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Joshua David Evans: My Favorite YouTube Star and Actor


Full Name: Joshua David Evans

Age: 39

Birthday: April 5, 1984

Birthplace: Macon, Georgia, United States

Height: 6′ 0′′

Social Media:

Background and Early Life

As a long-time fan, I‘ve loved watching Joshua grow up on screen and online. He was born in Macon, Georgia in 1984 and from childhood, displayed a penchant for performing. Joshua lit up in front of audiences, telling jokes and putting on shows for family functions by age 10.

In school, he eagerly participated in theater productions and improv groups. My favorite story is how he would create comedy sketches with friends using his parents‘ video camera. Even then, his talent for entertaining shined through!

After graduating high school in 2002, Joshua set off to LA to pursue his acting dreams. He immersed himself in classes at The Groundlings, laying the foundation for the comedic skills he displays today.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

In 2009, Joshua created his YouTube channel “JoshuaDTV” and I was one of his first subscribers. I’ve loved watching his subscriber count rise over the years. Some of his most popular videos are “Worst Audition Ever” and “Joshua Evans Tries.” He has a knack for physical comedy and storytelling that makes every video entertaining.

Over 500,000 subscribers and 55 million views later, it’s clear Joshua has YouTube stardom figured out. From his camera presence to his commitment to a consistent uploading schedule, he puts in the work. Joshua’s personality perfectly pairs with YouTube’s bite-sized comedy format. His expressive reactions and wacky antics always give me a good laugh.

In 2019, Joshua’s creativity and originality led to a Streamy Awards nomination. He unfortunately didn’t win, but I know it’s only a matter of time before he gets recognized by more award shows.

Acting Career

While making YouTube videos, Joshua also tirelessly works the audition circuit. He’s popped up in Disney Channel shows, sitcoms, and even movies over the years!

Some of his early credits were Disney’s “I’m In The Band” and “So Random.” I remember freaking out seeing him on TV for the first time! He soon started booking roles on shows like “How I Met Your Mother” and “See Dad Run.”

Recently, Joshua has landed movie parts as well, appearing in “The DUFF” and “The Wedding Ringer.” Watching his steady acting progression has been so gratifying as a fan. His skills have sharpened with each new project.

Why I Love Joshua David Evans

Joshua’s videos constantly brighten my day and provide a much-needed laugh. As a fan for over a decade, here’s what I admire about him:

  • His commitment to creating comedy and making people smile
  • Hilarious storytelling and improv skills
  • Fearlessness in acting ridiculous on camera
  • Underdog appeal from working hard to build his career
  • Genuine excitement at every new subscriber and view

Joshua’s passion for his craft is obvious and motivating to watch. His charm, humor, and perseverance make him easy to root for!

Fun Facts About Joshua

  • He‘s an avid drummer and incorporates drumming into his videos
  • Joshua has a twin brother named Caleb who helps film and edit
  • He does hilarious celebrity impressions and voice acting
  • Is adventurous and has gone skydiving, surfing, and bungee jumping
  • His fans are called “Joshuanators” and have their own hand sign

The Future for Joshua David Evans

If the past decade has proven anything, it’s that Joshua has the determination to achieve his dreams. I can’t wait to see what’s next for him in Hollywood and online. No matter how big he gets, I’ll always be a “Joshuanator” rooting for his success!