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Joe Biden Facts

Joe Biden is one of the oldest leaders in the world. And, more importantly Joe Biden is president of the United States. .

Some fast facts about Joe Biden. First and foremost, Joe Biden is currently president and running to be president for a second term. The facts about Biden may surprise you. In general, Joe Biden is one of the most experienced leaders in modern America.

Yes, this is a fact many do not know about Biden.

Today, even after serving in politics for over 50 years, Biden’s career does not seem to be ending soon. The facts and details about this president will surprise you and maybe shock you.

Overall, many may not know Biden won over 81 million popular votes. These are things that many may not realize about Biden because he is often criticized or not given enough credit. Learn more about Biden, the man who became president during a controversial election after the even more difficult and challenging pandemic.

Let’s learn more about Joe Biden below!

1. Joe Biden family and background are from the state of Delaware

Joe Biden family

Joe Biden is from Delaware, an east coast state between the capital Washington D.C. and New York city.  In his life, Biden spent his childhood in Scranton, Pennsylvania, which is near Delaware. The move away from Pennsylvania was due to the fact that Biden’s  father had a hard time finding a steady and regular  job after various problematic  business setbacks.

Joe Biden's family moved to Wilmington, Delaware when he was 10 years old. Biden’s father got a job selling cars in Delaware and moved the family. Biden in his background got an undergraduate degree in political science and history from the University of Delaware. He got the degree in 1965 and from there forward Biden got a Juris Doctor degree from the  Syracuse University law school.

Biden really transformed Delaware throughout his life. Today, Biden is often associated with Delaware especially in terms of the political scene and power structure of the state overall.

2. Joe Biden grew up with a speech stutter that was problematic

Joe Biden grew up with a speech stutter

Biden has been very honest with his problems with his speaking. In fact, he has been candid about his lifelong struggle and problems with stuttering. However, Biden took this problem with his speech and made it a point of strength and determination.

As a child, Biden had a debilitating stutter. Classmates mockingly called him “ Dash,” likening his staccato to Morse code, and “Bye-Bye,” on account of his attempt to say his last name. He tried to avoid stuttering by playing out conversations in advance in his head, practicing speaking while holding pebbles in his mouth, and memorizing paragraphs instead of reading them aloud from textbooks in class.

In the end, Joe Biden made his childhood stuttering issue a source of strength. BIden became senior class president in his high school despite the speech issues and even bullying. Biden made a negative into a positive in his life.

3. Biden played American football and was a talented player in school

Biden played American football

In general, Biden is not associated as much with Americana. However, Biden played American football in high school. At the time in school, Biden was a high school football star and quite athletic. Many may not associate him with being a jock but he was active and into sports.

At the time Biden was in school his former coach John Walsh described Joe Biden as skinny. So, at this time, Biden was not a strong looking or particularly strong guy. Biden was a wide receiver and considered one of the best pass receivers of the time. Biden was a senior football star at Delaware’s Archmere Academy in 1960.

Not many associate Biden with sports but he is fit and enjoys one of America’s favorite sports. Also, Biden was not only a football player but very talented. At one point, being involved with high scoring wins in numerous games that featured eight touchdown passes in eight competitions in one year. Biden was a football star and athlete in many ways.

4. Joe Biden’s son has been accused and involved in serious legal issues and scandals

Joe Biden’s son legal issues and scandals

Biden may be known as an old and experienced politician, but his family, especially his son, has had legal troubles. Hunter Biden is the son in question of Joe Biden and he is the only surviving son of President Joe Biden.

In the coming future and past, Hunter Biden has pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor tax crimes. As well, Biden’s son accepted a deal with prosecutors. Clearly, this shows a big issue with legal woes and instability. Moreover, Hunter Biden’s son has had issues related to separate illegal firearm possession charges. Lastly and very recently, Biden had failed to pay at least $1.5 million dollars USD in federal taxes.

Issues of wrongdoing have been a problem mainly with Biden’s song and even Joe Biden as well. Hunter Biden’s mother died in a car crash in 1972 along with Joe Biden’s daughter, Naomi. This sad incident has shown some of the early struggles that Joe Biden had to face personally. Problems have been present with Biden’s son, but his father and family are there for him.

5. Joe Biden had brain surgery in the past

Joe Biden had brain surgery

Biden, like many other presidents, has had health issues. Between the stuttering, which may be more of a social issue to more serious and physical health implications, Biden has had his share of health battles. Fortunately,

Surgery of any kind can be stressful. For Biden, the cause of his surgery came from a relatively harmless issue. Neck pain was Biden’s medical issue. However, it was severe neck pain that made Biden have to get brain surgery. It was in 1988, after doctors found a leaking aneurysm that required serious medical attention. The aneurysm was in Biden’s brain.

