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Kat Von D

Full Name Katherine von Drachenberg
Age 41
Birthday March 8, 1982
Birth Sign Pisces
Born Mexico
Height 5′ 9′′
Net Worth $10 million (estimated)
Social Media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Katherine von Drachenberg, known professionally as Kat Von D, is a Mexican-born American tattoo artist, model, entrepreneur and recording artist. She is one of the most influential names in the world of tattoo art and has also made her mark in the cosmetics industry as the founder of Kat Von D Beauty.

Kat Von D first began experimenting with tattoos in her teens and quickly honed an unmistakable tattooing style defined by fine lines, elegant shading and motifs inspired by Gothic art and Chicano culture. As one of the first women to become a respected tattoo shop owner and artist in a male-dominated industry, she shattered glass ceilings with her phenomenal talent and visionary creativity.

Some indicators of her tattoo artistry prowess:

  • Got her first tattoo machine at age 14 and began apprenticing at shops in LA
  • Featured on Miami Ink in 2005 which sparked her breakthrough
  • Clients include high-profile celebrities like Steve-O, Miley Cyrus, Bam Margera
  • Specializes in black-and-grey custom designs with exquisite details
  • Opened the famous High Voltage Tattoo shop in Hollywood
  • Her waiting list for appointments remains booked for 6 months in advance

As a longtime fan of Kat‘s work, I‘m continually amazed by her technical skill in creating tattoos that resemble fine art on skin. The range of historical, religious, Gothic and Old School influences she channels into unique designs is unparalleled. She has absolutely earned her status as one of history‘s greatest tattoo virtuosos.

Beyond tattoo art, Kat Von D has an unmistakable personal aesthetic that permeates all her creative ventures. She favors darker, antique and Old World visual styles blended with Chicano and LA influences.

Some signature elements of her artistic vision:

  • Gothic-inspired makeup with bold colors and dramatic contrasts
  • Vintage-style clothing and retro fashion from the 20s to 60s eras
  • Appreciation for Medieval and Renaissance religious art
  • Black-and-grey color schemes with rich textures and detailing
  • Romantic yet rebellious personality and style

Kat brilliantly channels this artistic vision into her projects. Whether it‘s launching deep crimson lipsticks for Kat Von D Beauty or using baroque frames in her branding, her vibrancy and flair for the dramatic shines through. As a fellow appreciator of darker and antique aesthetics, I deeply admire Kat‘s ability to bring her unique vision to life.

With her world-class talent and relentless drive, Kat Von D has left an indelible mark on several artistic realms:

Tattooing – She has elevated tattoo art to new heights and demonstrated that it is a complex and nuanced form worthy of appreciation. Her TV shows Miami Ink and LA Ink introduced millions to the creative possibilities of body art.

Beauty – Kat Von D Beauty reopened the mainstream beauty world to artistry beyond natural looks. Her eye and lip products bring pops of color, retro flair and self-expression back to cosmetics.

Fashion – She‘s become an alternative style icon by fearlessly sporting her signature kimono dresses, red lipstick and old school frames. Kat stays genuine to her own vision rather than chasing trends.

Business – As a Latina entrepreneur, she has built hugely successful creative ventures like High Voltage Tattoo and Kat Von D Beauty from scratch.

Pop Culture – With fame across reality TV, music and books, Kat has become a household name that represents individuality and unapologetic creativity.

Kat Von D has shown that it‘s possible to achieve massive mainstream success without compromising one‘s artistic vision and integrity. Her unique legacy is a reminder that it‘s worthwhile to stay true to one‘s creative identity. As someone who also values authentic self-expression, she will always remain a source of inspiration for me.