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Rising Star Joey Sasso

Joey Sasso is an exciting young actor and reality TV personality who won over legions of fans on the Netflix hit The Circle. Here‘s a closer look at this charming breakout star.

Full Name Joey Sasso
Age 29
Birthday December 13, 1993
Birth Sign Sagittarius
Born Rochester, NY
Relationship Single
Height 5‘ 10"
Net Worth $1.5 million
Social Media Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube

From Small Roles to Netflix Fame

Joey Sasso, born on December 13, 1993, is an actor and reality T.V. star best known for winning the Netflix game show “The Circle” in 2020. Sasso charmed audiences with his humor, honesty, and bromance with co-star Shubham Goel during the competition series. His authentic personality earned him the $100k grand prize and made him a fan-favorite breakout star.

Getting to Know Joey

Early Life

Born in Rochester, NY, Sasso developed a passion for performing and filmmaking as a kid. He would make his own movies using the family camcorder. In high school, he trained as a boxer. Unlike most 90s teens, Sasso had no interest in video games, focusing instead on sports, girls, and films.

Pre-Fame Acting Roles

Sasso got his start as an actor in 2015 playing a minor role in the horror sequel Sinister 2. This marked the beginning of his on-screen career. The next year, he landed a small part on ABC‘s long-running soap General Hospital, appearing in 4 episodes.

Big Break on The Circle

In 2020, Sasso was cast on Netflix‘s new reality competition The Circle. His genuine personality and bromance with Shubham made him a fan-favorite. After 12 episodes, Sasso emerged victorious, winning $100,000.

Post-Show Success

Since his time on The Circle, Sasso has amassed over 800k Instagram followers. He‘s landed acting gigs, influencer deals, and performs standup comedy. He also runs a popular YouTube channel where he posts vlogs, challenges, and collabs.

Why Fans Adore Joey Sasso

His Refreshing Sincerity

Unlike other players chasing fame and clout, Sasso won over fans with his unfiltered, authentic self. He didn‘t appear to have an agenda or play up a persona. This sincerity was refreshing to see on a show centered around catfishing and narcissism.

A Truly Lovable Personality

At first, Sasso seemed like the typical jersey gym bro. But he soon revealed himself to be a genuinely humble, kind-hearted person. His wholesome bromance with Shubham only further showcased his lovable personality.

Formed Meaningful Connections

Sasso formed real friendships and connections on the show – especially with Shubham and fellow finalist Miranda Bissonnette. His flirtation with Miranda sparked dating rumors after the show ended.

Stayed Grounded Post-Show

Despite his newfound fame, Sasso remains grounded and approachable on social media. He takes time to interact with fans and share funny, relatable content that feels authentic to who he is.

5 Fun Facts About Joey

  1. At a Grammys afterparty, he asked Lady Gaga out to McDonald‘s.
  2. He trained as a boxer in high school at Aquinas Institute.
  3. Growing up, his only interests besides girls were filmmaking – never video games.
  4. Before The Circle, he was in a long-term relationship with his high school girlfriend.
  5. Sasso once got to meet Barack Obama at a celebrity gala event.

Frequently Asked Questions About Joey

What does Joey do for work now?

He continues bartending occasionally between acting gigs. He also works as an influencer and content creator online.

Are Joey and Miranda from The Circle dating?

In 2020, Joey confirmed he did go on a date with Miranda after the show. But their current status is unclear.

Is Joey‘s bromance with Shubham still going strong?

Absolutely! The two remain very good friends and often interact on social media.

What projects is Joey working on next?

He has hinted about being involved in some exciting projects for 2023. Stay tuned on his social media for announcements!


With his humor, authenticity, and lovable "average Joe" persona, Joey Sasso emerged as a fan favorite during his time on The Circle. His down-to-earth attitude and genuine connections have allowed him to leverage his reality TV fame in a positive way. Sasso remains a rising star to watch in 2023 and beyond!