Joe Biden is a healthy and strong 80 plus year old today. However, in the past Biden needed a second operation soon after. Because it developed when a pulmonary embolism developed as a complication. This forced into 7 months’ worth of recovery, wherein he was unable to perform his duties at the Senate. Decades later, his neurosurgeon testified to Biden’s mental health and cleared him for the 2020 US Elections.

6. Joe Biden has been supportive of women and helped to protect them through Congress

Joe Biden has been supportive of women

Biden may be known for his stuttering or being a part of Delaware’s political scene, but Biden is also a champion for women. In the 1990s, Biden began to fight and champion for womens and protect them from violence especially domestic violence.

Historically, Biden had been able to work on some legislation to improve the lives and safety of women in the United States.  There was a bill called Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which helped the lives of women.

What exactly that Biden is called VAWA, which had been funded above $1 billion in financial resources. He took the time to investigate and more easily prosecute violent crimes against women. This really helped women in the United States.

This bill gave compensation and support for victims and established the Office on Violence Against Women. This was done by Biden under the Department of Justice.

7. Joe Biden had unsuccessfully tried to become president twice in the past

Joe Biden tried to become president twice

Biden has wanted to be a president for a long time. He really enjoys public service and being a part of government. Even though he is president now, it was not an easy road to become president easily.

In the past, it was Senator Biden who had tried and made two unsuccessful attempts to become president. His first attempt to become president was in 1987 and then another time in 2007. Despite setbacks, Joe Biden did not let failure hold him back for trying and being successful in 2020.

In 2008. Biden was successful by being part of the ticket of Barack Obama as the vice-presidential nominee. Obama liked and appreciated  that had a hardworking reputation and as well Biden had working-class roots. His appeal was strongest in states like Ohio and Pennsylvania.

By 2009, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States. This made Biden get closer to his wish because Biden became the country’s 46th vice president. Eventually, Joe Biden became president.

8. Biden received the most popular votes of any winning American president

Biden received the most popular votes of any winning American president

Donald Trump got more votes with over 74,221,000 votes in the 2020 elections. But, Trump did not win the electoral college which confirms the presidential win in elections in the United States. Biden received more votes than any other president technically. The past record by Barack Obama in 2008. Obama earned 69,498,516 votes in the presidential election.

For American presidential elections, the popular vote essentially is defined as an aggregate of all the entire voters from all states in the USA. Technically, no other winning president won as many votes as Joe Biden. Biden became the 46th president after winning the controversial and pivotal state of Pennsylvania. In the end, Biden got the necessary 306 electoral votes despite losing to Trump in popular votes. Donald Trump got 232 votes in the electoral college.

In the United states, the popular vote does not secure the election for president. The electoral college is a body of electors given power to elect someone to a political office like there is to elect the president and vice president of the United States.

9. Joe Biden has served and been in government office for over 50 years

Joe Biden been in government office for over 50 years

Joe Biden has been part of the government longer than many realize. His history started early, It was when Biden entered the Senate in 1973 and thus his political career began.  Biden’s supporters are proud of his accomplishments in office that range from foreign relations, women's rights, and more.

Joe Biden may not have the celebrity appeal of Donald Trump, but he has worked on a variety of issues from healthcare and beyond. For example, Biden sponsored one of the initial and first climate change bills in the Senate in 1986. This was an achievement surely. Moreover, Biden continued to try and propose curbing and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions in 2007.

Lastly, Biden has played a role with foreign affairs. Biden served as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee several times. Also, Biden was active against Apartheid-era South Africa in 1986. Finally, Biden advocated for intervention in Yugoslavia in the 1990s to much controversy as well.

10. Joe Biden’s Nickname is Amtrak Joe

When we think of nicknames, Amtrak is not something that seems common to use as a person’s name. However, Amtrak, which is the national passenger railroad company of the United States.

In general, this is a positive fact that many may not know about President Biden.

When Joe Biden was Senator of Delaware, Biden had a reputation for being known for being a big Amtrak user. Instead of driving, Biden preferred the train. This is not common among Americans and certainly high ranking politicians at all to take the train.

When Biden was senator in Delaware it would be common to see him on trains during his daily commute. This was a regular habit and routine and so his nickname developed. More importantly for transportation advocates in the USA, Biden became and was a strong supporter of Amtrak’s cause and funding.

Biden’s efforts and the likes of Amtrak helped give state funding for their causes and recognition. Biden even hosted and held  barbecues, and even at one time Christmas dinner for Amtrak crews.