherford‘s love of British rock. Their early EPs ‘I‘m Sorry…‘ and ‘Thank You‘ forged their moody alt-rock sound. Signing to Columbia Records in 2012 marked a major milestone.

Their debut album ‘I Love You‘ earned critical acclaim and brought breakout hit "Sweater Weather" which went triple platinum. Follow-up ‘Wiped Out!‘ in 2014 shows their pop sensibilities. 2018‘s ‘Hard‘ had a more hip-hop inspired and mature sound. Through various evolutions, Rutherford‘s emotive vocals and vulnerability have been a constant draw for fans.

Rutherford‘s Musical Upbringing

Born in Newbury Park in 1991, Jesse Rutherford was raised in a musical household. His father was a musician and both parents encouraged his singing. Rutherford joined school choirs and musical theater, nurturing his vocal talents from a young age. Some early inspirations were Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. Rutherford performed in local bands during high school before focusing fully on The Neighbourhood.

"I knew pretty early on that music was my thing. I just had to cultivate it and surround myself with people who brought out my gifts" Rutherford shared in an interview. His friends Zach and Jeremy helped make that vision a reality.

His Captivating Stage Presence and Style

Seeing Jesse Rutherford live is an electric experience. He sings with passion and confidence, equally comfortable hyping up a crowd as he is emoting vulnerably. His stage outfits are chic rock-star meets retro – often donning tailored suits, funky prints, and leather jackets. Rutherford knows how to get audiences invested in the show and leaves them wanting more.

"Performing gives me such a rush. Being able to connect with people through music is just the best feeling" Rutherford revealed to fans at a concert last year.

Songwriting Talents and Influences

As The Neighbourhood‘s primary songwriter, Rutherford pens introspective lyrics inspired by relationships, loneliness, and anxiety. He cites Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, and Amy Winehouse as lyrical inspirations. The moody melody in "Afraid" channels Winehouse while "Softcore" has the atmospheric darkness of Del Rey. Channels his indie rock idols Morrissey and Ian Curtis in songs like "Stargazing". Rutherford‘s evolution as a songwriter mirrors his personal growth.

Why Fans Love Jesse Rutherford

Jesse Rutherford‘s artistry, charisma, and honesty have garnered him a passionate fanbase. Devoted fans connect with his lyrics on a deeply personal level. His flair for fashion and spirits retro aesthetic also make him a trendsetter. Rutherford takes time to engage with fans on social media and at concerts. After a decade fronting The Neighbourhood, Rutherford‘s creative vision continues to shape alternative music.