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John Prine: An Appreciation of the Legendary Singer-Songwriter

Full Name John Prine
Born October 10, 1946 in Maywood, Illinois
Died April 7, 2020
Spouse Fiona Whelan (married 1993–2020)
Children 2
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

John Prine was a singer-songwriter famous for his country-folk music, which often featured humorous protest and social commentary. Though he never achieved huge commercial success, Prine was tremendously influential amongst his fellow musicians and earned widespread critical acclaim for his witty, empathetic songwriting. As a longtime fan, I wanted to share some of what makes this brilliant artist so special.

Early Musical Inspirations

John Prine first learned guitar as a teenager in Maywood, Illinois, drawn to the country, rock and folk music he heard on the radio. Early influences like Hank Williams, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash shaped Prine‘s taste. According to Prine, when he started writing songs in his 20s, "The stuff just poured out of me."

His unique vocal style was also shaped by those Chicago years – Prine attributed his gravelly voice to smoking cigarettes and drinking beer as a young man. But it was this unpolished, evocative instrument that let him perform conversational ballads and story-songs so effectively.

Prolific Songwriting in the 70s

Fandom and Friendships with Music Legends

Battling Cancer and Late Career Highlights

John Prine leaves behind an incredible legacy as one of America‘s greatest songwriters. Though he shunned fame, his honest lyrics touched the lives of millions. Prine highlighted the dignity and struggles of ordinary people without ever being preachy or sentimental. His songs contain some of the wisest observations ever put to music. For longtime fans like me, John Prine‘s catalog will always have a special place in our hearts.

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