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Dance Phenom Jordyn Jones: The Making of a 21st Century Superstar

Jordyn Jones Profile Overview
  • Full Name: Jordyn Jones
  • Birthdate: March 13, 2000
  • Birth Place: Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 5‘ 1"
  • Relationship Status: Single
  • Social Media:
    • Instagram (@jordynjones) – 5.1M followers
    • YouTube (@jordynjones) – 3.2M subscribers
    • TikTok (@jordynjoness) – 4.7M followers
    • Twitter (@jjjordynjones) – 213K followers
    • Facebook (@OfficialJordynJones) – 550K likes

As a loyal fan who‘s been following Jordyn Jones ever since her early dance competition days, I‘ve loved watching her grow into the supremely talented superstar she is today. While her incredible dancing remains unmatched, she‘s also blossomed into a gifted actress, singer, internet personality and role model for young girls. Get the inside scoop on this multi-hyphenate gem!

Small Town Beginnings

Jordyn was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan to parents Kelly and Tim. She has one younger sister named Skyler. Even as a young toddler, Jordyn was always dancing around the house. She began formal dance lessons at age 5 and instantly fell in love, training in every style from ballet to hip hop. Her natural talent was undeniable from the start.

Competing (and Dominating) the Dance Scene

At just 10 years old, Jordyn started competing regionally and quickly making a name for herself in the dance competition world. Her technical precision, expressive performance quality and magnetic stage presence were far beyond her years. Some of her early accolades included:

  • Regional Petite Miss Dance KAR title
  • 1st overall in the junior division at Radix Nationals
  • Ava Award at Artists Simply Human
  • National Petite Miss Dance America 2011

In 2012, a 12-year-old Jordyn gained national attention competing on Abby‘s Ultimate Dance Competition, going up against dancers years older. She continued competing and training vigorously over the next few years, winning titles like Teen Miss Dance International.

TV Stardom on Dance Moms and Beyond

Thanks to her reality TV exposure, Jordyn‘s celebrity status skyrocketed. She joined Dance Moms in 2015 for several episodes, holding her own against the seasoned cast. She wowed series regulars and judges with gorgeous solos like "Lizzie Borden."

Jordyn leveraged her newfound fame into more on-screen work, starring in national commercials and live performances. A major milestone was getting to dance at the White House for President Obama in 2016. She also made her acting debut as Raquel in the 2016 movie Dance Camp.

Life in LA and Expanding Her Talents

At 16, Jordyn made the big move to LA to pursue her dreams. She started racking up acting credits in projects like Todrick Hall‘s viral YouTube video "Freaks Like Me." All the while, she keeps her dance skills razor sharp training 30+ hours a week.

Beyond the stage and screen, Jordyn‘s blossomed into an influencer and role model with millions of social media followers. She gives fans an inside look at her life, while promoting body positivity and anti-bullying messages.

The Future is Bright for Triple Threat Jordyn

While her dancing remains top-notch, I‘m so excited to see Jordyn continue to spread her wings. She‘s becoming a far more versatile and well-rounded talent – singing, acting in bigger projects, maybe even publishing poetry or launching her own fashion line someday! No matter what Jordyn sets her sights on next, I know she‘ll conquer it with grace, talent and the same dedication that‘s gotten her this far. The possibilities are endless for this multi-hyphenate superstar in the making!